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Genealogy: The Neri Family of Mindanao

UPDATE: From Rogelio Roa Neri re Neri-Estavas line:

From Rogelio Roa Neri re Estavas-Neri Line

Regarding attached FB Post,Subj:NERI GENEALOGY,I have additional details to its paragraph 4 as regards the Neri-Estavas Clan.
Yes,my brother Ramon Roa Neri III and I belong to the Neri-Estavas Clan of Ozamiz City and Oroquieta City,Misamis Occidental. We have another brother,Renato Roa Neri. Our father,Agustin Estavas Neri,married to Adela Daaca Roa of Cagayan de Oro,has two brothers,namely:

1.Narciso Sr-married to Socorro Centino
b.Fortunato II
2.Nemesio Sr-married to Herminigilda Acot
Sons:a.Fortunato III

Narciso Sr,Agustin,and Nemesio Sr are all sons of Fortunato Sarigumba Neri who was married to Praxedes Lumacang Estavas. Thus,the Neri-Estavas Clan.

To go further,my grandfather's father was Lucas Dumanjug Neri of Ozamiz City who was married to Pastora Sarigumba. My great grandfather had five other sons aside from my grandfather,Fortunato,namely:


I think accounts on my lineage will not be complete if I do not mention as well who my great grandfather Lucas' siblings are and their father's(my great great grandfather)name too. Well,my great grandfather has three other brothers,namely:


In our clan,considered as our patriarch or progenitor was Juan Neri,father of my great grandfather Lucas,who in turn as discussed earlier was the father of my grandfather,Fortunato. He was said to be from Cagayan de Oro.
As chronicled,Juan lived for some time in Lanao having married the daughter of a royalty and bore her three sons named Datu Samporna,Datu Buaya,and Datu Barandaya. Not long after his wife died,he went to Ozamiz to help the inhabitants there fight marauding pirates from the deep South. It was there that he met a lady(her name skips my mind) surnamed Dumanjug. They soon got married and thereafter Lucas and his three brothers were born.
Our grandfather Fortunato used to regale his older grandchildren with stories about the intrepidity of our great great grandfather Juan as a warrior that saw action in the Lanao Provinces. Well,this is a subject of another story.

Postscript: The details herein are culled from the personal files of our older cousin,late Daylinda Centino Neri-Saren. It appeared that she religiously chronicled all the stories told to us by our grandfather Fortunato during his leisure time then. I hope my other cousins can share their own stories of our genealogy too.

Latest update in August 15, 2018, originally posted on Facebook:


After having posted the initial blog entry so many years ago, followed by several related entries, it is time to take a review of what has transpired and what unfinished business needs to be attended to
Serendipitously got the free time, so I went through not only all the entries made, but importantly reviewed all the comments entered, which in toto numbered over 400.

So as informal review these are the points I came up which in my personal belief were not only highlights but issues that could assist the completion of the overall genealogy charting and tracing.

1. This first point is more of a spotlight on the following Neri descendants who because of the blogs were able to find resolution and maybe closure to the issues of their parentage, or maybe simply for allowing them a medium to express their sentiments:
Maria Angelica Neri – daughter of Ramon M. Neri
Maria Christina Neri – daughter of Ramon M. Neri
Denver Estopil Neri – son of Luis Neri
Michele Andrea Neri – daughter of Felino M. Neri, Jr.

2. This came from Teddy Delfin. Esperanza Nery y Neri who descended from Mariano and Ambrosia Fortich Neri, was the mother of former Camiguin Gov. Joselito “Joseling” Neri. Esperanza had a brother named Eustaquio, while Joseling had a sister named Ying Neri y Navarro. It looks like these data will have to be matched and verified with what we already had written and established.

3. Ande Nagac gave us the name of Casiano Neri, who is related to the Neri-San Jose. He had a brother named Crisanto Neri. What we can establish is that Casiano Neri is listed as one of the heroes of the Battle of Cagayan.

4. Luke Neri introduced us to the Estabas Neri line.
His grandfather was Narciso Estabas Neri, whose son was Eros Narciso Neri. Narciso’s siblings were: Agustin Neri, whose sons were Ramon Roa Neri and Rogelio Roa Neri; Loloy Estabas Neri; and Genoveva Neri Pambuena (Iligan).

5. A descendant gave us the name of Isaac Neri Chaves, Sr. who was born June 3, 1905, and he came from Camiguin and Cagayan de Oro.

6. Beltran Neri gave us the name of his father which was Angel Neri and his grandfather, Marcelino Neri

7. Lastly, Mary of Australia who is writing her own version of her genealogy gave us the following:

 Her grandfather was born in 1877, and his wife was Desideria Balboa Neri. We are in the dark as to whether it was the grandfather or the grandmother who was a Neri.
Those reading through and finding names familiar may leave comments, whether for clarification, correction, or whatever. Any input will be appreciated.


Just realized that adding more comments to the original blog entry has become problematic, so decided to introduce a new blog entry with the same title for purposes of future updates and for new comments.

Those visiting this original blog entry please add your comments here please.

Let’s keep them coming.


  1. So, Ren, that house is no longer in the family. Your mom must have been one of the good-looking ladies I used to see living in that house. Living in that house was also the family of Atty. Manolo Reyes, with son Mario.

    I believe Kamayan started as the Payag resto in that same location.

    Re Nery, stories have it that it used to also be Neri till some family members decided to go with the y spelling. The Nery's I know come from Camiguin where there are also Neri's. Though I know of one Neri who married a Nery whose family originally come from Luzon.

    If you are in No. California, a good likelihood is that you live in or around Daly City, where we stayed for over 20 years.

  2. Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Genealogy: The Neri Family of Mindanao":

    all i can say is... the Neri's clan is so complicated..

    Posted by Anonymous to The Ignatian Perspective at 11:34 AM
    I agree and I hope we are all here to help unravel the seeming complexities.

    1. Hello,

      My grandfather is Lupo Neri, can you shed some light about our lineage in the Neri clan? thank you very much,

      Louie Neri Cabigas

  3. Mads,
    unsa na balita diha sa cagayan?kinsa may
    modagan ug mayor karon election puhon?


  4. Sorry, Bob:

    No news about possible candidates yet, though many names are thrown around. The usual names, the usual familiar fixtures in local politics really.

  5. I am a Neri , just like any other old provincial families in the Phil ... it will be difficult to trace all .. but one thing that my grand father told me ( my grand fathers name is Salvador Neri) is if you are a neri you come from mindanao and neri with a y or i are the same some members just opted to use for some reason . I have met THe chavez,pelaez, fortich of cagayan de oro. i think the oldest member of the clan should speak out and fix a reunion . im only 32 but i would like to know everyone .

  6. Anon 12:17 PM:

    Please tell us more about your family and keep visiting for updates.

  7. I am Roberta Elizalde Neri. Currently residing here in Roseville California. My parents are Lydia Elizalde and Ruben "Bob" Neri from Cag de Oro (He has been deceased 13 years past) My relatives that are still living in cdo to my knowledge are Tita Flora Noble, Perla "Tata" Fortich. Where do we come in in the Neri clan. I have two other siblings, Ruben Neri Jr. and Emmanuel Neri.

    Very interesting beginnings.

    1. Aug 6, 2012

      Hello there..

      Roberta and Amadeo.. I just closed my copy of the NERI-CHAVES "First Grand Reunion @ OCT 31, 1985" Family Tree book and I went on line for curiosity sake and found this blog. My name is Paolo, I belong to the Chavez clan. I am one of the great (great xxx) grandson of Apolinario velez. I was born in the year 1976. My family and my relatives live here in Lincoln CA. 10 minutes away from Roseville and very close to Elk Grove..we are neighbors...

      Everytime I opened that "Family Tree Book" from the First Reunion, I always wonder who to contact to coordinate the 2nd Reunion for NERI-CHAVEZ. Now that I saw you guys.. i wonder... hmmmm..If there is a group of people that would like to help out.. Count me in... I always been curious to meet my relatives...

      here is my E mail address..

      thanks.. talk to you soon..

  8. Yes, Roberta:

    Your place in the Neri genealogy is well-defined. Your grandparents were Vicente Neri And J. Fernandez.

    Look to the top part of the extended graph found in the original blog entry.

    Of the aunts mentioned Perla Fortich has passed on. But Flora is still with us and I believe also Estrella N. Eparwa. On this trip I also met Inday Roa Neri, widow of your uncle Luis.

    You have close relatives in the US.

  9. Hi Amadeo,
    Thanks for taking time responding to my questions. It just gave me goose bumps that youve mentioned the very people that i have met and know. I was wondering if you could enlighten me on who my close relatives in the us are and where they live or phone numbers. I know that Luisa Neri (daughter of Tita Inday and Tito Luis) is here somewhere in the Bay Area. She came and visited with me but I lost contact with her. Is Manag Lani Eparwa here in the US?

  10. Roberta:

    Lani should be somewhere in So. California. Mon A. Neri reads this blog, so he should be aware of your questions.

    And Luisa's sister, Socorro, should also be in So. California.

  11. hello amadeo!
    i hope you still read your blogs as i notice the entries have no dates.
    i am Dino Nable,
    i am the genealogist of our branch of the family for the Nables, and Capistranos.
    We are also Neris from my father's maternal line and would like to send you our most current family tree (sept., 2009) for your records. send me your email address, mine are,

    and if i may suggest, you can use visio to build your tree and convert it to an acrobat (*.pdf) file. that way its perfectly scaleable and you can make it printable to the limit of your paper supply.

    Dino Piit Nable
    son of Augusto Chaves Nable
    grandson of Carmen Neri Chaves
    great grandson of Victorico F.
    Chaves and Getulia B. Neri
    great great grandson of Agripino
    Ch. Neri and Tranquilina
    great great great grandson of
    Juan Neri and Anastacia Chaves

  12. Hi, Dino:

    So you are a son of Tito Nable. Are you in the US?

    I knew your maternal grandmother, Petra Capistrano Piit, who owned the old Avenue Theatre, and your uncle, Rolando Piit, our dean at XU College of Commerce.

    Please use this email:

  13. Hi Amadeo!
    No, i reside here in Makati. My mother, Linda still lives in her house in Sacramento but spends part of the year here. My father and Tito Roling have passed away, for your information.

    By the way,would you be a cousin, an uncle or a granduncle? Jimmy Zamora and Marinella Imperio are my age and they are my granduncle/aunt, hahaha!

    There are new history books specifically about Cagayan that might interest you since you are a genealogist. It gives flesh to the names in the family tree. How can I send these to you?
    I go home to Cagayan every other week now on account of a family business that needs attention.

    I hope you got my email of our family tree.
    Again, thank you for the valuable work you are doing for all of us. On behalf of my family, we are truly grateful.

  14. Hi, Dino:

    Looking at my extended graph, I find that your father was of my generation, though he was born more than a decade before me.

    And if you wonder why the graph has not been transferred to any genealogy software, it is because it was started by me way before PCs came into existence.

    Thus, the original graph today hangs in the little bakery we operate at our building at the corner of old Del Mar and Victoria Sts. (now Velez and Hayes Sts.). So when you are in Cagayan, you can view it there.

    I know Jimmy Z, but not Marinela Imperio. Did you maybe mean Gracia or Ervina? They are closer to my age.

    I did learn of the demise of your father and that of Dean Roling during my visits to CDO. But your Dad died here in the US, right?

    Acknowledging receipt of your Visio chart.

    Where in Sacramento does your mom live because we have a rental house in West Sacramento? This area is situated before reaching downtown Sacramento.

  15. Hi Amadeo,
    Mom lives on Misty Meadow Way in Elk Grove. My siblings, Aissa and Marco already have their kids schooling in the US, so she is their homebase.

    Btw, i just got a call from Sonny Tinio who is an authority on old Filipino families. He informed me that Mindanao State Marawi has been successful in writing down the Tarcilia. It was originally an oral tradition of the genealogy of the ruling houses of Mindanao. Do you know of this as something new? As you know, there are two versions of the Muslim origins of the Neris and neither have been proven the correct one; both have that missing link transitioning from Muslim to Christian. What is your opinion?

    I will be in Cagayan again on Oct7 and can make a quick trip to Marawi for the purpose.
    lemmie know.

  16. Hi, Dino:

    So your mom is in Elk Grove, which used to be a very fast growing development community until the housing bust. Many of our compatriots live there. But it is some distance away from Sacramento city, though still a part of the county of the same name.

    I have not heard of the MSU studies, though the different versions of our origins have existed for some time. Certain sources however confirm that descendants of Sampurna continue to live around the Lake Lanao area to this day.

    In your forthcoming trip, you will have a good opportunity to shed more light into our still unconfirmed Muslim roots.

    Absent any data to the contrary, I still cling to the hypothesis that while we descended from one common male ancestor, there were multiple female partners. There are just too many of us today making it difficult to believe that only one family, one father and one mother, is responsible for all that.

  17. Hi Amadeo,

    I agree with your hypothesis that multiple partners must have been a cause for our large family size. This and the added likelihood that we were already one or several extended families of Sampurnas when we were Christianized.

    Because we were originally muslim, polygamy was socially the rule rather than the exception. (Monogamy is actually a western social invention designed to keep peace and order, hehe!)

    Since all versions of our origins point to our being leaders(Rajah/Datu/Immam), in all likelihood polygamy was even tolerated by everyone, including the friars, at least in the early stage of our family's conversion.

    Ten years ago, my uncle Ambassador Bobby Rabe told us that in the course of his work in foreign service, an Arab diplomat gave him a version of the Sampurna's origins that ties us to a Sampurna missionary of arabian descent who came with other Immams to spread Islam in these parts. They entered via the Sultanate of Sulu(then the center of civilization in the country). This Sampurna missionary is said to have spread Islam in this area (Baloi) and was instrumental in establishing the Sultanate of Lanao.

    However this must have been a long way back because it will not make sense for the descendants of a Muslim missionary to convert to Christianity.

    The missionary angle for the spread of the Sampurnas seems to make sense though. Remember in those times we traversed jungles, mountains and rivers to get to these areas; no roads. There could be no other compelling reason for one to travel to these hinterlands

  18. As an aside, Putera Sampurnais is an Indonesian billionaire, referred to as one of the Indonesian oligarchs. In March 2005 he was listed by Forbes Magazine as the 3rd richest Indonesian and one of the richest people in the world with an estimated fortune of $1.7 billion.

    nice, huh?

  19. i typoed his family name btw. Its Sampurna

  20. Nice helpful info, Dino.

    BTW, I grew up with Bobby Rabe and his cousin and next door neighbor, Naz Chavez, who was a classmate

  21. hi... im renerio p. neri II
    i was surfing the net searching about my fathers past until i found this site...
    umm... si lolo ko, renerio neri I... tga manticao sya... cagayan de oro ata un... hnd ko na kasi alam kung san ba tlga... ilang taon na rin kasi akong hnd nakakauwi... kung may update kau please po pa email sakin... thx... love this site!

  22. Hi, Ren:

    Thanks for visiting and keep visiting, who knows somebody might be able to provide some information.

  23. Dear Tito Amadeo,

    i have just trace our blood line though, we were born out of wedluck:

    My complete name is DENVER ESTOPIL NERI
    My brother is CESAR ESTOPIL NERI
    My (Deceased)Father was Vicente Luis Fernandez Neri, per affidavit, His name was changed to VICENTE LUIS F. NERI from Luis F. Neri only.
    My Mother(not married with my Father)Teresita Dacut Estopil
    My Paternal Grandparents are JUANITA FERNANDEZ AND VICENTE NERI.
    According to my old relative here in Gusa, Cagayan de Oro city my grandfather was the son of TIRSO NERI who owns a street name in DV SORIA, Cagayan de Oro City.


  24. Hi, Denver:

    Ed P. Neri had a prompt reply to your statements but it was made to the original genealogy blog entry which does not accept additional comments anymore. But here it is:

    "Hi Denver
    Your father is one of the sons of Vicente Velez Neri married to Juanita Fernandez. The father of Vicente or your great grandfather is Salvador V. Neri. Your father has five other siblings. Please email me at if you want a more detailed trace of your ancestry. Ed Neri"

    And his tracing is right.

    Let me only add some additional comments.

    I had initially guessed who your father was when you first mentioned your ancestry, but I held back. So if your statements are verifiably true then I was initially right.

    In which case, let me say that the widow of your father is still living and is somebody I know very well. She has 2 daughters that I have met and are both in the US. She still lives in Cagayan de Oro. And I know most of the siblings of your late father.

    Also, while the late Tirso Neri (No. Divisoria St. was renamed in his honor) also had a son named Luis in his second marriage to Consuelo Mortola, that was not your late father. Your grandfather was Salvador V. Neri, not Tirso Neri.

  25. I am related to the Cruz family through Sixto de la Camara. My great-grandmother was his sister Encarnacion. The posted story is very
    interesting, but I would like to get the continuation, even if I have to pay for it.

  26. Hi, Anon @ 6:31PM

    Sorry, am not sure what continuation to which story you are referring to.

  27. In the History of the Old Families of Cagayand de Oro City, by Antonio Faustino II, Article I
    on the Cruz Family is incomplete. At the end it says "to be continued". How can I get the
    continuation or get in contact with Mr. Faustino. Thanks for your help.

  28. Anon @8:20pm:

    I see what you mean now. You will notice that that whole piece was written as a comment to the blog entry so you are right the best source would be the writer, Mr. Faustino, whose mom I believe is a Gaane. A sister of the mom is married to a Gaspar Cruz, who would be part of your genealogy.

  29. Thanks a lot.

  30. hi my name is Rhoda Mae Neri Chiong,presently residing in Poole,Dorset,United Kingdom.I am the daughter of RHodora Neri-Chiong. I just visited this site and it interest me so much as i am from a neri clan.My mother is Rhodora Neri Chiong, daughter of Carmelo neri (son of Carmelino Neri ) and Aquila Casino.We are from Cagayan de Oro. And if its possible to include in this site as well all the grand reunions that happened Neri reunions.I remember there was a grand reunion of samporna neri clan way back 1980s.this really interests me a lot as i also would like to have the book of samporna neri clan.

  31. hi amadeo, this is rhoda mae neri Chiong again. Thank you for all the great efforts you have done on this site and tracing the roots of the samporna -neri clans.It is really a brilliant task, and good to know who are our forefathers and the relatives we have. Hope you can always update us and people who visited this site will also update their roots for the records.More power to you and all.and may you reply on my blogs.and keep me updated. Thank you very much.May I call you Tito or Lolo...

  32. Hi, Rhoda Mae:

    When I read your name, the Mae told me you may be related to Irma Mae Neri Siao and you are. Irma is the daughter of Virgilio, brother of your grandfather Carmelo.

    Since I am now in Cagayan I did meet up with Irma again during a wedding.

    The first Neri-Chaves grand reunion was in 1985 and there is a thick volume written by Teddy Bautista enumerating many names of relatives and relations.

    Keep tuned for any updates and developments to this same blog entry.

    Keep safe.

  33. Cesar Neri

    the past two grand re unions there was a genealogy book. this will prove very helpful to your work.

  34. Hi! Is this the Tatoy of BPI? I'm not sure if you know that my wife, Amparito Neri Borromeo, is part of the Neri Clan. Her mother is Mercedes Neri, one of Tito Dongdong's and Tito Paeling's sister, from Caniguin. My wife is thrilled to learn more about her family lineage. BTW we live in Pleasant Hill in the Bay Area. More power and best regards. Amando Guilatco

  35. Hi, Mr. Guilatco:

    Yes, it is the same Tatoy from BankPI. We used to maintain a house in Pacheco next to Pleasant Hill and Fr. Borromeo used to visit there. He was the one who told us where your family was living. We even visited a sister in Martinez. And we went to the same church, Christ the King.

    We have moved eastward to Tracy and we continue to live there, closer to the kids and their families. Though right now I am in Cagayan de Oro.

    If Mrs. Guilatco has not seen it yet, there is included in the original blog entry a bit of graph of the Neri's from Bohol where she belongs.

    BTW, I wonder if you know that Mr. Rene Fruto is still in southern California and sometimes attends gatherings of the Cagayanons there. Another BankPI veteran, Roy Gaane, is quite active there.

    Regards to you and the rest of the family.

  36. I'm glad I found you,Tatoy! We should get together sometime either here or there when I get the chance to pass by Cagayan which we usually do when we visit Camiguin. Last year I was in Cagayan and got together with Oscar Moreno, the governor, who was a colleague at BPI in Hong Kong and Makati. He mentioned to my wife that on his mother's side there seems to be some link with the Neris through Maning Pelaez's mother. We plan to visit the Philippines in about two months' time and hope to go to Camiguin via Cagayan. I will definitely look you up. Best regards to you and the family. (I haven't been in touch lately with Rene Fruto, I heard they do get together regularly.)

  37. Hi Amadeo! Its been a while.

    I had just come from the Cagayan de Oro 4-day reunion of the Agripino Neri, Sr. Branch of whom we belong. Relatives of this branch can look up family photos at the ff. website:

    Although i doubt if the reunion photos have been posted yet, nevertheless it has lots of current photos.

    Best regards,
    Dino Nable

  38. Mr. Guilatco:

    I wish I would still be here when you visit. However, I am scheduled to be back in Tracy in the latter part of March.

    Enjoy your visit, but do not stay too long under the sun. It has been scorchingly hot here after the rains.

  39. Hi, Dino:

    Sorry we did not meet. I actually took a peep at the VIP Hotel lobby and saw the exhibits after doing some banking next door.

    The shutterfly site has lots of pictures and familiar faces, of course.

  40. I did not know you are in Cagayan right now. Sayang, I missed the chance of meeting up with you. I have another scheduled trip sometime before the end of February. Lets meet up.

    By the way, for the family's info, the next Agripino Ch. Neri Branch Reunion has been set to Summer of 2012 and every 2 years thereafter.


  41. Hello Amadeo,I didnt realize that you have new blog format, I posted my first comment inyour original blog, do you mind reading it please? Thank you. I will be regularly checking your site...Thank you.

  42. Alice has left a new comment on your post "Genealogy: The Neri Family of Mindanao":

    Hello Amadeo,I am so happy to find your blog. My name is Alice and my mother who hails fr. CDO is probably related to you. Her name is ROSARIO CHAVEZ LIMGOMEZ.She was well known by her nickname "CHATA". She had two other sisters named Tita Purita and Tita Poping Barraquiaz and one brother named Vicente limGomez.All of them are all deceased already unfortunately. I grow up in the visayas area, so I didnt knew too much of my mothers relatives, but she took me to cagayan when i was very young and I remember visiting her cousins and uncles homes. I remember Lolo/tito Nemisito Chavez,I remember she was talking that we are related to maning pelaez coz of her mother is a neri? also i remember Tita Gang'ga Vamenta who live in Dumaguete city, same place where we live.My mother said they wre cousins.I remember their children manang Honey and manang Amor,I remember they have a brother named Boy, who was a doctor,we were not that close but his sisters were close to us.I remember there was a grand reunion for the CHAVEZ-NERI clan way back, unfortunately, I was not made aware about it coz probably we lived so far away, we never get a chance to meet our cousins like you perhaps. But the names mentioned here by some of our relatives are very familiar to me like my mother constantly mentions the names that we are related to the chavez,neri,roa,velez.Actually, my sister in Dumaguete city kept the book for me coz our names were included in that family tree. The story about our great, great grandfather who came from a muslim origin and married a christian woman I thought was very familiar to me, coz thats what my mother told us.And how the family name was changed to Neri.I'm not sure if I remember my grand parents names I think its Manuela and Blasito.I have to call my cousins who lives in cagayan. Maybe you know Dr.Barraquias (baby). She is my first cousin. The daughter of Tita Poping &Tito Emerico Barraquias.My first cousin Vicente limGomez was able to attend that reunion coz of course he live there.He said that during the parade of our clan only few people were watching coz almost everybody joined the parade.He said he was shocked that Ali Dimaporo was related to us. Reuben Canoy was there too.
    My mother once told me that she met Sen. Pimentel at Tita Ganga's house in Dumaguete city.I also got to meet Boy&Judith Cunanan in Caloocan.I believed their mother is also a Neri who exactly looked like my mother.I think boy said we are second or third cousins? i'm not sure.
    I am just so happy to stumble on your blogsite and to find a lot of relatives who are all over the world.I want to learn more about my mothers family and relatives and I'M SO LOOKING FORWARD FOR THE NEXT CHAVEZ-NERI REUNION. Please let me know,so i can meet and get to know my relatives.I will ask my sister to send me the family tree book of the chavez-neri clan, so I can tell you more of my family.
    Sorry, i got carried away, you must be tired reading my boring story. Bye and thanks again.

    Posted by Alice to The Ignatian Perspective at 9:12 PM

  43. In the names mentioned above, I recognize Nemesito Chavez, father of late classmate, Nazar Chavez. Indeed, they have Neri roots.

    Maybe those reading this can make more connections.

    Alice, thank you for your comments and keep visiting.

  44. Hello deo,

    Thanks for spending your time in reading my inquiries about our family history.I am just very excited to meet my mothers family side since we were not born in cagayan. But I got a chance to meet some of our relatives way back when I was still a very young girl. yes, I remember and met Nazar Chaves when I was 6 yrs. old. My mother used to point to me the names of the streets named after her famous relatives. I am now residing here in the U.S. in PA, near the POCONOS.But I still have brothers and one sister tht still lives in Dumaguete city.
    My 2 kids now lives in San Francisco. I've read some of our relatives mentioned the Vamenta's. Yes, I know them coz their mother is very close to my mother thinking there's only two of them as relatives.Tita Ganga is the wife of Judge Cipriano Vamenta.My mother also mentioned that when she was young, she used to travel with my Lola to visit relatives in Bohol.Maybe that was our Lola Felipa.

    Well, deo I hope that there will be another Chaves-Neri Reunion. For sure, I will make sure that all my family will be present.I have one question though,Is it possible to get more copies of the family tree book? I want to give it to my 2 sons here in S.F.
    Thanks again deo.Once again, thank you for spending your time with me and GREETINGS to my relatives all over.

    1. Hi Alice. I know your Tita Ganga Vamenta.. She is my father's sister, Virgilio Velez Neri from Carmen Cagayan De Oro. My father was very closed to Tia Anga(as we call her when she as alive). She frequently visits our house in Carmen when she & Tio Dodo visits Cagayan during that time. Our family are very close to the Vamenta's since my older siblings grew up with the Vamenta Kids. I'm the youngest in my family, so I was very young then at that time but I remember when we siblings used to visit there house in the center of Carmen at that time.


    2. btw: I live in Newark, Ca. about an hour away from San Franc. I used to live in the city for 20 years but moved to the suburbs because of job location.


  45. Alice:

    The wife of the late Judge Cipriano Vamenta, Jr. was the late Libertad Neri; one of the sons, Cipriano III (Boy) lives in Garrison, NJ and was a classmate of mine in GS and HS.

    I suppose we could secure copies of the 1986 reunion program in Cagayan de Oro. It was published by Ted Bautista, another Neri clan member.

    Used to live in the SF Bay Area, but we now live 70 miles away in Tracy, CA.

    Your URL tells me you are from Wilkes Barre, Penn.

  46. Hello Deo, Yes we call them Tita Ganga & Tito Dodo.God bless their soul. And thank you very much for helping me secure a book.I appreciate it very much. Yes,Wilkesbarre is like 2 hours from where I live here in PA. I used to live in Manhattan until year 2000. I am a nurse and used to work at Beth Israel Med. Center.When I stopped working, I transferred to Lords Valley,PA which is 1.5 hours from new york. I visit my kids in S.F. every now and then, I was there last March.
    Deo, I went back to take a look at your chart, and I remember my mother "Chata" telling us that tracing back to the older clan the great sultan great, great grand father, one of the siblings was a daughter named Maria I think, and thats where my mothers roots is originated. I went back to look at your chart and there was a Maria with no connection/trace of her children at all. So, i guess we are the missing link. I think I heard my first cousin said ,we belong to the 5th. generation.All I know is when my mother was still alive she used to mention all the time the names of the older Neri's & chaveses mentioned here in your blog, including the place called carmen where a lot of her relatives lived. I think my mother mentioned that when she was young she travelled with my Lola to visit another cousin in Bohol, maybe that was Felipa, and that they were first cousins of my Lola. Its just so sad that my mother passed away already,I could probably give you more info.but the names in your chart are very familiar to me coz, she mentioned them to us all the time,probably dala sa kamingaw nga nalayo siya sa mga paryente sa cagayan and I was lucky too, kay she always takes me to the big homes of the Titos,Titas,Lolos&lola's every time magbakasyon siya sa cagayan.But that was in the1960's pa.That's very sad coz the younger generation dont even know each other anymore. Thats why i really salute you for starting this blog,coz you brought the long lost relatives of the Neri's & chaves clan. THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. Hello to Nong Boy Vamenta.

  47. candice has left a new comment on your post "Genealogy: The Neri Family of Mindanao":

    Hi... I'm Candice Kho Neri, daughter of Arthur Manoso Neri and Rosita Kho Neri. My brothers are Jan Matthew Neri and Timothy Neri. My Grandfather is Aristoteles Neri brother of Fr. Jaime Neri and my Grandmother is Emma Neri. My Great Grandparents are Ramon Velez Neri and Esperanza Casino. I met Fr Jaime during my lolos burial... Nice to read about the Neri Family history. I remembered my dad telling us before that our original family name was Samporna... :)

    Posted by candice to The Ignatian Perspective at 9:40 AM

  48. Welcome, Candice. Your family's place in the genealogy is quite established. Take a look at the extended graph attached to the original post.

  49. Anonymous has left a new comment on the post "Genealogy: The Neri Family of Mindanao":

    Hello Candice! My name is Phillip Rhoads. Fr. Jaime Neri was my Mother's cousin. Before he passed away, he left his memoirs of his exploits during Japanese occupation of WWII. She published a book from this but it's not really complete. If any of your older family members have any personal experiences with Fr. Neri or answers to unswered questions, that would be wonderful.

    Post a comment.

    Unsubscribe to comments on this post.

    Posted by Anonymous to The Ignatian Perspective at 1:42 PM

  50. Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Genealogy: The Neri Family of Mindanao":

    hi, taga ozamiz city me ng NERI...AKONG LOLO c dr.jesus bomediano neri menyo ni proserpina carreon neri...mga igsoon sa akong lolo silang liliano neri, naomi neri,tag-iya sa naomis botanical garden, ug c dr. arturo trace nmo ni ug asa me gkan nga mga neri sa ozamiz asa mi nag origin?


  51. Hi, Anonymous:

    Will definitely try to trace the Cagayan de Oro links of your family and other Neri families who settled in Ozamiz.

    Off hand, I seem to recall that at some point one of the siblings of an earlier Neri-San Jose union migrated to Occ. Misamis. This we will explore.

    1. Hi Amadeo, I think I remember one of my siblings mentioned about one of my grandpa or was it grandma's sister married a Galindo clan from Ozamis. My lolo & lola's name: Carmilino Velez Neri & Basilia Neri Velez (Ciriaca Neri clan).


  52. Hi All -
    I have been reading all the comments here - quite interesting. I am Wendy Ramos Garcia. My mother is Pureza Neri-Ramos, still living in CDO, all of 97 years old. Her older sister who lives in San Francisco, California turned 101 last Sept. 3. Her name is Libertad Neri Concepcion.
    I have been encouraging cousins to initiate the 3rd Neri Grand Reunion. Since we are too huge a group, my suggestion is for the different lines to assign somebody to head their line. That way, no one is tasked with the job of doing all the work which a grand reunion entails. The Agripino Neri,Sr.-Tranquilina Bautista/Ignatia Jacutin Line just held its 2nd reunion in Cagayan de Oro City this past March 6-9, 2010 (the first in CDO); the first one was in Las Vegas, Nev in October of 2008. Anyway, it was a very successful & fun-filled affair. We can do it on a bigger scale if everyone will cooperate & agree to helping out w/ their lines. You may contact me at if you have any comments, suggestions or remarks about this plan to hold a 3rd Neri Grand Reunion.

    Best to all. And thanks to Tatoy for keeping us all connected, literally, figuratively & online(ly).


  53. Joseph, you can contact Wendy thru the email address given above. She has shown her interest in meeting up with you. Good Luck.


    At 12:58 AM, Anonymous said…

    hi sir,

    i am joseph and not related by blood to the Neris but my family has been sort of adopted by ARACELI NERI-ARANCILLO (she was married to VICENTE ARANCILLO of Dumarao, Capiz), her other siblings were PUREZA NERI-RAMOS former council woman of Cagayan) and AMPARO NERI-DOMINGO (writer and poet). I would just like to share my experience with LOLA CHELING, as we fondly call her... i learned to read and speak good (acceptable) english from her, she was my REAL first teacher. when we first came to manila, we were homeless and she let us in their house for temporary shelter but later on helped us start a life in Bacoor, Cavite. she will always be the only grandmother that i will ever know... i aslo met Lola Puring and Lola Paying when they were still alive. Regards to your family. :)

  54. Hi, Eva:

    Unfortunately we do not have the name of the lady Leon Neri married. But the other names you mentioned are all in that extended graph. Leon's name may have been added after publication of that genealogy book.


    "Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Genealogy: The Neri Family of Mindanao":

    On your Neri geneology do you know who the wife of Leon Neri? My mom came from that lineage. Leon Neri->Vicente Neri-Filomeno Neri->Angelo Neri->Evangeline Neri(my mom). We live right here in Stockton, CA. So Leon, Juan,Lino and Salvador were brothers? I have a copy of the first Neri-Chaves Grand Reunion in 1985 in CDOC,my mom attended that one. I didn't find Leon Neri's name in the souveniir book, as I was trying to trace the parents of Vicente Neri(wife Ciriaca Velez). I would really appreciate it if you could share some info. Thank you. Eva Neri Jotojot email- "

  55. Ramon A. Neri has left a new comment on your post "Genealogy: The Neri Family of Mindanao":

    Sept 11 2010

    I just got word the Tita Flora Neri Noble passed away yesterday in CDO. She was the youngest sister of Tillie Neri Eparwa, Bob Neri, Salvoador F Neri, Perla Neri Fortich and Luis Neri.

    Condolenves to all my Neri cousin and relatives from CDO.

    Posted by Ramon A. Neri to The Ignatian Perspective at 12:18 AM

    Mon, just learned about it today and we plan to visit her wake tonight. It is now almost 4pm Sunday here in Cagayan de Oro.

  56. Cheska Hipona has left a new comment on your post "Genealogy: The Neri Family of Mindanao":

    My Name is Annah Francesca Valmores-Hipona.

    I'm the great-granddaughter of Carmen Neri-Marfori. My Grandmother is Eva Marfori-Hipona.

    I am very much interested in the family tree. Do you have plans on expanding it?

    My mom told me that her side of the family is also related to the Neri's. Her family is bukidnon. I can't really trace how far the relation is but my mom and dad always say that they're related. :D

    Please keep me posted! Thank You! :D

    Posted by Cheska Hipona to The Ignatian Perspective at 10:15 AM

    Hi, Cheska: keep visiting this site for new developments and findings. - Amadeo

  57. Hi Amadeo,
    I just stumbled upon this site and what caught my attention was when you mentioned a NERY from Luzon who married a NERI. I happen to be a NERY (from Luzon)and one of my father's sisters married a Luisito Neri whose family used to reside at the Neri's Compound right next to the Xavier University campus in Corrales Ave.
    My grandfather was the late Atty. Isidoro Corpuz Nery, Sr. who was formerly the Director of the Bureau of Lands. I remember hearing about the Sampornas when we were growing up. Some of the names that are mentioned in the family tree sound familiar too. I remember the Neri-Chavez grand reunion when I was in HS but we missed that. Since my mother, Flerida Tanhueco-Nery was a teacher before she became a principal at Xavier Grade Sch., she knew and met more NERIs than I did. As it turns out, in a small city like CDO - we're all related!I was born and raised in CDO but left for Manila when I went to UP in college...then 3 years later, I left for the U.S. for graduate studies and stayed on. I didn't really have strong ties with my roots although I had wonderful memories. Until now, I'm still baffled by how and why my last name is spelled with a "y." But here in the U.S., they misspell it as "NEARY" (very Irish!). Nobody in the family really seems to know the difference between the "Nery" and the "Neri." I'm interested to know if my family is connected to that big puzzle of the NERI clan. Hope you can shed some light on this. Maraming salamat po.

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. Hi, Anon 12:33pm:

    Yes, I know your mom Fler and your father, as well as Claire and May, your aunts.

    There are also Nerys in Camiguin, but legend has it that they were originally Neris who decided to spell their name differently.

    Is that the same case as yours? We don't know. But since May married another Neri, she is now part of the clan. I have met one of their daughters there in CDO.

  60. Hi Amadeo,
    Is "Anon" what you call a person from CDO, short cut for CagayANON? Or maybe because I posted as "ANONymous" that's why I'm "ANON?" (LOL) Kidding aside, you must know my family...therefore I'm no longer anonymous! So does that make you my "Uncle?"

    I remember hearing about a Neri (one of the brothers - I don't know which one)who changed it to "Nery." We are the Nerys from Ilocos but my father and his siblings grew up in Quezon City before they moved to CDO. That certainly brought them back to their roots.

    I had an awkward moment when a friend of mine visited from NY. She brought along a Cagayanon who happen to know the Neris and my family. She just blurted out, "Did you know you're a princess and a descendant of the Sampornas?" I just laughed and told her that I've heard about the Sampornas. 'Twas funny how that comment made me feel like a "princess without a crown."(LOL)It also happened in UP when I met a princess from Sulu in my organization. I humbly explained that I may have ancestors of nobility but I'm just a commoner compared to her status.

    You must've met Jenny, Tita May's only daughter. Tita Claire is the one with 2 daughters.
    Believe it or not, this is my first time ever to post publicly...but this is really interesting and very informative!
    Daghang salamat!!!

  61. Yes, Anon for anonymous. Yes, Jenny was her name and I met her when she and husband wanted to a rent a place in our little bldg.

  62. Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Genealogy: The Neri Family of Mindanao":

    My grandfather is Isaac Neri Chaves Sr. Born June 03, 1905, Died Sept 19,1990. Origins from Cagayan and Camiguin. Will appreciate information about him. Thanks. Great ignatian perspective site.
    Okay, I shall try to trace this when I get back to Cagayan de Oro. In the meantime keep visiting. And as I reminder since commenting under the original entry has become problematic (comments do not appear anymore) visit this mirror entry and make comments here.


  63. Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Genealogy: The Neri Family of Mindanao":

    hi name is beltran neri ,when i read your blog i was so amazed coz it seems you know about all the neri family their origin where they come from..i grow up away from my parents mostly on my father , that until now i did not know all of theirs sibling, i only knew a few of them , my auntie and uncle but we havent talk to them about who my relatives are or when i can find some of them..sometimes i was thinking to change my family name coz i fell like im alone in this grand fathers name is marcelino neri and my fathers name is angel neri...maybe you asked do i want... well if you cud help me who is marcelino neri ,who is his brothers and sisters, is all who has the family name of neri are related?... sori if i bother you....if u cud... pls .... my email is you so much and god bless you....thanks

    Posted by Anonymous to The Ignatian Perspective at 5:04 PM

    Hi, Beltran: To find out if we are related, please give if you can names of your ancestors - parents, grandparents, etc.

  64. hello my name is Ruben Neri jr.I never met my father or any of the neri family. all i know is my father name is Ruben Neri he was born in taumalipas and was a somewhat of a semi pro soccer palyer in his youth. i also know that the majority portio oh his family resides or migrated to Texas. can anyone help? my email

  65. The mother of the late vice president Emmanuel Pelaez was Felipa Neri from Bohol . Felipa Neri was the granddaughter of Graciano Neri from Bohol who was the son of Mariano Neri and Ambrosia Fortich who were married in Cagayan de Oro and later on moved to Bohol. Dr Jorge Neri and Naomi Neri from Ozamis are the first cousins of the late vice president since their father, Jorge Neri from Bohol was the brother of Felipa Neri, the mother of the late vice president. Mariano Neri and Ambrosia Fortich had another son Eustaquio Neri from whom descended some of the Neris of Camiguin who included the late Congessman Joseling(?) Neri fron Camiguin, the father of the former vice governor Niki (Nicolas) Neri.

  66. Hi, Anonymous 09:14am:
    All the names that you enumerated are already listed in the extended genealogy graph that I keep here in Cagayan de Oro, which was recently re-organized and re-done. Do visit if you get the chance. - Amadeo

    1. hello, please email me the latest genealogy graph if it is possible.

      i am a decendant from eustaquio - julio - jesus

    2. hello, please email me the latest genealogy graph if it is possible.

      i am a decendant from eustaquio - julio - jesus

      jesus is my grandfather

  67. Do you have any ideas about the Neri's in Zamboanga? Thanks!

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  69. A reminder. Those inquiring about their roots, it would be easier if you provide more names in your family, the older the persons named the better. That way it is easier to connect with the tree already in existence. Thanks.

  70. Again, another reminder. If you got to the original entry, you need to click to this entry since your comments in the original entry will not be visible to others. Please re-read the instructions there. In other words, write your comments on this newer entry. Thanks.

  71. Christine Nery has left a new comment on your post "Genealogy: The Neri Family of Mindanao":

    Hello. I am Christine Nery. I don't really know much about my father's side, since my grandfather, Jose T. Nery, Sr., died before I was born. As what my dad used to tell me, the Nery's are related to the Neri's our branch of the clan sort of changed the last name to Nery because of a family dispute way, way, way before.

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  73. Hello there Amadeo! My name is Mary and I'm writing from Australia. I posted this note the other day on the original blog page not realising that there are issues with the comments section of that page. So I'm re-posting it here again.

    It's with great interest that I read through the numerous comments here as I'm about to embark on a similar journey to what you have started on this site. I'm currently drafting my family's ancestry blogsite, and while I've just recently started with my ancestry research in 2013, I can relate to your pain of having missing links that you can't get any further to be able to tie numerous family branches together.

    Our family tree has main branches in Sagay Camiguin as well as Tubay, Agusan del Norte which was previously part of Surigao/Caraga in the 1800s.

    We have recently discovered that my great great grandfather Valentin was a Manobo Datu, who along with his clan was converted into the faith by Father Saturnino Urios. We don't have a date for it, but this event could have possibly taken place before my great grandfather's birth in 1877. Unfortunately, I don't have further information about his family going one generation upward, apart from his wife's name - Desideria Balboa Neri.

    I would appreciate your input or any information from you about Desideria Neri's family and am keen to know whether you've made any progress in your research about your ancestor who was "christened by a friar in 1779" that you speak of. I could only surmise that my great great grandmother Desideria comes from that same ancestor, two, three, maybe even four generations down the line.

    Please send me an email to < >

    Looking forward to hearing back from you. Thank you and God bless!

  74. Thanks for the visit. However, I cannot find any entry for Desideria Balboa Neri in my chart. Please provide more details like her parents or siblings, years of birth or death, etc.

  75. Hi sir amadeo!ive been reading ur blog..i left a comment to ur page..hope u can read it

  76. Just an addition to this very complicated family tree...

    Getulia Neri and Julio Bautista had 2 sons: Filomeno Bautista and Juancho Bautista (my great grandfather). Juancho married Aquilina (2nd marriage apparently) and had Luz Bautista (my grandmother). I don't know if they had other offsprings. Luz Bautista married Marcelo Valdehueza and had 9 children...

  77. Maayong Adlaw!

    My lolo Juan Akut married Adriana Neri. They had 8 children and one of them is Mauricio. Mauricio begat Wulfrano Yacapin Akut. And Wulfrano begat Winfred Yanga Akut my father. We grew up at Camp Phillips Del Monte but after retirement my lolo Wulf made residence at Tablon.

    I checked the matrix but i could not see Adriana Neri. Maybe somebody here can piece it up. Glad to know all of you! God bless the Neris!

  78. If you can, please provide names of ancestors of Adriana Neri. This could lead to a connection.

    1. So far until Juan and Adriana is a big wall. Bag-o lang pud ko na interest subay sa mga katiguwangan. Busa nalipay kaayo ko nakita imong blog og nabasa ang mga pangalan nga naa gayud diay records sa mga ancestors as far sa Samporna! Abi nako wala pay mga tawo before 1900s ug basin naa pa sa caves ug kahoy ang mga tawo wala pa nanganaog.

      Mangutana ko sa mga nahibilin namo nga mga katiguwangan(and i thought of 1 already) basin naa pa makahatag lead sa kagikan ni lola Adriana. But for now, daghang salamat for what you do helping us piece up our ancestry.

      Btw, naa man fb page sa akut neri clan pero wala na updated kay nabusy na ang tigdumala. Naa ang picture ni Lola Adriana Neri didto.

  79. Hello uncle! I am so glad to have found your blogpost regarding the Neri family's history. I am the youngest grandson of Angelo Roa Neri whose father was Bernardo Abejo Neri. I am very much interested in piecing together the roots of our family especially as I have heard stories from my aunts and uncles that we were descended from the Sampurna's - of Royal blood.
    My grandfather, Engr. Angelo "kiking" Roa Neri was married to Rosario Arrieta Neri of Dumaguete City. They have 12 children most of which reside in Dumaguete. My grandfather was mayor of Calamba, Misamis Occidental during the 50's or 60's. He succeeded his brother, Dr. Gustavo Neri who also became mayor of Calamba. To my knowledge, we still have a lot of relatives residing in Calamba as of the moment. I am looking forward to putting together a detailed genealogy of the Roa-Neri clan, thank you very much for making this blog!

  80. Hello Sir,
    My parents and I were just talking about the history of my great grandparents. Because of curiosity I tried looking it up over the internet and came across your blog. If ever you need more information regarding the heirs of Leon Neri I would be very much obliged to give you the continuation of Nicolasa & Catalino Neri. By the way my great great grandmother is Dolores Neri Guirnela.

    1. Maybe we are connected. My father's name is Jose Neri Guirnela from Cagayan De Oro

  81. My Grandmother is Mariquita Yacapin Neri Tottoc, married to my Grandfather, Zacarias D. Tottoc , My name is Estrelita Tottoc married to Jessie M. Macadangdang,also cousin from USA will come too at CDO re this case. Other heirs will come too. thank you.

  82. I salute your whole clan!!!!!

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  84. Hi I'm Ian Neri, grandson of late 2lt.Primo Mahinay NERI ive heard on my late aunt Cherry Neri Tan my grandfather's father married twice and we don't know who or where they are,I forgot the name of my grandfather's father,BTW Rodulfo Pelaez and Maning Pelaez are my grandfather's first cousins, hope you can help us trace our relatives,,thank you and more power...


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