Sunday, June 15, 2008

Garbage Guaranty

UPDATE: (June 28th, 2008)

Now, does that look like "fresh" garbage added on the heap, after a newly-painted garbage drum has been added for the dumpers' convenience?


One sure way to guarantee that garbage and refuse will be dumped on your vacant lot.


  1. I bet without that sign, there'd be more garbage there.

    Maybe we need more catchy signs. Something like "Aso lang ang umiihi dito." Some even go ballistic: "P*t*ng ina nyo! Bawal umihi dito!" Yup, I've seen signs like them.

  2. Dave:

    Great idea about catchy signs.

    This one caught my eye because it is inside our subdivision, for all to see who drive in and out of the gate.

  3. Signs mean nothing as you know. Only way to stop something like that is to have someone watching over it 24 hours a day. People would rather toss their garbage on your land (while your not looking) than pay the few pesos it would take to get it picked up. Its a sorry thing.

  4. Phil:

    That has always been a mystery to me. People typically keep their own houses and surroundings clean and free of clutter, but they will not hesitate to dump any refuse on the adjoining vacant lot, or on the street.

  5. Jeanette11:22 AM

    Hi, Tats,

    I enjoyed the articles in your blog. I was reading and lisening to Sarah. Impressive how she present her perspective. One thing for sure that beauty and brain can go hand in hand. It was refreshing to hear a woman's point of view of how she perceives each candidate. Obviously, I am a Republican, but I am not conservative. I elect who I think can do the job.
    Anyhow, thanks for the photographs of our city, nostalgia is common now a days. Is it the age? Recapturing the stolen moments because I left our city at a very young age.

    Jeanette W. Dunn Aragon

  6. Hi, Jean:

    Thanks for visiting.

    Gov. Palin was one of the earliest possibles that I thought could compete with the star qualities of Obama. And now, I know I was right.

    After leaving the old hometown for 30 years, one can't help notice how it was before since I grew up in those neighborhoods.

    The old Cagayan is slowly losing its old quaint looks and being replaced by huge devouring structures. It is best to document parts of the old that are still visible.


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