Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Week Old Today

They are exactly a week old today, counting from the time I saw them hatched in their nest.

Fine Feathered Friends, at last

Less than a week after being hatched, my two unexpected guests are suddenly looking like the birds they should be. A soft blackish fur now covers their once pinkish bodies. Unmistakable signs of the paraphernalia that when fully developed will enable them to exercise that one distinct quality that differentiates them from most other earthbound living things – feathers for flight.

And the increase in their size is just short of being amazing and stupendous. Though still mostly immobile and confined to the cramped nest, we know pretty soon they will be testing their mettle –in learning to fly.

That day will be the proper time to say, au revoir.

In the meantime, I will insist on exercising my rights as resident intruder.