Monday, November 19, 2007

A Humble Attempt At Free Verse


It’s been quite sometime that I’ve found that this mortal coil I’m tied to
has become rather burdensome.
It’s not that suddenly the load has become unbearable;
nor because its multiplying cares have conspired to overwhelm.
It’s not even because of the countless frustrations it has spawned daily.

Why then the wanton indifference,
the lackadaisical and dreary outlook to the unfolding reality that slowly rolls in each day ?
Culled from a veritable storehouse of life experiences, the answer is readily unraveled.
The uncanny realization that earthly life is bereft of meaning,
so fleeting and so vaporous in its content.

Finding that nothing of life induces inspiration to pursue it with at least decent fervor.
No wonder then its trite challenges are met with tepidity and nonchalance.
Finding that the trifling values and pursuits that present-day man has clothed life with,
I look down with derision and disdain.

Harboring no ill will toward man himself
but only at the blatantly hedonistic pursuits that preoccupy his day.
A gnawing yearning for something more meaningful and profound is felt spiritually.
Things that satisfactorily fulfill my very discriminating criteria for goals worthy of pursuit.

Things that relate to the higher and noble nature of man.
Ultimate causes that address what comes after this so inscrutable existence.
And the pangs of impatience obstinately tear at my consciousness,
Making it very difficult to exhibit even feigned interest
and enthusiasm at the very mundane concerns of everyday living.

Despite the gloomy picture painted above,
the quest for meaning is doggedly pursued if only to justify continued existence.
The ultimate purposes are easily articulated with nary an iota of doubt.
To mortify and bring the material body to complete and total subjugation
by the spirit through the strict practice of A S C E T I C I S M.

This determination gives me impetus to continue with life.
It proffers the clarity of vision to see through the hazy veil
that shrouds the real purpose of man here on this earth.

That he is here only as an itinerant traveler,
preordained to begin his real life in the spirit
devoid of the constrictive trappings of the flesh.
Still, while the mind and spirit share a clear and unstinting grasp of my real goals in life,
Keeping in this frame of mind is most of the time difficult
and calamitous lapses are not uncommon,
Making it necessary to incessantly remind myself of the guiding principles
that should rule my daily living.

But life ought to be more than just an excruciating tolerance
and nonchalance of the events that shape it.
It ought to be more than just trying to survive the trip so the goal can be attained.
It is still within one’s capabilities to make life a more positive experience.

One should be able to look forward to each day with child-like anticipation,
in tandem with a driving passion to be an active and catalytic participant in it.
And not just a passive onlooker being bandied about,
satisfied with just trying to salvage the most out of a situation.

If such a possibility should exist,
I ought to dig deep into myself and my innermost resources to find out.
To enable me to look at life in a positive perspective
so that I can approach each day with promise and excitement.

The search might be made more meaningful
if I can find a kindred spirit to share my sentiments and philosophy.
Is it possible to find such a person in this lifetime,
or am I so alienated from the rest ?

In my own peculiar and quaint ways
I pursue the search for kindred soul for I still have to find one.
While everyday, I struggle and grope around trying to maintain the precarious equilibrium
that makes life bearable and livable.
At every turn and every tick of the clock,
confrontational situations stare at me,
Demanding undivided attention
and unyielding to anything less than total commitment.

Most of the time, the battles seem to weigh against me
resulting in a troubling and agonizing sense of frustration.
And as if these were not sufficient for the day’s share of troubles,
the vagaries of my sensual emotions float around the mind seeking fulfillment.

Sensuous desires, definedly moral taboos, buffet the will;
Are the learned moral values of our youth still relevant or what ?
The many familial concerns also add their share of bitter medicine
to an already water-logged soul.

Indeed, life seems not to be getting any better in terms of achieving a yeoman’s share
of those fleeting moments of seeming peace and tranquility
so that my mind can relax and savor the beautiful vistas it surveys
as it glides through the times of my life.

Death seems such a sweet and tempting alternative to extricate oneself from all this living.
but in an inexplicable, almost sadistic, way one can’t help believing
that these trials are cathartic and may indeed make for a more saintly life.

For do not all these bring out in each one of us
the same godly dignity that permeated Christ's earthly life?



  1. Whoever wrote that has WAY too much time on his hands and is probably a self-absorbed twit.

    I prefer this D.H. Lawrence quote:

    “I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself.”

    Now THAT is how we should conduct our lives!

  2. Heh heh... Just kidding. I actually kind of like it.

  3. I'm the twit who actually wrote this, many years ago while working graveyard to fill my breaks and lulls at work. (HeHeHe)

    Actually, such show of disdain for life is quite steeped in the old contemplative orders of the Church.

    But present-day Christian living is geared more toward the "in the world, but not of the world" admonition of Christ.

  4. You know, I wrote a few love sick poems back in an earlier guise. Maybe I'll post 'em and let you make fun of my stuff...!

  5. Okay, go ahead, Phil. And I will counter with the only sappy romantic poem I had the nerve to write, and whose subject will forever remain nameless. Or else, I will be exposed for the loon that I am.

  6. It's when you start to write this stuff everyday, and can't stop...that's when you worry.,.,.

  7. Ascetism - does God revel and delight in seeing a human being deliberately punishing himself?

  8. Hi, BW, Merry Christmas:

    While in the distant past the practice of asceticism may have been pushed to extremes, it essentially should not be viewed as punishment but rather as a way of reining in man’s skewed nature aligning it with his nobler purposes. The Church may at times use strong language emphasizing this eternal conflict, such as doing violence to one’s nature, but in reality it is nothing more than providing moderation, temperance, and direction to a fallen nature that must not be allowed to run awry which is what it is inclined to do unaided and unrestrained..

    And whether that just God revels at this, I would say no more than that God would revel at all the fortuitous events happening to man in this world, which we say, at the very least, He allows to happen.

  9. Merry Chirstmas to you too Amadeo :)

    Well there are those whose mission in life is to suffer to please God!
    I guess my point is that if we think God delights in seeing a human being mortifying and punishing himself then we are really humanizing God, giving him attributes akin to the human nature. Perhaps understanding of God is limited, bounded by time and space within the limits of time and space in our domain called earth.

  10. bw, I was going to add the idea in your last reply to my original answer, but I hesitated.

    But since you mentioned it, indeed we humans tend to invest our gods with human qualities, like feelings and emotions. That definitely restricts his unquantifiable qualities.

    Understandably, this helps us humans navigate through our own personal beliefs.

    Thus, the olden Jews in their writings refused to even give that deity a name, precisely because it was very limiting. So they simply referred to him as one who could not be named.


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