Sunday, September 14, 2008


Uh, oh. Ohio one of the battleground states.

Hope it's not in Franklin or Montgomery counties.

Where to put graphics

SiteMeter Issues

Many may not be aware that over this weekend SiteMeter “migrated” its databases and made changes on its services. During that downtime, it was inaccessible. But it is now back on-line.

But for those availing of its services, whether as a free or premium user, you will need to re-activate your account so your stats will be updated and its data-gathering can continue seamlessly. If you do not re-activate, your stats do not get re-activated. And the process also allows one to be familiarized with the new look of SiteMeter stats and reports.

Many of those who refer regularly to or confer with Sitemeter stats to monitor blog traffic may find the new reporting different and maybe, even difficult.

As a possible back-up or in tandem, one can also avail of another “free” service Extreme Tracking, some of whose reports are quite similar with the old SiteMeter report formats. And set-up and installation are as easy as SiteMeter.


Lo and behold, SiteMeter has brought back the old format, giving me now two counts, the old one for unique visits and the second one for page views. They did send a memo that because of the big howl against the new format, they would revert back.