Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nine US State Governors Are Women

Out of 50 states, 9 are headed by women governors, 6 are Democrats and 3 are Republicans. This translates to only about 20% ratio of women to male governors and yet we know that women in the electorate, and in the general population, at the very least account for 50%.

We know that one Republican governor has been selected as the VP choice, Sarah Palin of Alaska. And before the announcement of Sen. Biden as the Democratic pick, the name of one Democrat governor, Kathleen G. Sebilious of Kansas, was high on the short list of possible nominees. As a matter of fact, very high on the very short list projected by pundits as a possible safe choice if Sen. Clinton as rumored would not be considered.

Sarah Palin (R-Alaska)

Janet Napolitano (D-Arizona)

M. Jodi Rell (R-Connecticut)

Ruth Ann Minner (D-Delaware)

Linda Lingle (R-Hawaii

Kathleen G. Sebelius (D-Kansas)

Kathleen Blanco (D-Louisiana)

Jennifer Granholm (D-Michigan)

Christine O’Grady Gregoire (D-Washington)

Is there just cause then for either party to claim that the choice of a woman governor as VP would not be a wise and appropriate choice?