Saturday, March 28, 2009

Missed: The Highs of Jogging

Over a month after the terribly bad accident, I still am unable to get back to routines of the past, most especially the regular physical exercise I have maintained for close to 30 years – jogging.

Though I did not miss it as much as when I saw this picture of Gov. Palin of Alaska taking a leisurely run against the majestic backdrop of Alaskan winter scenery.

I love running close to rivers or lakes where I can find them. Some things about them are very exhilarating and calming. Just right for a meditative or reflective running session, accompanied and occupied by one’s mundane and more profound thoughts.

In San Francisco, I loved running around the perimeter of beauteous Lake Merced, whether in the nippy cold of winter or the subdued glare of cool summer.

Here in the old hometown, I have taken a keen liking to the newest bridge that spans the Cagayan River, connecting Carmen with Nazareth Subdivision. During early weekends, the complete span and the approaches to the bridge are decidedly empty and amply cooled by the slow meandering flow of the typically sleepy river below. Quite ideal for my taste!

Sooner or later, I will definitely get back to my routines – like jogging, and blogging, too.

With the added promised caveat: If I do get the chance to take a trip to Alaska, I will definitely allocate some time for jogging, against the majestic backdrop of similar Alaskan scenery.

You can bet on that!