Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Addressing Life’s Daily Battles

When pre-dawn noise today nudged me from my sleep, I lent words to some stubborn thoughts.

Each day as one wakes up to face the world, one confronts situations requiring battle readiness. Whether face-to-face with life-changing options or simply having to make choices needed to get from one point to another. And like any battle worthy to be won, we are required to give our 110% efforts every time. And no less is expected unless one has ebbed to the point of accepting defeat or being tepid every time.

As a being molded from and by a Being so resplendent in perfection and purpose, we definitely cannot allow ourselves to be defeatist or tepid. We have to strive for what is humanly possible in our drive for our own perfection.

Under such strict dispensation we are required to muster and marshal our innermost strength, aided by God’s prodigious graces.

Ever alert to God’s gentle promise that He would not tempt us beyond our strengths. That whatever will be laid out before us regardless how overwhelming and formidable they may seem, one always has the powers to address and resolve. Which assurances ought to give us sufficient hope to weather through all the travails life may throw at us.

Life’s daily battles then become sterling opportunities to sharpen our virtues and wits, making us able to win through any and all obstacles.

Let us pray for the wisdom and resolve to get us by this day.