Thursday, May 16, 2013

Some Thoughts On The Last Local Election


Though not a complete and sweeping victory for the entire team, we have to be ecstatically thankful for we have removed the dreaded head. In our earnest and honest dream, we never expected to completely dismantle in one stroke the choking system of crony politics set in place over so many years.

But in a very real and revealing way, the locals showed better discernment and choices compared to the electorate in the last US presidential elections where the top candidate judged as underperforming in most critical issues was allowed to get re-elected largely on continued promises of better governance. And for this, we ought to be extra thankful.  And I am happy to be rendered wrong in my dire prediction.

With this very significant and auspicious though incomplete victory, those who suffered temporary setbacks in this election ought to bring the good fight into the next election so that the remaining roots of misgovernance still in place and thriving can be duly removed and replaced.  

Sadly, we note that this same malignant cancer has taken firmer hold in the rest of the province, where the son and his cohorts have co-opted victories in the many provincial positions.  Let us strike a blow against those who want to set in place political dynasties, with personal aggrandizement as primary objectives.   

But in the meantime, we are hopeful that the newly-elected mayor, who also rode on the coattails of these able and deserving but losing candidates, will allow them to show their mettle and competence with various positions in his new government.  If he had firm trust and confidence in their qualifications as his candidates, they should able to mesh perfectly in his upcoming administration.  Awarding such responsibilities would allow them to be known to more people and more importantly, afford them the opportunities to show what they are capable of accomplishing beyond the campaign rhetoric.  What real governance means, as compared to empty rhetoric or rich promises of some largesse in exchange for patronage.

We also see that locally we have not attained the hoped-for majority in the council. This would have ensured that the resonating voices of change could not be stymied or short-changed by those whose naked aims would simply be to insure failure for the upcoming administration. With the very powerful head summarily removed, these allies should be rendered powerless and exposed to the people for what they truly were, as simply footstools for a despotic ruler.

In the area of tasks, it is easy for us at this stage to dream of big dreams for our city and we truly deserve them for all the efforts expended to bring about this change.

But we have to be grounded in the realities to be faced.

It was with obvious seriousness of heart and gravity of voice, that I heard OCA mention during the campaigns that if he would win, he would be faced with a very grave problem that may not have any easy solutions.  It was the problem of illegal settlers or squatters that have spilled into and infected all parts of the city.  How they can all be equitably relocated and resettled.  Their numbers would include most if not all of those sidewalk/street vendors that we see in our markets, in our parks and public places, and in most other place where they shouldn’t be because their presence have caused us many of the problems we now detest.  Like chaotic traffic in our streets.  Deteriorated and neglected parks and other public places.  Unwanted increased criminality.  Etc.

This ought to have first priority and may consume the best efforts and resources this new administration may be able to muster for its initial tasks of rebuilding this city.