Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fooled By A Fool?

With their snide, or being coy or cute commentaries, some bloggers or commenters in many blogs I visit appear to be playing and baiting others to go down into a baser level of political discourse, fancying themselves a lot smarter and wiser than the objects of their ridicule. And maybe they truly are a lot smarter.

But to those I humbly suggest that they take the exercise of looking themselves up in the mirror, and measuring and gauging what they have done in their own lives, like what laudable impacts they have had not only on their persons but on the people around them. And to compare themselves with the people who are subjects of their ridicule and unkind criticism.

Compare themselves to say, a Sarah Palin, adjudged by a host of personages as the thoroughly dumb and hick VP candidate. In running and ruling as governor of her state, she has had to compete with a round of “smarter and wiser” people who were vying for the same position, and she has had to deal also with countless people, both private citizens and public officials, who have had dealings with her state of Alaska. And one can set aside her stints as mayor of her small town and commissioner of her state-wide energy commission. And since she carried as much as 80% approval ratings, then this dumb woman must have fooled a lot of Alaskans. Imagine counting the number of intractable fools in a state of almost 700,000 people!

Take that little exercise it could be elucidating, and leaven that liberating experience with a rereading of the lesson of the Pharisee and the publican.

Consider this as just some rambling observations from another equally intractable fool.