Thursday, June 20, 2013

500th Blog Entry

I never imagined that when I started this blog I could reach up to 500 blog entries.  But here it is.  At maybe two book pages an entry that’s like having written a full-blown book of a 1000 pages, albeit some stray entries are light-hearted, not serious to the point of being just inane musings.

Still, time was expended on each of them with corresponding efforts to have them self-edited and then published in the blog.

Why would anybody go thru such a wringer?  For what purposes?  Just a couple of stinging questions I have asked myself every time I felt the urge to commit ideas to words.

Self-aggrandizing motives I am sure are integral parts therein and there is no need to spend any more precious time finding out.  But I tell you that personally I have my most defined and avowed reasons for continuing to do so.

Writing these blogs have over the years been my alternative or counter-measure for sleeplessness, which unwanted condition has hounded me since I can remember.  In early HS I recall being almost in perpetual panicky mode trying to get some sleep for classes the following morning.  I would get to bed as early as past 7pm just to try to get my required 8 hours of sleep, tossing and turning inside my mosquito net.  Then when this failed I would resort to regularly changing the location where I got my sleep, from my bed to the floor on any corner of my room.  Most mornings I still woke up feeling deprived of enough sleep.  And this has been a life-long challenge under varying circumstances.  Nevertheless, it continues to this day.

But different solutions for varying circumstances has been the path taken or attitude applied.

Ever since easy and ready access to the Net has been made available to most everyone, it has been my unflagging companion to lull my mind away from sleeplessness, or the inability to get some sleep.  At the onset of any bout of sleeplessness, I would immediately position myself in front of the nearby PC or laptop and plug away.  And before I know it I have forgotten about my sleeplessness feeling ready and primed to try the sack again.  And this has been how many of the blogs were birthed and given lives of their own.

See, this entry itself was started at almost 11pm last night, after an attempt to go to sleep before 10pm had failed.

So now refreshed from last night’s interrupted sleep, another blog entry completed and down the hole.