Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Of Older Stuff

Pictured below are old products that surely have gone the same dusty and forgotten way of Beta-Max, VHS, VCR, 3D films, etc.

A miniature Mamiya film camera that fits snugly in one hand but weighs maybe two pounds. Loaded with all the fine-tuning adjustments one found in a regular-sized camera then.
The Kodak Instamatic, the most convenient piece of picture-taking equipment appropriate even in the hands of a child. Most households had one then, and the price was quite affordable.
What about a sturdy, industrial-strength, made of heavy cast-iron, one-hole puncher for your school work. Weighs maybe two pounds.
And a manually-operated numbering machine that produced professional-looking numbers, then at least. Number crunchers had to have one.
For the audiophile, a transistorized reel-to-reel tape recorder that one could carry around for listening to recorded songs or for interviews of important personages.

Those were the days.

Call this your check protector. After writing out your check, roll this gadget over all the text and numbers you just wrote and viola, instant protection. It embosses and perforates the areas touched by it. A hardy and endurable product made in the good old US of A.


  1. I've never seen the one hole punch device; must be before "my time."

  2. "Inherited" it from my late father. As a matter of fact, inherited all the pictured items from him.

    He was a typical gadget person. He even had a little device that you rolled over any check you issued making it hard for anybody to make changes on it, like raising the amount.

  3. Some of those stuff can still be used, I believe. We could check any old office here in the country, and find ancient devices still in use by ancient clerks, hehe.

  4. I believe, you are right, Dave.

    We tend to use equipment, and vehicles too, until their final throes.

    Our house still has furniture maybe as old as I am. Sturdy, durable ones made of hardwood.

    Just found a two-hole puncher made of cast iron that weighs at least 5 lbs. Now which ordinary use could wear that out easily?

    And oh, after more rummaging found my Eagle Scout ID with the pledge. Harkens back very ancient memories.


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