Tuesday, June 11, 2019

In Pursuit of Justice and Civility

In an amazing display of concerted denunciation and unity, it feels like the entire city has been instantaneously and spontaneously marshaled into a singular groundswell of empathy and support for one of the city’s elder statesmen. He is shown in a truncated video to have been verbally and publicly abused by a lesser-known city alderman, known by a good number for his at times abusive behavior in his exercise of duly-constituted power and for sometimes having a virulent tongue.

Almost quite out of character,  local social media exploded with news about the public abuse heaped against our elderly statesman, who is already in his 90’s and who is also bound to a wheelchair.  Being a good measure of the local public pulse, social media gave us an undisputed collective response, when many posts from various sources were unanimous in their condemnation and their drive to expel the alleged abuser from his positions in both public and private sectors.

Even the public apology delivered in impassioned and bombastic tone typical with many local politicians did not sit well especially with those who had expressed negative sentiments and were adamant in the move for his expulsion.  The apology delivered in front of a gathered city council came dressed with a little bit of sobbing, and stray mention of some fragile medical condition.  The entire package delivered with apparent intent to appeal to the emotions of those within earshot, especially the one of forgiveness.

This all made for good theatre, histrionics and all, but there is a larger issue here that hopefully society in general could recognize and piggyback on, for the greater good.

The unfortunate incident does have its grave ramifications on the social fabric of this society but there are other important and deadlier issues that have to be dealt with by a collective and motivated citizenry.  One just hopes that this cohesive unity of force and influence will continue to be harnessed and directed into addressing those more critical issues besetting the entire city.  Issues like rampant corruption in public governance, alleged misuse of public funds, widespread flooding, apathetic public officials, widespread disregard of the rule of law, etc.

Causes near and dear to the subject elder statesman.  Thus needless to say, he would be mighty glad if something good and lasting ensued from this.  And it would be our greatest show of homage to him and his life.

A politically active and engaged citizenry is a good start.   This unexpected mishap has galvanized the citizenry to unity and action.  It is best to feed that momentum for greater advocacies all relating to the ideals of local governance.

The sacrificial lamb in the person of a low-level political huckster has ushered in a new possible dawning – of an organized force ready to pursue greater causes.

We can all do it!