Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Hope For A Listless Country

In the country’s short historic span, we had at the turn of the last century the Thomasites. Then in the 60’s we had the US Peace Corps. Judging from what the country appeared to be collectively in those times, we did well. Not that we should attribute all the successes then to those two movements. There were other agencies, both local and international, which joined hands for the common efforts. Should we view it in any other wise?

Maybe it’s time again to shed some of our nationalistic pride, some of which may be falsely premised, accept our shortcomings and seek assistance, whether locally or outside. All in the name of the poor huddled masses who continue to face bleak futures. And presents, too.

The current government and its infrastructures may be so compromised and emaciated at this time to be able to effectively address the pernicious issues of pervasive poverty, ignorance or illiteracy.

The Philippines is a rich country, blessed with bountiful resources, both natural and human. Except that wealth is too concentrated on a very few. An ethnic minority accounting for only 2% of the population has control of over 80% of the economy. Add to that a few other Filipino families and that completes the distribution of most of the wealth in the country.

A country divided unto itself may not be in a position to right itself. Unless the entrenched wealth holders themselves take the cudgels to initiate the reformation.

But if patience has been stretched too much and too thinly and time is not anymore a viable option, then we should seek outside assistance.

Who? What? Where?

For the answers, let the dialogue begin.