Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Man Years Vs Dog Years

Part of conventional wisdom instructs us that one year of any dog’s life is worth seven in man (homo sapiens) and over time we have come to accept that as accepted truth. Well, not so. Even Snopes.Com has weighed in to correct our wrong notions about this truism.

A couple of clear but general benchmarks for earnest dog lovers. Generally, small breed dogs live longer than big breed dogs. Per current history, longer living dogs can live to be over 20 years (record shows one living for 27 years).

Like us, abuse-prone creatures, the life span of dogs also depends on a host of factors. Genetics, environment, life style, and for dogs, even the type of breeds, etc.

And with dogs too, there is the at times forgotten angle to their life spans, that some dogs age slower than other dogs of different breeds. Meaning, two dogs born on the same day may grow, or “mature” differently. Thus, one may be said to be older than the other, though born at the same time.

To be realistic then, many would agree that a typical dog year is more like five years of human life.

Hey, no problem here. So you, Princess, are now two and one-half years old having been born about 6 months ago.

Another six months and you will be considered full-grown or mature. Enjoy the rest of your childhood!

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