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Genealogy: The Neri Family of Mindanao


And the story (or was it legend?) thus begun . . . .

Sometime in 1521, there lived Samporna, chief of Cipit, and otherwise known as a rajah of Lanao. In Sanskrit, the word, sampurna, means perfect.

And then like the silent marches of unrecorded history nothing newsworthy was heard of this tribal family until 1779, when the usurping march of the Spaniards under the banner of the Christian cross came to the hapless islands. Thus, with reverential haste and in the name of king and God, a Rev. Pedro de San Barbara gathered together the Samporna family and officiated at its mass christening adopting for them the family name of Neri.

And why an Italian name from a Spanish friar? One can only surmise and note that a St. Philip Neri, an Italian cleric and a popular European saint, must have been in the mind of the named friar.

While the Spaniards kept meticulous records of their exploits overseas, digging that part of the past is still a daunting task, given the crudeness and impermanency of record-keeping methods used by the native islanders.

And searching for the missing links for this family was no exception, for recorded and verifiable history picks it up starting in the very early 1800s. Missing out on at least 25 years, which during those times were truly lifetimes given the shorter lifespans of people then. One could say that people typically then lived for under 50 years, and this family is particularly noted for having forefathers/progenitors who lived short lives when compared to present-day standards.

Then in the 1800s, a profusion of families carrying the name Neri littered local history’s screen. Juan Neri who lived from 1807 to 1857 and was married to Anastacia Chaves. A Leon Neri with nothing much known about other members of his family. A Lino Neri who was gobernadorcillo from 1832-1833. Another was a Salvador Neri, married to a Coronado and was also a gobernadorcillo from 1831-1832.

Only one common thread binds all those names mentioned above, and it is that they all lived at about the same time. But as to the bigger question of whether they were related either as siblings or as cousins, everything is still in a haze. One needs to remember that in times past and is still the practice with our Moslem brethren, multiple wives were common especially with tribal leaders and families with both affluence and influence.

Thus, we could surmise that when reference is made to Samporna family, it was a family composed of one male and several wives, not necessarily related to each other.

Thus, the relations of those named families above could be construed in this manner, unless new data can prove or disprove this hypothesis. Can we ever hope to resolve this confusion and dilemma?

This is particularly crucial because beyond those dates, the history of the families of the Neri is quite accurate and easily traceable. Thus, beyond the middle 1800s, one can almost be sure that data are easily available to trace one’s lineage all the way to the present time.

And if any interested party wants to try and know, we can take that journey together, tracing through data I already possess and other data that may be in the hands of other relatives.

UPDATE: February 21, 2008

Upon suggestion of Mon Neri, I tried ways to replicate the genealogy graph or table that I had hand-written in ways that could be sent and received by any interested party. Browsing through the installed software for my Canon PowerShot cameras, I learned that using the photograph attached below, I could actually read through all the names without difficulty and they all came out legibly. I simply opened the ZoomBrowser on my PC and previewed the photograph. That screen allows one to view the picture in its actual size, which of course would not fit in one's monitor screen. But there is a small navigator inset screen that allows one to navigate through the entire graph and thus enables one to trace lineage with the names.

Good luck to those interested.

And if you have good enough eyesight, one can simply click on the picture and view a much bigger graph.

UPDATE: February 23, 2008

After a little research occasioned by a comment that mentioned the Neri’s of Mambajao, Camiguin, I have herewith added the graph for the Bohol branch of the Neri Genealogy, where the following prominent families belong, that of VP Emmanuel Pelaez and his siblings, the family of currently embattled former NEDA chief Romulo L. Neri, and that of Provincial Board Member Jesus “Dongdong’ Neri of Mambajao.

Since no years of birth or death were provided, it is still difficult to match chronologically this branch with the main graph with the many branches. What is shown is that the Neri’s of Camiguin, Medina and Cebu can trace their lineage to the Bohol branch. Additionally, the Bohol Neri’s also claim that they were descended from the Neri’s of Mindanao, confirming our premise that Mindanao was the primary locus for the original Neri family which traced its origins to 1779 when the name Neri was first introduced in the islands.

The truncated names on the leftmost section are: Mariano Neri, married to Ambrosia Fortich. Click on the image to enlarge.

March 16th, 2009 Update

Toward the end of February of this year, we had an arranged meeting with one of the renowned members of our clan, Dra. Rafaelita "Oche" Pelaez, whose father was Rudolfo Neri Peleaz and who owns and operates one of four universities in Cagayan de Oro (Liceo de Cagayan University). Oche has contracted a well-known local author to write a book about her father who founded the school. And per schedule the book may be out soon. Oche is desirous of adding as much of family origins as possible in the book. Thus, a copy of our extended genealogy was presented to her. And she in turn committed to frame it for public display.

For the records, Oche's paternal grandfather was Nicolas Pelaez of Talisayan, brother to Gregorio Pelaez, Sr. of Medina and father of the illustrious Maning Pelaez. Gregorio was married to Felipa Neri of Bohol.

In turn, Oche's grandmother, Paz Neri, was a younger sister of my paternal grandfather, Ramon Neri.

November 18th 2008 Update

Have already furnished several copies of the extended graph to some local relatives. I still have extra copies that are available. Since I have re-framed the original copy, I intend to hang it inside our little bakery shop on our building located at the corner of A. Velez (Del Mar) and Hayes (Victoria) streets here in Cagayan de Oro. For viewing for those interested.

October 25th 2008 Saturday

I have already copied the extended family graph, measuring 3 feet by 2 feet. It does not seem right to fold it into a smaller size for mailing, thus what would be appropriate is to mail it in a paper tube. Would appreciate getting some recommendations. However, if you are in the old hometown of Cagayan de Oro, we could arrange for those interested to take delivery in person. Now remember this is an on-going project and is thus a work in progress. Notations and corrections will be welcomed. But definitely a good and bold start to try to finish our trace of the family all the way to 1779.

Waiting for your inputs.

UPDATE: October 8, 2008
I just discovered this little bit of family history in one of the anonymous comments in some other blog entry. This is a more fleshed-out origin of our Neri family. Thus, this reveals that we are descended not only from Moros or Moslems, but also from Bukidnon aborigines. Very interesting.

Cagayan de Oro History From Beginning to 1950

The city of Cagayan de Oro, which boast of possessing the most beautiful name of all the cities of the country, has an equally beautiful story behind it; a colorful story which takes it start from a woman's smile, so the legend says.

The first inhabitants of Cagayan, many, many years ago, lived in a village on the bank of Taguanao River, eight kilometers south from Cagayan. This was a part of the Bukidnon territory, and later on, they moved on the bank of Kalambagohan River, where Cagayan now stands, and called their settlement Kalambagohan because of the luxuriant growth of "lambago trees". For sometime, the natives lived in the prosperity until the end of the sixteenth century when the Maguindanaos, a rival tribe from Lanao raided and captured the place. The bukidnons after a fight were forced to retreat to the hills.

The aborigines of Kalambagohan were Bukidnons. The horde of barbarous Moros from Maguindanao under Raja Moda Samporna (The Unopposed) demanded the surrender of the villagers who retreated to the hills. The Kalambagohan datu sent his beautiful daughter, guarded by his bravest warriors, to meet the Rajah and to make a conditional surrender: "None in the village should be carried across the countryside was more than confirmed now, and accepted the term of surrender. Her beauty alone was enough to captivate, but her charms wrought destruction to the Rajah, so the stronger leader of Maguindanao warriors began to waver. It was a long story but it ended with the Maguindanao datu thrusting his spear into the stairs of the datu's house which action in those days was symbolic of a man's proposal for marriage. The datu and daughter readily accepted the proposal and thus ended the whirlwind romance. The Maguindanao warrior who started from his camp to subjugate the recapture the rival camp became its prisoner of love. The news of the marriage was received with grief and resentment by the subjects of the captivated Rajah. Rajah Moda Samporna made his warriors build a strong cotta around the village. So, instead of the Moros conquering the Bukidnons, they were the ones captured. The Moro warriors felt so ashamed of the defeat that they never referred to the place as Kalambagohan anymore. Instead, they changed the name "Caayahan" (the Moro word for shame) or Cagayhaan (the Bukidnon word for shame). When the Spaniards came they mispronounced the name of the village, hence, they gradually changed it to Cagayan. Years later, rich gold deposits in sitio Munigi and Pigtaw and in the sand bed of the river were a common discovery so the name Cagayan de Oro came into existence.


The Moros intermarried with the Bukidnons. Samporna and his descendants became the ruling families in Cagayhaan. When the Spaniards came, some of Samporna's descendants moved to Boroon, Lanao, and from there to Uatu, Tugaya, and Ganasi in the province of Lanao. Today on the shore of Lake Lanao live Sultan Samporna of Tugaya, Sultan Samporna of Uatu and Sultan Samporna of Ganasi. In Maguindanao, now Cotabato, where the Samporna ancestors originally came from, still live Eman Samporna of Banobo and Eman Samporna of Moling.


The coming of the Spaniards gave a twist to the history of our place when the first missionary from Spain arrived in Cagayhaan in the year 1622 to preach the Christian religion to the natives or Moros. These missionaries belonged to the order of the Recollect. Rev. Pedro de Santa Barbara was one of the most zealous workers of the Cross, and at once baptized their pagan converts. The Samporna families who remarried in Cagayhaan became Christian and they were given the family name of "Neri". Hence, the present Neri families in Cagayan descended from the Moros.



  1. nice naman natrace mo..i wish ako din..:)

  2. Anonymous6:28 AM

    hi! i am very interested in your blog regarding the genealogy of the neri family. Where did you get your information?

  3. Hi, Anonymous:

    The collated data I have which are all plotted out in a big cardboard graph came from various sources, both written and oral. A big chunk of data came from the souvenir programs that resulted from several reunions of the Neri clan in Cagayan de Oro, Mis. Or.

    And to this day, I continue to receive data that I then add to the graph.

    However, the "missing links" are more important since if found, they will then tie up the entire tree, if indeed the present descendants come from the same source.

    Is it okay with you to tell us more about yourself, if indeed you can trace your lineage to the Neri clan?

  4. Anonymous2:27 AM

    Hello! Our Neri Family Tree goes back 7 generations beginning with Don Mariano Neri who migrated from Cagayan de Oro to Bohol in the early 1800's. Included in our clan are Emmanuel Neri Pelaez (my Mom's 2nd cousin) and current Phil. NEDA Secretary Romulo Neri (my Mom's brother). Would you be interested in tracing our lineage to see if there is a connection? Please let us know how we can discuss this in a private forum. Thanks!

  5. Hi, Anon:

    So you are Romy's niece/nephew. I was there during your Grandma's wake and spoke with Romy. I copied the entries in your family tree which was displayed there.

    Your mom (or aunt?) was also with us when we buried my father's last surviving sibling in Baybay, Leyte, in 2005.

    Your family (starting with your grandpa, German) was quite close to ours. Your uncle, Efren, was close to a couple of my older siblings.

    Do you have a private group where your genealogy is discussed?

  6. Anonymous3:38 AM

    Hello again! So you know my Mom, Nemy? She said you're related to Tia Nilda, in which case you must be distant cousins (although not from the Don Mariano side). My daughter found your site when she was researching on the Neri Family Tree for a historical narrative school report. Can she interview you via email as a resource person for her report? (our email: Thank you for all your help! Regards! Nenette Echevarria, Manila Philippines

  7. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Hello, alam ko matagal na ito...pero any relation to the Neri Family from Masbate.. (Claveria,Masbate)...

  8. Hi, Anon:

    If you can give me some names I might be able to cross-reference them with the names on the big graph that I keep.

    The Neri clan has scattered out, practically to the four winds. As near as Manila, to as far as Canada. Much far away from its original locus in Mindanao.

  9. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Any particular reason why the Neri's coat of arms uses david's star?

  10. Hi, Anon:

    No particular reason. As you can clearly see emblazoned across it, this image came from the site of And thus, not in any way intended for this particular family.

  11. Anonymous12:50 PM

    So it's not really Neri's coat of arms. Clicking on the image displays it in full size and is clearly entitled coat-of-arms-Neri, which does give the wrong impression to people.

    Are you promoting In any case, it might be best to leave out the image, until such time that you or another Neri can create a meaningful one.

    Just my thoughts.

  12. Welcome back, Anon:

    I shall take into consideration your suggestion about the use of the image.

    It was simply a tacit acknowledgment on my part that I did go through the site which gave what I thought was a default generic coat-of-arms, to try to search for connections to our genealogy.

    So, do you or your family have any personal connection and/or relationship and/or claim to this particular image?

    Actually, as far as my knowledge goes, our family has never had any coat-of-arms to claim. Its inclusion then was simply some unfounded whim on my part. So sorry then if its inclusion has both misled and offended you.

  13. Toy,

    I know for a fact that there's a book written by Fr. Jaime Neri ex SJ who is perhaps still in Hawaii about the Neri Family tree. It was very exhaustive and very informative to all that wishes to trace their Neri ancestry. I know that Boy Vamenta may have one of these books. I'll mention it to him when I see him or when you see him in one of your reunions.


  14. Yong:

    Fr. Jaime died sometime ago. But I was fortunate to have met him when he was still here in California, assigned in Stockton. He had a very interesting life when he stayed there, and even got sued by the Stockton bishop (Fr. Mahony who is now a cardinal). But he won his case before leaving Stockton altogether.

    I understand he now has published a book about his exploits during the last war, but not necessarily about his family's genealogy.

    Do ask BoyV what he has in terms of family genealogy.

  15. Tats,

    Happy New Year!

    I would be very interested in getting the Neri Family tree onto an online format.

    I still have the same email.


  16. Hi, Mon:

    Best wishes for the new year, too.

    Today I took out my graph, again to think how I may make duplicates of it.

    To make sure I am constantly reminded of it, I put it in the trunk of my car. Hopefully, I can get to a place that does duplication for this huge piece.

    So expect to hear from me if anything turns up.

  17. Anonymous2:49 PM

    well, hello again. no apology necessary as i did not take any offense regarding the image. simply that it may mislead others into thinking that it is our family's coat of arms and use it somewhere. that would be unfortunate as the symbols itself, while generic in nature, have a meaning of their own which may not necessarily be apparent to its users. a better idea would be to create one from scratch with your knowledge of our clan as guide. for example, perhaps sultans or chiefs of the time possessed a unique symbolism for their respective clans.

    to level the plain, i am third of five daughters to eduardo neri, eldest son of augusto f. neri and isidra p. neri.

  18. Hi, Anon, or grand-daughter of Ang Katarungan's Augusto Neri:

    Your father's and my great grandfathers were brothers, married to sisters (San Jose), so we share quite a close affinity.

    Your Finland address threw me off at first. So please tell how you have decided to reside in Finland, if you may. I cannot recall your father Eduardo but am familiar with Atty. Augusto, Jr. who is a few years younger than me. And I am very familiar with the Gomez house where the Ang Katarungan press used to be located.

    A little reunion is being planned in two locations. If I can attend, I shall bring up your idea of creating our own coat-of-arms to the assembly.

  19. Anonymous6:54 PM

    Hi, I am Cesar Neri III, My father was the late CESAR NERI JR His father (My Grandfather) was the former Chief of Police CESAR M. NERI SR. PUREZA NERI RAMOS was a sister of my grandfather all from Cagayan de Oro City. I am now in South Wales UK as my profession brought me here. I am hoping I can "see" your "Tree" Diolch!

  20. Hi Tatoy,

    One way to copy your chart would be to use the panoramic feature of a digital camera. Almost all of them have software included that lets you stitch the pics back together.

    Careful about leaving it in the trunk of your car. I heard the tailgaters on the West Coast are terrible! LOL

    Best regards from Florida,


  21. Hello, Cesar III:

    Your family tree is quite known and established, but unfortunately I still cannot connect to ours.

    I am of course very familiar with your family. Wendy N. Ramos lives quite close to us and I met your aunt Linda (?) there during one visit to her. And I know your father's siblings - Segundo, Arturo (Tuti) and Rey. Tuti was the contemporary, only a year ahead of us.

    So are you and your family now permanently residing in UK?

    BTW, the commenter Ramon here is in your branch of the genealogy. Your common great, great, great grandfather was Juan Neri(1807-1857), married to Anastacia Chaves

  22. Mon:

    I got it out of my trunk after I learned that there was not even a Kinko in Tracy.

    I'll look into the functions of my point-and-shoot camera to see if it can be done. But I really want to send like blueprint copies so the recipients can also add in details missing.

    BTW, Wendy said that she will be sending you some details of your genealogy. Your cousin Gangging Fortich is closer to you. She is in NJ.

  23. Anonymous4:06 AM

    nothing special... simply that i'm a branch of the family tree that broke off when i fell in love and ran away to finland with my better (finnish) half. that was ten years ago.

    my father was the wanderer in the family, so it's no surprise if you never had opportunity to meet or know about him.

  24. So, Anon Neri:

    Good luck in your new home in Finland. Now our genealogy truly stretches globally, from the hinterlands of Mindanao, to temperate Canada, to Scandinavia in Europe.

    Pls keep us posted. We have your welfare at heart.

  25. Anonymous4:31 PM

    My name is Maria Angelica Neri and all i remember was that my Grandfather is Ambassador Felino Neri in Japan.My father's name is Ramon Neri and the last time i saw him when i was 7yrs.old and my sister was 8 then.My father Ramon went to Ateneo as i remember cutting his picture in his yearbook.Anybody knows where he is please email me( just hope that he still alive so he can get to see us and meet his grandchildren.Thanks

  26. Hi, Maria:

    First let me greet you, hello. And I am saddened to hear about what you said about looking for your father.

    Your side of the Neri branch is quite close to ours, since we share common great grandparents.

    Your grandfather Felino and his brother Gilberto lived most of their lives in Manila. And that's where our own family got to know some of them, particularly those of Gilberto's family.

    I did meet a cousin of yours, Felino III, in our house in Daly City, CA, but I was not able to extract much information from him, except that his father was Felino, Jr.

    Hopefully other Neri's will find and read this blog entry and one of them may know the whereabouts of your father. Are you still in the Philippines and do you have your own family?

    I know that some of the children of Gilberto are also here in US. And if you happen to visit Cagayan de Oro, look for Marinela "Girlie" Velez, who is a first cousin of your father. Marinela's late mom was your grandfather's sister.

    Hope to hear from you again and please take care. We also have your welfare at heart.

  27. Anonymous12:27 AM

    Thanks you for the information that you gave me.Anyway from what my Mom told me that my father Ramon has a brother who is a Jr.and you were right about it and i there is also a sister.I am here in the U.S.since 1991 and i'm from California(Tustin).I am 38 now and has three children and my sister is 40 and has two children.I am inviting you to checkout my FRIENDSTER under Angelica Neri.Thanks

  28. Anonymous12:41 AM

    I am very thankful because Tito Ramon who has the same name as my Dad is the one helping me a lot.If you don't mind me asking what should i call you?I hope that somebody can help me and my sister to find my Dad because we are Daddy's little girls.I miss my Dad and i hope that he still alive and still remember the two daughters that he left 32yrs.ago.Thanks again

  29. Hi again, Angelica:

    First, here is more since you are in Southern CA. The last I heard, a sister of your grandfather, Dulzura Neri Docena, lives in the same area. I also have two siblings living in Carson, CA. Jose who practices medicine in Michigan but whose family still lives in Carson and Corazon Loeffler also with her family in Carson. So ask around among your Filipino or FilAm acquaintances. We have a good number of distant relatives in the area.

    You mentioned your Tito Ramon, is this Ramon of Florida who comments here? You see the name Ramon is so loved by our side of the family. Your father's great grandfather was also Ramon. My grandfather was also Ramon. My oldest brother is also Ramon, and so is a first cousin. And I know personally of at least 4 other Ramon Neris.

    I shall visit your site at Friendster and calling me Amadeo would be fine. I hope to meet you and your sister personally someday.

    Lastly, I am confident that we will be able to know the whereabouts of your father. I myself will leave for Cagayan de Oro in a month or two and I will ask Marinela if she knows.

    Till then. Good luck to everyone.

  30. Anonymous2:54 AM

    Cesar Neri III
    I hope you woudnt mind if I address you as Tito, as you are my Uncle Tuti's contemporary. Yes indeed that was Auntie Linda you met, my Father's kid sister. I guess you were born and grew up in Cagayan de Oro as well. Me and my family have settled now here in the UK. Port Talbot, South Wales. I also have a friendster account cesarneri3. I'll check out the photo you've posted. Good luck sa atin lahat.

    Anyway, one of Uncle Tuti's son Noel Neri, who still resides in Cagayan de Oro is our designated keeper of Old family photographs, old newspaper clippings, he's got like the keeper of the family's "Baul" he lives in what is now the new JR Borja extension around camaman-an, (Cronin Village - after the late Archbishop Cronin). His sister is a member of the Carmelite Nuns (camaman-an). Sister May Angelique.

    when i was a boy i am always enthralled to here of my father's stories. these has been verified over the years, one of these is your account of our genealogy. sadly only many occasions, we only met when a member of our clan passes away, like when Lola Puring (Tita Wendy's mom) passed away and so has Tito Boy. My contact number (Landline)here in Wales is 0044 1639 680650 should my assistance be needed if any of our relatives visit the UK or Wales for that matter.

  31. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Amadeo -
    You may wish to ask Father Jaime Neri, S.J. about Don Julio Neri and Dona Rafaela Neri of Mambajao, Camiguin.
    Thank you.

  32. Hi, Anon @ 9:15am:

    Unfortunately, as I gathered from relatives Fr. Jaime died a while back. Can't remember much of the details, except that he died in Hawaii. Will have to try to reconfirm.

    Anyway, the names that you mentioned are not familiar with me and are not in my expanded graph. I confess I have not really delved much on the Neri's of Camiguin, which BTW may include those who spell their names, Nery.

    But guessing from the two names, I suspect this couple are the forebears of Jesus "Dongdong" Neri, who married Paz Zamora. Dodong has a brother named Rafael who lives in Cebu. And he also has a son named Julius also living in Cebu. Dongdong was also related to former CamiguinGov. Joseling Neri.

    Would appreciate if you can provide nore names that we can then investigate.

  33. Tatoy,

    I tried to send you email and it bounced back. Please send me your current email address.



  34. Cesar III (Are you called Tito, too?):

    Was impressed to hear about what the children of Tuti are doing.

    However, your Tita Wendy's mom is still alive pushing 95 years old. Wendy is leaving in a few days to visit and celebrate her birthday. She also likes to communicate with you regarding a planned reunion of the descendants of Agripino, Sr. She needs an email address.

    Whatever photos I have are in this blog under Flickr. Just go to the home page and click on the Flickr pics.

    Will also visit your Friendster account.

    to Mon:

    just sent you my email address.

  35. Hi Tatoy,
    To update and maybe to complete your files, I do have here a copy of your "missing kins" of my Lolo LEON NERI as prepared by Fr. Jaime S. Neri S.J. when he was in Hawaii.
    I could mail you a copy. Regards.


  36. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Hi Tito Amadeo,Its me Angie just want you to know that i never heard or even reply to my email from Felino.I told Tita Methus about it because they thought we were communicating.I don't know all of a sudden Felino dissapeared like a wind and emailed him many times.As i've told him in my email that i think we should'nt be deprived of seeing my father.He knows were my Dad Ramon is but they don't want to acknowledge us.Mom told me to just stop searching for my Dad but because i'm just going to be depressed.My only question is why do we need to suffer,when we had suffered for 32yrs. searching for him.My sister and me don't deserved to be punished for the things that happened to him and my Mom.I want to thank all the Neri's for helping me and my sister searching for my Dad.I will just live it up to the LORD everything because i can't take it anymore.Angelica Neri

  37. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Its me again Tito,I have a picture of me and my sister with my Dad and also when i was baptized.Some of the pictures are in the Philippines(in a baul)at my Uncle's house.When i have time i will dig in my garage and post the pictures so nobody will doubt me.Thanks again (Gigi and Sunshine)that is our nickname.

  38. Anonymous1:57 AM

    A History of the old Families of Cagayan de Oro city, Misamis Oriental, Mindanao island
    by Antonio Gaane Faustino II y Chaloner

    Article 1: Cruz Family

    The history of the Spanish-Mestizo "Cruz" family of Cagayan de Oro started when an intrepid Spanish soldier, Don Gaspar Cruz I was born in 1858 in the city of Badajoz of the rugged Extremadura province of Spain. After enlisting in the Spanish Army(Ejercito de Espanya) in the 1870s, he arrived in the Philippines in 1875, and was stationed at Intramuros in Manila.

    In 1878, Don Gaspar Cruz I was stationed in Cagayan de Oro, and was assigned to a Hunter(Cazador) battalion known as the "Los Garbozos"(the elegant ones). During his army stint, he met a Mestiza-Spaniard, Donya Ana Garcia , the daughter of the Gobernadorcillo of Cagayan de Oro during that era by which they had a son, Antonio Cruz. After his service in the "Ejercito de Espanya"(Spanish Army), Don Gaspar Cruz I was given a land grant of 300 hectares by the Spanish crown in Pangasihan, Gingoog city, Misamis Oriental which he put to good use as a coconut plantation. He also owned a ship, the "SS Dalingding" which he used to transport goods that he sold and traded along the coastlines of Mindanao and the Visayas islands.

    During the Spanish-American War of 1898, the Spanish garrison in Cagayan de Oro after learning of the surrender of Admiral Montojo in Manila Bay decided to leave their guns and equipment with Don Gaspar , now a civilian, for safekeeping. Filipino revolutionaries in Cagayan de Oro at one point demanded that Gaspar I surrender the Spanish armoury of Cagayan de Oro, but he refused because he was instructed by Spanish authorities to give the arms only to the Americans, and he sincerely believed that the Spaniards lost to the Americans so he figured that the arms should only be turned over to the Americans. This incident became an issue later on in Cagayan de Oro history when a local historian, Mr. Bautista accused Gaspar I of being a traitor. The Cruz family nearly sued the historian for defamation because Mr. Bautista's account was based solely on the oral account of Apolinar Velez, a Cagayanon that participated in the revolution of 1898, and the Cruz' side of the story was never presented. Don Gaspar Cruz I died in Cebu city in the house of his only son, Antonio Cruz in 1930.

    Antonio Cruz went on to marry a Mestiza-Chinese, Donya Mercedez Camara y Reyes. Donya Camara's father, Don Sixto Camara, also had a native tribal consort or mistress from the Higaunon highlander tribe of Mindanao island, southern Philippines with whom he sired a son, Ricardo Camara who later on became the overall chieftain of the Higaunon highlander tribes in the 1970s. Ricardo then became known as Datu Ricardo "El Sultan" Camara, also known as "Datu Mabalao" to his Higaunon tribesmen followers. In 1977, he was kidnapped by a group of communist guerillas in the forests of Agusan Del Sur province, and he was never found again.

    The marriage of Don Antonio Cruz, and Donya Mercedes Camara produced five kids namely Mario, Carolina, Estela, Ema, Gaspar II, and Raul.

    Ema Cruz married Salvador Abiera from Antique province, and owned the 'Compania ISECOR', a shipyard and machine shop in Cebu city, Cebu province.

    Raul Cruz engaged in various businesses including the exclusive franchise to the car insurance of American servicemen at Clark Air Base, Wholesale tire retread business for Firestone Tires, and supplier of pigheart valves to an American Heart valve manufacturer. He is now retired in Australia.

    Gaspar Cruz II was engaged in various farm and food businesses, including a meat market in Cagayan de Oro, and managing the Cruz clan hacienda in Pangasihan, Gingoog city, province of Misamis Oriental. He also fought in World War II against Japanese forces as a second lieutenant at the young age of 19 years old under Colonel Ruperto Kangleon's command in Leyte island. Gaspar Cruz II, also known as 'Lolo Niting' is known for his fearlessness. In the 1980s, at the height of the communist insurgency in Mindanao when people were abandoning their farms to the communists,he stood by the family hacienda in Gingoog city. In fact, a seven(7) man communist squad tried to attack the family farm in 1985, but 'lolo Niting', and his Encargador(farm manager) fought off the communist attackers killing three(3) of the rebels. He is now enjoying his retirement years with his beautiful wife, Caesarea Garcia in San Diego, California with whom he has 8 children, Gaspar Cruz III, Francis, Miguel, Mabel, Jose, be continued.....

    Article 2: The Neri Family

    One of the ancestors of the Neri family was the famous royal chieftain of Lanao province, Datu be continued...

    Article 3: The Wilkomm Family

    The Wilkomm family patriarch was a German national who married a Mestiza-Visayan. He started a construction business that counts the Provincial Capitol of Cagayan de Oro city as one of its completed projects. He also ventured into the logging business, and bought an airplane that he used for surveying his logging interests in Mindanao be continued.....

    Article 4: The Gaane-Chaloner family

    The Chaloner family traces their origins to the royal Prince Madocryme of Wales, England whose descendants settled in Chalon, France then immigrated to the United States. To this day, the Prince' descendants now living in Montana, United States still have the royal coat of arms..... One of the Chaloner descendants, John Charles Chaloner ended up in Cagayan de Oro, and married Matilda Valdehueza....John Charles Chaloner had a cattle ranch in be continued... ....The Gaane family patriarch, Cesareo Caharian Gaane I traces his ancestry to the Indonesian island group of Mollucas. In fact, to this day, there is a Gaane district in the Mollucas island group. The district of Gaane is located in the southern tip of Halmahera island which is part of the Mollucas or Spice island group of Indonesia. It is the only place in the whole world that is called Gaane. Halmahera island is sandwiched midway between northern Sulawesi island and the western tip of Irian Jaya.(See the three maps) Interestingly, the Mollucas island group is the only area in predominantly muslim Indonesia that has a Christian majority. The Mollucas or spice islands is also the scene of ongoing violent communal fighting between Christians and Muslim Jihad groups.

    To give you an idea of how close Halmahera island is to Mindanao, the nearby big island of Sulawesi is only 18 hours by boat from General Santos city in Cotabato province, Mindanao. Travel time is much shorter now specially since Aboitiz Air Transport started operating a route between Sulawesi island and General Santos city.

    Indonesian immigration to the Philippines has been recorded historically in at least two instances. The more recent instance occurred only in the last four decades. According to a survey conducted by the Philippine Bureau of Immigration, there are currently more than 7,200 Indonesians in Mindanao who entered the country without proper documents. It was found out that many of them have lived in Mindanao for more than three decades, had married Filipino spouses and had assimilated into Philippine society. As such, many prefer to stay as legalized aliens rather than be repatriated. The largest concentration of Indonesians can be found in Saranggani Province – about 3,000 live there – while others can be found in South Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Davao City, Davao del Norte, Davao Oriental and North Cotabato.

    We also have some historical information of another much earlier instance of Indonesian immigration. During the 16th and 17th centuries, Ternate island was the most important of the Mollucas islands in Indonesia. Ternate island is right off the coast of nearby Halmahera island where the town of Gaane is also located. At that time, several of the colonizing countries of rope quarreled over their claim to get hold of the monopoly of the spice trade of the world. In 1655, however, the Spaniards had to withdraw from the Moluccas in order to concentrate their forces in Manila. This was to fortify themselves against the threatened attack of a Chinese warlord, Koxinga.

    In moving out of the Moluccas, the Spanish missionary who went with the troops took along with him some 200 Mollucan Christians, better known as Márdikas. To this band of 200 Mollucan Indonesian immigrants can be traced the origin of Chabacano or Creole Spanish in the Philippines.

    The Mollucan immigrants settled in Ermita, Manila for a short time. By 1700, The Spaniards decided to move the Mollucans to the mouth of the river of the Tagalog town of Maragondon, Cavite because they got into frequent fights with the Tagalog tribe. It is a place about 50 miles south of Manila, opposite the island of Corregidor, right at the entry of Manila Bay. The immigrants called this new settlement, Ternate, after their own homeland in the Moluccas.

    IN a 1973 study, there were 8,000 inhabitants of the town of Ternate who speak Ternatenyo, a form of Creole Spanish. It has not been ascertained if these people invented the language that they speak now or if they adapted a Spanish military pidgin or a Portuguese Pidgin brought from the Moluccas. Large numbers of Ternatenyos also moved to Cavite where they were employed in the Spanish naval shipyard. Overtime, another Spanish-Creole arose called Cavitenyo that was enriched by daily contact with Spanish sailors and soldiers. There were 5,000 Cavitenyo speakers according to a 1956 study. Both Spanish creoles are now popularly reffered to as Chabacano de Cavite.

    While, some scholars claim that the Creole-Spanish spoken currently by 800,000 Visayans and Muslims in Zamboanga developed independently, the fact remains that Cavitenyos, Ternatenyos, Mexican, and Spanish soldiers sent to Zamboanga departed from either Cavite naval base or Manila so it was inevitable that were was at least some intermixing of the two Chabacanos. Furthermore, over time, Ternatenyos did immigrate separately to the Visayas islands as well as to Mindanao, independent of any Spanish military expeditions to Zamboanga. Vicente Gaane I, the grandfather of Cesareo Gaane I, sailed to Panay then to Cebu, and finally to Cagayan de Oro in the early 1800s where he married a lady from the Neri family clan. His son, Vicente Gaane II married Pia Caharian also of Cagayan de Oro. Due to his fluency of the Spanish language, Vicente Gaane I worked for the Spanish Gobernadorcillo of Misamis in the late 19th century as a writer.

    This is the historical background of the Gaane Family clan as retold by the Gaane patriarch Cesareo Caharian Gaane I, and corroborated by his wife, Carrie Chaloner Gaane, one of the daughters of John Charles Chaloner.

    Cesareo I's eldest son was Colonel Cesareo Chaloner Gaane II who served in the Philippine Army's Scout Ranger Regiment. While stationed with the Philippine Army's "Task Force Agusan" in eastern Mindanao in the 1970s he was offered the honorary tribal chief rank of "Datu" for helping the Higaunon highlander tribes fight the communist rebels in their tribal lands.It was during this time that Colonel Gaane also met, and became a friend of the Mestizo-Higaunon highlander Datu Ricardo Camara before the good Datu was kidnapped by communist guerillas. Colonel Cesareo Gaane I later on became one of the organizers of the abortive coup attempt of Colonel Alexander Noble of the Philippine Army, and ex-Cagayan de Oro city Mayor, Reuben Canoy, to secede from the Philippines, and declare the "Independent Republic of Mindanao" in the late 1980s.....On the other hand, Cesareo Gaane's eldest daughter, Nancy Chaloner Gaane did post-graduate studies in Israel, and went on to become at one time a Training consultant for the German Government Technical Agency, Gesellschaft Technische Zusamenarbeit(GTZ), and a Physical Fitness trainor to the diplomatic community in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania, East Africa. She is also the author of the diet and nutrition book, "The Food Jungle" be continued.....

  39. Anonymous8:30 PM

    To all the Neri's thank you for all the help in searching for my Dad Ramon Mosqueda Neri.I found him and he called me that i almost collapsed while shopping at Macy's.He ask for forgiveness but i told him i don't want to talk about it and live it behind the past.He called me many times as my tears was won't stop flowing same with him and all i tell him is that I LOVE YOU DADDY VERY VERY MUCH.My Daddy is now talking to my sister who is very very mad at him but i made sure that i talk to my sister first before they do.Daddy is coming down on April 22 from New Jersey and staying for a month and introduce us to our half brothers and sisters.Tito Amadeo just let you know that my Grandma Carmen is still living 97yrs. old in Forbes Park Philippines.Dad has 3 sisters and 3 boys including him.Again to all the NERI'S thank you from the bottom of our hearts and much appreciated.Angelica/Christina Neri

  40. Hello, Angie:

    I am so glad to hear your news about your Dad. This is cause for celebration!

    I have already added the names of your Dad and Felino, Jr. to my big genealogy graph. If and when we get to meet with your Dad, I shall endeavor to ask for more details about his siblings and grandmother.

    Please tell him, all the other Neri's are so eager to meet up with him and his family. I am not wrong to say that the entire clan considers your grandfather one Neri we are all proud of. Please suggest a reunion to him when he visits you, your sister and the entire family.

    Again, this is very welcomed news.

  41. Anonymous4:50 PM

    To Amadeo, I'm Ma.Leticia(Letti) Neri Eastty, eldest of the 6 children of Ambassador Felino F.Neri,deceased & Carmen Mosquera Neri. I would love to imput the direct legal heirs of Papa beginning with his parents, Ramon Neri & Josefa Fernandez Neri,my aunts, unckes &cousins,to correct connection of the family tree.Please send your email address to to hear from you soon.

  42. Hi, Letti:

    Have just sent to your email address my message.

    Thank you for visiting and glad to know your acquaintance.

  43. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Hello Amadeo, so for the lapse in communicating w/ you, but Ross & I have been out of town & then doing a lot of "retirement errands". Will get in touch w/materials for our branch(Ambassador Felino F.& Carmen Mosquera Neri, my parents but starting w/ my paternal grandparents. Take care...Letti Neri Eastty.

  44. Anonymous7:05 PM

    From: Letti Neri Eastty, 04-02-08
    Hi Amadeo,Sorry for the lapse in communication, but we have been out of town...will continue send you correct info on Papa's(Amb. Felino F.Neri)branch of the family asap,Take care.

  45. Hi, Letti:

    No problem. Right now I am here in Cagayan de Oro attending to a lot of personal chores and business, so I'm quite busy myself.

    But will try to reconnect with relatives here, especially with Marinela Velez since this year is our 50th HS reunion.

    Enjoy your retirement trips.

  46. Anonymous11:34 PM

    Hi Tito Amadeo,My name is Ramon Bacosa Neri, Jr., son of Ramon Mosquera Neri and Lourdes Bacosa Neri, grandson of Ambassador Felino F. Neri. I am heartened to know that you are creating a genealogy of the Neri family. It would be a very fitting legacy for the future generations of this esteemed family, especially now that I have a one-and-a-half year old son who will carry on the name. I must commend you for a job well done!

    The following will provide you with some accurate information on our branch of the ambassador's family: My father, Ramon (nicknamed Tito), was the fourth child of Ambassador Neri and his wife, Carmen Mosquera of Muntinlupa (They had six children: Leticia, Felino Jr, Carmen, Ramon, Raul, and Rita). My parents, Tito and Lou, were married in 1962 and lived in San Pedro, Laguna until May of last year when my sister, Annette, petitioned them to live with her and her family in New Jersey. They have six children: Maria Carmen (born 1963) married to Leo Mella of Iloilo; Felino married to Judith Munoz from Manila(1964); Maria Isabel (1965) married to Ramon Thompson of Manila; Manuel (1966) married to Kristine Cruz of Manila; Maria Antoinette (1968) married to Johnette Tumulak of Laguna; and me, Ramon, Jr. (1971) married to Tania de la Victoria of Cebu. They now have 14 grandchildren ranging in age from 25 to 1 1/2.

    My aunt, Letti Eastty, will provide you with additional information on the other branches of the Felino Neri family.

    Good luck with this endeavor. I hope you get all the information you need.

  47. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Greetings from Florida, Ramon B. Neri!

    Your dad, Tito was a few years ahead of me at Ateneo.
    The Jesuits always used to confuse us. LOL
    Please send him my best regards.

    Ramon Araneta Neri
    Clearwater, FL

  48. First, can we Neri's agree to henceforth limit naming our offspring Ramon? It can be confusing. My grandfather was also Ramon, my father's second name was also Ramon, and his oldest son is also Ramon. A first cousin is also Ramon B. Neri, and I know of two Ramons who used to live near our old house and would sometimes mistakenly get their mails. HiHiHi.

    Anyway, to Ramon B.Jr, thanks for the added names but since my graph is left in Tracy, CA, inputting them will have to wait. Also, please confirm it is Mosquera and not Mosqueda as written in most documents. Also, hopefully you have clicked on the graph above and squinted on our particular branch which is at the bottom and toward the right.

    To Ramon A. of Florida, when you mention Ateneo you presume it to be AdeM, but for most of us that would be Ateneo de Cagayan where we went schooling. Even during my father's generation, going to AdeM was reserved for college courses, but GS and HS were done locally.

    Still, many of us share mutual Jesuit friends since all of them went through the rigodon of getting assigned in the different Ateneos.

  49. Anonymous6:57 PM

    Tito Amadeo, its Mosquera for sure, I see it in all of my dad's documents.

  50. Anonymous7:07 PM

    Tito Amadeo, the last post was from me Ramon, Jr. Thanks..

  51. Anonymous2:35 AM

    Monday, March 31, 2008 10:30 PM
    Subject: cang neri
    Message: my name is sunshine neri hill u call
    me if u have a problem with us knowing
    ramon neri your father owe us his
    whole life for neglecting us so i dont
    see why u have to tell my sis that
    dont mess with you we dont care about
    u to begin with call me 714 9315350 i
    will talk with u and your whole clan
    think twice before u say something coz
    it will bite u back remember to call .

  52. Anonymous2:37 AM

    Nobody is trying to MESS with anybody!
    If thats how you feel too BAD....We
    know who you are and we know who we
    are!!!!Just keep in mind what happened
    was not neither of
    our "CHOICE".Remember that we are all
    GOD'S children and GOD BLESS
    YOU....ANGIE "NERI".

  53. Anonymous3:30 AM

    My name is MARIA CHRISTINA NERI HILL and was BORN JANUARY 05,1968 and my sister's name is MARIA ANGELICA NERI O.Our Father's name is "RAMON (TITO,POTATO NOSE)MOSQUERA NERI".We are the other 2 LEGAL HEIR'S of the NERI'S for we have the BLOOD NERI.Our Father left us 32 yrs. ago and just about to meet him this "APRIL".In respect to my "MOTHER" who raised US and without asking any single cents from our "FATHER" i am not going to mention her name.My Mother is our "HERO" worked very hard to be in this situation were we are right now.My sister and i are both "STABLED" with evrything that we wanted BUT we worked HARD for it.Anyway when i spoked to my FATHER last week and APOLOGIZED for all the thing that we see and hear and this is what he told me "I AM SORRY AND ITS MY FAULT"...

  54. Anonymous3:51 AM

    I want to tell the CHILDREN'S of my FATHER that they were" LUCKY" because they all grow up with my Father and we didn't.My sister and i want them to know that they don't even have to ACCEPT or LIKE US because our only CONCERN is our FATHER and he is 68yrs.old with some health problems and feeling SORRY for ABANDONING US.My sister and i have FORGIVEN him because we are "BROAD MINDED "not like the OTHERS!LIFE IS TOO SHORT and all we want is to meet and see him again before we go to "HEAVEN".I hope that some PEOPLE would just spare HIM instead of making him feel BAD that would cause his death thingking that some people are very JUDGEMENTAL and doesn't even think how he feels...I don't DWELL in the PAST and IF THE GOOD LORD CAN FORGIVE,WHY CAN'T WE...I can't believed that my Father's childrens and siblings who is older than US act so IMMATURELY...

  55. Anonymous2:31 PM

    I would like to share my appreciation and respect to everyone for all the hard work of researching, communication, contribution in this site: Genealogy: the Neri Family. Kudos to you Sir Amadeo.

    On a personal note, whether we want to admit it or not ... it is comforting to know that we somehow "belong".

    It is us being human... it is a need that every single person has been striving to achieve whether it is acceptance of other children in school, being able to be a part of a click, a sense of approval from parents, a commendation and acclamation at work or reciprocation of feelings. The bottom line is we want to “belong” to someone and or to something. Emotions run high for both the “rejectee” and the rejecter. No matter how subtle the form of the rejection or omission.

    We all have our reasons why we have the need to belong and why we become sort of territorial. I do not dare assume.

    Knowing I could trace a part of my children’s genealogy, half-brother, half sister, illegitimate or not… my children share the same blood. It is a cause for celebration.

    Not everyone has the chance or is able to trace their lineage but I do not think “acceptance” will define neither my person nor my children’s person. What will define my children as a part of this lineage is what they will be able to contribute in the family name in their lifetime.

    Again, Kudos to Sir Amadeo and everyone who gave a little piece of their history! My children and I are grateful.

  56. I am assuming that Anonymous @ 2:31 PM is Ramon M. Neri. Let me state that his insightful comments are greatly welcomed and appreciated.

    And I would like to add this little revelation I had when I was also trying to trace my mother’s genealogy.

    I blogged about her genealogy here:

    When I plotted her genealogy graph I noticed that the most famous and revered member of my grandmother’s family tree, Sergio Osmena, Sr. showed only his mother, Juana or Juanita Osmena, as his parent. There was no mention of his father.

    So why did he carry the last name of his mother? When I inquired, stories differed but as far as can be pieced together reasonably given the limitations, it would appear that Sergio, Sr. was born out of wedlock. That her family did not like the errant father and worse, because he was a Chinese national. I realized easily that many relatives knew of this, but to this day, I yet have to hear from them any negative connotation about this unfortunate incident regarding his birth. Relatives remember him for the kind of person that he was and his illustrious public service to the country.

    Disclaimer: This version of his birth will have to do until somebody with authority can dispute otherwise. And I would gladly welcome such.

  57. Or one can simply click here, to get to the Osmena genealogy blog entry.


  58. Anonymous4:04 PM

    To: Ramon Araneta Neri, FL
    Fr: Letti Neri Eastty, NV
    Hi there, I am very anxious to confirm that you are a son of Salvador Neri & Jenny Araneta. He was called "Sal" among friends,but his family nickname was"Totoy".To make things more confusing, we children know of 2 "Tio Totoy" who were 2nd cousins of my father, and were both very close to the family.

    So, you were an Atenean... of the 3brothers, it was only Tito who went to Ateneo & Baguio Military Academy, the other 2 were
    La Sallites. You must have had good fun confusing the Jesuits. Hope to hear from you sometime.

  59. Hi Letty,

    Yes, My dad was Sal, and my mom is Jenny. Sal passed away in 1990. My mom is still alive and well in Manila.

    I always used to wonder why the Jesuits at ADM HS would come up to me and say "We're watching you!!; even though I had just started high school. Tito's reputation preceded me! LOL

    Next time I go to Vegas, I'll look you up.


  60. Hi, Letti:

    One Totoy Neri is Augusto F. Neri, who is a son of your grandfather's brother, Vicente. And thus would be the first cousin of your father.

    We know them in Cagayan as the publisher of the local paper, Ang katarungan.

    Is he one of them?

  61. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Fri, 04.11.08
    To: Ramon Araneta Neri
    Fr: Letti Neri Eastty
    It's wonderful to be able to connect w/Tio Totoy & Tita Jenny's family, although I have to consult w/Amadeo regarding our 2 families'connection.Are all your brothers & sisters living abroad? I know the Sanlo house was sold just like my Mom's. I remember Tita Jenny as a very beautiful & classy lady & always soft-spoken. I'm glad that she is doing well & pl extend our best wishes.

    Your Dad, on the other hand, was a great admirer of Papa; & the family greatly appreciates all the wonderful articles, about Papa's government & business accomplishments that he had written & published.

    Take care & hope you can visit us soon.

  62. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Fri, 04.11.08
    To: Amadeo
    Fr. Letti
    Thank you for clearing the confusion about my 2 "Tio Totoys".I just got off the ph w/my father's only living sibling, Tita Dulzura(Dolly)& here are more facts.

    The brothers, Ramon & Vicente Neri married 2 sisters, Josefa & Vicenta Fernandez. Ramon & Josefa were my grandparents. Vicente & Vicenta's children are; Lilia, Manuel, Soledad, Purita, Augusto & Concepcion. All married w/children except Purita, who worked for the Central Bk until retirement. Names of their spouses & children are for another chapter.

    The Katarungan was founded by my grandfather, Ramon who also was Cagayan's 1st Mayor & Congressman. My bro Felino(Boy) has a framed Neri Coat-of-Arms(part of Papa's memorabillia), but I don't remember the details. Will find out & let you know how it compares or differs fr your findings.

    While in Cagayan, you might encounter Nini Crisostomo, who is Concepcion's dau. She & my cousin Marinela(Girlie)Velez see a lot of ea other.Ross & I plan to visit Cagayan on our next trip. Incientally, on a business trip to Cagayan at one time, My dau Kela Yutuc Santos met a Neri who was also researching for the Neri geneology. She was told that Papa's family info was the one link that was missing. Could that be you? If so, I shall continue researching,for the success of your endeavor. We are all gratefull....

    Have a wonderful 50th & a safe trip home!!!!!!

  63. Hi, Letti:

    Thanks for the added names and they all tally with the ones already on the expanded graph I made.

    Indeed Concepcion or Nena Neri, married to Bernardo Hernandez, is here in Cagayan and is often seen with Girlie in social events. Learned that Girlie is still globe-trotting from a sister who meets her often.

    The coat-of-arms part is interesting. What you see on this blog entry is a generic one I swiped from a genealogy site, and thus no historical basis for the Neri's.

    Our branch (i.e., yours and mine) is among the well-documented and can trace itself all the way to the 1800's. Thus, for us what's missing is direct connection to the family christened by a friar in 1779. The other branches share the same problem, thus the overall inability to connect them all into one cohesive clan. This is true with the branch that Ramon Araneta Neri belongs, which also can trace itself all the way to the 1800's.

    In this regard, this project is quite disappointing. But the process anyway opens many avenues for us to learn about our past and relations.

  64. Hi, All:

    I have been back in Cagayan de Oro for a good two weeks, going through some construction work. And thus, going to stores for purchases.

    A local requirement here is that in the issuance of any receipt one has to either write out one's name on the OR or the seller writes it for you.

    And everytime they read the name NERI on the OR, there is almost instant recognition or familiarity with the name. Almost like everybody knows the name. It is a great feeling, plus the added bonus of extra better service because of it.

    So let's all be proud of that name heritage, which traces its origins to this part of Mindanao.

  65. Anonymous12:00 AM

    Hello Amadeo.

    Francis Neri here. I have a copy of my uncle, Fr Jaime Neri's gen book. We just need to update it. It is passe already since I got hold of it in Manila about ten or so years ago.

    Am here in in Vallejo CA. You are doing a good job. Please get in touch with me at

    Regards to all.

  66. Hi, Francis:

    Tried your email address. It bounced.

    Were you at XU and was once part of the local journalists?

    Though I believe that names the late Fr. Jaime provided are already incorporated in the expanded graph above.

    Just the same, let's look to find out.

  67. Anonymous3:28 AM

    i hate neri's.

  68. Anonymous11:21 PM

    my name's d. neri... i was there at the wake of my great great grandma, you know her, i suppose, because you said you were there too... rosario luminarias neri is her name, and we call her super lola... she died on may 29, 2005... if you were by any chance at her wake, please do contact me. i also saw that family tree and the coat of arms displayed... actually, on the final day of the wake, if you were there, you would have seen gloria macapagal arroyo herself because of tio romy... please, please, do contact me... i would appreciate it very much... my grandfather is the author of whereto, phillipines? and love your work--h l neri... please email me.

  69. Anonymous6:54 PM

    My mom is Anicia "Inday" Neri-Pacquiao. Father Jaime Neri is her brother and he died in CAgayan de Oro several years ago of heart complications. I have been in the US since 1994 and have heard of the Neri-Chavez reunions in the Philippines but never been to one. I also heard that there are reunions here in the US as well, every 2 years or something like that. Does anyone know when the next one will be? I'd like to attend one and meet relatives. Thanks.

  70. Hi, Anon @ 6:54pm:

    I am well acquainted with the siblings of the late Fr. Jaime Neri.

    For reunions or gatherings, please visit this entry every now and then and I shall try to post as update whatever new information I will be able to gather about the Neri clan and forthcoming meetings or reunions.

  71. IS anyone going to this in July?

    8th All Ateneo Convention
    in Chicago, July 3-July 6, 2008
    at the Hyatt Regency Chicago
    151 East Wacker Dr (Downtown Chicago)

  72. Hi, Mon:

    Talked with Fr. Balchand over here at Xavier U in Cagayan de Oro, and he is going to attend. And I know Roy C. Gaane, a classmate, who is quite active in this and is also going.

    Unfortunately, I am still here.

  73. Tatoy,

    I'm in touch with Fr. Balchand. We will meet in Chicago. I have previous business commitments and will barely have time to meet him. I will do my best to try to make it to one of the dinners.

    I heard Tita Flora was feeling weak these days. Please extend her our love and prayers.


  74. Hi
    I'm Mon's younger brother Boy, i found this website just searching in Google. my full name is Salvador Lorenzo A. Neri III. I'm based here in Perth, Western Australia. Do you know of any other Neri relatives here in Australia? Cookie Noble the daughter of Tita Carmen Neri Fortich who is married to a Cue from Cebu also lives here..

  75. Mon And Boy A. Neri:

    Spoke recently with Raul "Boy" N. Noble, son of your Tita Flora N. Noble, and learned that indeed she stays in bed most times due to old age. And relayed Mon's concern and prayers.

    Boy, a daughter of my late first cousin, Edgardo N. Marfori, resides in Australia with another sister. Her name is Titos A. Marfori, but is I believe married to an Australian.

  76. Boy A. Neri:

    BTW, the names you gave: Carmen Neri Fortich and Cookie Noble.

    Your Tita Flora N. Noble has a daughter nicknamed Cookie. Is she the one?

    And your aunt is Perla N. Fortich. Are you also referring to the same person?

  77. Anonymous9:13 AM

    hello everyone! i thank God i found you all in this blog of our dearest brethren who made the effort to unite the NERI FAMILY. well i tell you sooner or later with due commitment and cooperation will link all the broken lines into one. i am denver,son of vicente luis fernadez neri, great great grandson of the first mayor of CDO tirso neri, i am very much willing to help connect all the missing lines. please do email me at i am very mych glad to hear you all soon.

  78. DENVER NERI8:25 AM

    denver neri to tito amadeo
    06-26-08 ; 12.05 am

    i read the sad life story of angelica and sunshine thru your blog.
    and i firmly belied that my story (problem) would also be given due solution.
    To begin with, i am denver estopil neri residing at amber st., gusa, cagayan de oro city. i have an older brother named cesar neri. according to our mother our father was luis fernandez neri.
    my father affidavit showed that he changed his name in to vicente luis fernandez neri.

    for the sake of truth, unfortunately, we were the second family of vicentte luis neri, our father. so we were born out of wedlock. according to my maternal relatives my father died of lung cancer on the year 1984. frankly i dont believe them. i still hoped that my father who is now about 70 or more years lives.

    in this light, i am soliciting from you kind heart a favor to inform our clan about the whereabouts of my father vicente luis.



  79. Hi, Denver:

    Good to hear from you again. And we definitely emphatize with your plight.

    Though we all risk having to excavate old wounds and hurts, you do have the right to seek answers to your questions, though there is the possibility that the ones concerned may not want to reveal the answers to you.

    Thru this comment you have made public your request for knowing your past.

    And I shall in my own small and subtle ways try to help you in the process.

    Gusa is no more than 5kms from where I live now until a month or so.

    Keep visiting this blog entry. Or you may receive some info through your email account.

    Good luck!

  80. DENVER NERI7:05 AM

    denver to tito amadeo
    6-26-08 ;10:32pm

    Hello tito :

    Your response has given light to my hope in solving my problem. How i wish that every keen, simblings and all the people near or distant relatives of my father will in one way or the other will voluntarily offer some of their time in my quest for my father.

    Tito, if it is not too much, and when you have time please call me at my office this no. 856-1272 local 280 or text 0916-4147-154. i will be very happy to chat with you. or you can just leave your contact no. to my cel no. written above so that i will be the one to contact you.

    Thanks tito and Gobless.

  81. Anonymous8:51 AM


    Do you have an email address?

  82. DENVER NERI5:53 AM

    my email ad is

    Thank you!

  83. Anonymous3:17 AM

    Hi Denver,I know how you feel and all i can say is be strong and be prepared for the worst thing that you will encounter like reading and hearing different comments.My advice for you is fight for your RIGHTS and as i've said before this were not our choice and no one has the right to butt into your business except for the people that wants to help you search for your father.Denver God is watching us and believe me somebody or someone will help you to find your father no matter what and don't let anyone step on you.Don't listen to what you hear and read and don't get affected because it is your right to know and meet your father.You can email me( will be praying for you and remember that your only concerned is your father nothing else and you know what i mean...Take care and you in good hands with Tito Amadeo and the rest of the Neri's.Angelica Neri

  84. DENVER NERI4:55 AM

    thanks for your advice angie. you know ive read some but not all comments from and for you in this blog. thats the reason why i am following your footstep now. who knows i might really met my father. if it is true that he is already dead. then a picture will do. but if he really dont want to meet nor talk to me otherwise. i am just hopeful to see him in a picture. some of my aunt here told me that i am a " carbon copy" to my father. you might have seen my father before. so pls. do view my friendster account, when you are at friendster just search prince_tomme. so that you can have your own view or comparison for my father and me. and i will believe in you for sure. ohh before i forgot. my email account under has just been in trouble. you can divert all of your mails to my 2nd account to

    Thanks so much for all of your concerned i will treasure it forever in my life. hope to hear from all of you soon.

  85. DENVER NERI5:12 AM

    Tito amadeo or shall i call you tito deo for short? if it is ok.

    Tito i am planning to get a copy of my father's birth certif (BC)at NSO here in our place-Gusa. i will then have it scanned and sent it to via email so that you can help me trace our branch. also, i will scanned my BC so that some interested parties who are currently reading your blog.

    ive read in the upper portion of this blogs, some of our dearest relative have some question regarding the NERI's coath of arms. if you need some volunteers to craft the new design of the NERI'S COAT OF ARMS then count me IN. I will visiting this site from now on.


  86. Denver

    I've sent you a link. Check your email.

    Mon Neri

  87. Hi, Denver:

    Will try to call you when I get the chance. And you may send to my email account whatever document you feel may help in locating your long-lost dad.

    As I stay longer in this city, the more I am learning about the abundance of Neri descendants in this our fair hometown. I find them even among the prospective tenants who call me to inquire and look into the building which we are trying to lease out.

    Again when I volunteer my last name to any store clerk issuing a receipt, the typical response has been whether I am related to some Neris that he/she knows in some district of the city.

    Thus, tracing lineage has been a daunting task, but a bit rewarding, too.

  88. Hi Angelica/Christina,

    Did you guys went to Lycee D St. Cyr, Paranaque? I was with sisters Neri same batch.. same names... from this blog i tried your friendster but can't find a 38yrs old christina or angelica neri.

    or maybe just coincidence... if you are not just ignore this comment then...

    -miljo Lycee D St. Cyr HS alumni '

  89. Anonymous3:42 PM

    This is Angelica and we are from Batch 1986.My sister Christina was supposedly 1 year ahead from me but she was very very sick when she was 8yrs. old so she had to stopped 1 year.What is your name and are you a Neri too?.By the way i am 39 now and my sister is 40.My friendster is Angelica/Happy Neri.

  90. DENVER NERI7:17 AM

    hi angelica. pls pardon me if your testimony does not address to me. However, if it is for me.. then im very much glad to answer your queries.

    i am denver estopil neri of 11 amber gusa, cagayan de oro city. i am going to be 32 yo this july 26. i am happily married to christine maonio-neri. she is about to be 4months pregnant now-our first child since 2004. tomorrow will be our 4th year wedding anniversarry. I PRAISE AND THANK GOD for these. i am now working at a cooperative in Capitol University. i was also teaching in computerized accounting subject in the same university. i have one brother his name is cesar. he is a year older than me. we were born with out the care of a father. like me he longed for a father. in fact, he is more affected with our situation than me. i mean we have grown up with out a father, not like every body else, specially when we're at school. for these reasons he had acquired the habbit of drunkiness due to frustrations in life. He is now in butuan, looking for a greener pasture. I am sincerely missed him because he is my only brother and i am willing to do everything just to find our father. even if i will be in shame or whatever circumstances waiting for us, still i will... for now i am preparing my statement-my whole and detailed life story with my dearest brother. which will be going to be posted at this blog of tito amadeo soon. Thanks for reading. May the Almighty God in heaven Blessed Us and give us Health in the days of our lives.

  91. Anonymous3:07 AM

    Who is "Agripino Neri"? i only know minute details about him as a father of my late grandma. did he have major achievements here in CdeO? does anyone have a picture of him?

    i didnt know this is the coat of arms of the neri clan. what i saw before was the sarimanok.

    by the way, im dawn violet, grand daughter of violeta joaquin y neri, daughter og agripino neri.

  92. Hi, Dawn Violet:


    First, there was an Agripino, Sr. and his son, Agripino, Jr. And you will find this connection if you enlarge the graphic above showing the extended Neri tree.

    Since you are a Joaquin, I assume your forebears are from Umalag, Baloy, of Cagayan de Oro.

    You will find in that graph, who your close relatives are and thus, will be able to direct your questions about Agripino to them.

    Good luck!

  93. Prince5:05 PM

    Greeting Uncle Tatoy !

    Boredom here at my office have caused me to wander off the internet's vast unknown territory.

    Along the way, I happened to stumble upon this great site. It seems you have been extremely busy in this medium.

    I truly enjoyed reading your blog. Somehow it got me remembering and re-living the past vividly.

    Its awesome to know that, the Neri clan now has a home in this digital vastland or as some would say "digital wasteland".

    Keep up this great work and you can be rest assured that I plan to visit this site again.

    Your Nephew !

    P. Loeffler
    Shugyokan Shorin Ryu dojo

  94. Hello, Prince:

    Surprised to hear from you. I am still here in Cagayan de Oro, already into my 5th month. I leave on the 14th for Tracy.

    Hoping that your martial arts school continues to thrive.

    Thanks for visiting and do visit often.

  95. Prince10:13 AM

    Thank you for the kind words regarding my school Uncle Tatoy.

    While I applaud the work and contents you have done for this site. There is one particular complaint I have.

    There is never seem anything extensive regarding "our" particular clan.

    Its just unfortunate that Grandpa passed away while I was extremely young and my mom ( grandma included) would give small tidbits about him.

    I hear many good stories about his achievement, but nothing about how he lived or died ? His accomplisments, his mannerism, his talents...etc

    In fairness, I seem to know more about my grandfather on my dad's side and nothing on mom's side.

    It would be great to have a bio on the "man" himself.

    Thanks !

  96. Prince

    Welcome to the blog!

    I share your passion for Aikido and Karate, but have to 'retire' due to some injuries.

    May your dojo prosper.

    Mon Neri
    Clearwater, FL

  97. prince3:43 PM

    Thanks for welcome Mr. Mon Neri. We really don't retire from budo, we just end up opening a dojo and teaching ~smile~

    Forgive me for not knowing. I am curious to know how you an I are related ?

    Thanks again !

  98. Prince,

    I'm in the top right corner of the chart.


  99. Prince:

    Indeed this blog entry is intended to look at the big picture, trying to tie together all the loose ends of this huge Neri genealogy that to this day remains fragmented.

    There will be a proper time for dealing with the details of each of our personal twig of this tree, documenting what one knows about one's immediate ancestors and trying to make everybody share their own remembrances of common ancestors.

    Till then, let's focus on how to piece together this familial quilt.

  100. Anonymous8:32 PM

    good trace of neri's clan... but i did not see the siblings of agripino chavez neri who was married to ignacia jacutin.. Their siblings were Agripino neri, Jr.,Gracia Neri Imperio, Estela Maria Neri, Emma Neri, Violeta Neri Joaquin. All are from Baloy Cagayan de Oro City.
    Estela Neri only son is Mario Neri married to marilyn Neri, and his siblings, Ma. Estela Lucena M. Neri, Ma. Paula Fredirika M. Neri and Mario Alejandro Jacinto M. Neri.

    We belong to Agripino Chavez Neri

  101. Hi, Anon (@8:32PM):

    Thanks for additing more names.

    You see, Agripino Sr. had two wives, Tranquilina Bautista and Ignacia Jacutin.

    The names of the siblings you added are those with Ignacia Jacutin, except for Agripino Jr who is listed as being a son of Tranquilina.

    So which is which?

    Do you have any confirmation with regard to your list of siblings?

    Would be glad to have this matter clarified.

  102. Hi, Anon (@8:32PM):

    just got confirmation from one relative in your same branch, Wendy Ramos.

    Agripino Jr came with the union of Agripino Sr with T. Baustista.

    You missed mentioning Godofredo as a son born out of the union of Agripino Sr with Ignacia Jacutin.

  103. I regret to announce the passing of my brother, Antonio Araneta Neri, third son of Salvador F. Neri and Jenny Araneta Neri on September 11, 2008 in Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines.
    Antonio suffered a stroke on September 5 and never recovered.

    Mon Neri

  104. Our condolences to Mon, his family, and siblings. May Antonio rest in the peace of Lord.

  105. Hi Amadeo
    Would like to exchange notes with you regarding Neri bloodline. Seems my daughter residing in Finland has already read your blog.

  106. Hi, Ed:

    Indeed your daughter in Finland has seen this blog. And it is a good idea to exchange notes on this.

    So where are you residing now? I plan to get back to Cagayan de Oro before November of this year and will plan to bring my extended Neri Family graph so I could have it blueprinted there. And copies to be distributed among those interested.

  107. Hi Amadeo
    Please email me at
    I am the eldest and an elder brother of Augusto "Titot" Neri Jr. I left CDO after high school to study and have been living in different parts of the Philippines as I pursued my career. Titot is more known in CDO than me. I now live in Pasig.
    Ed Neri

  108. Okay, Ed, will do.

    Yes, your lawyer brod, Titot Jr., is more known in CDO having followed the footsteps of your father.

    In the meantime, above all these comments is the extended graph that I made. Our branch, the Neri San Jose, is at the bottom and moving to the right.

    Here's a on-line newsblog that will keep you abreast with CDO events and operated by Ed Montalvan:

    Titot's pic is in the most current post.

  109. Hi Amadeo
    It seems that the hispanization of Pilipino names came about formally sometime in November 21, 1846 when the Governor General Narciso Claveria ordered the change of names from a list in the book called "Catalogo Alfabetico de Apellidos". With this date in mind, was our Neri family name adopted around this time?

  110. Hi, Ed:

    You raise a very interesting question about our name itself.

    But factor this in. Neri does not look like a Spanish name, but more Italian like the Italian saint, Bishop. Philip Neri.

    Thus this in itself is a mystery. Why a Spanish friar christening Moro natives into Christianity would instead use an Italian last name? Except maybe that he was a great devotee of St. P. Neri who was quite renowned.

    And our name was supposedly given in 1779 when the datu and his family were baptized.

  111. Hi Amadeo
    If a Spanish frian gave the family name Neri to the Sampurnas in 1779,
    then it pre-dates the Gov Gen Claveria's edict by 67 years.
    I remember my father, the late Augusto "Totoy" F. Neri, son of Vicente
    Neri y San Jose, mentioning to me that before the war, a group of
    Maranao visited the family house of Vicente Neri (who at that time was
    the governor of Misamis province) and recited to him the Sampurna
    family line tracing our ancestry from the Sampurnas to Vicente Neri.
    It would interesting if somehow we can connect with Sampurnas from
    Lanao del Sur who may be able to help connect the lines through their
    oral tracing of family ties. I remember that VP Maning Pelaez was
    invested with the title of Datu Sampurna primarily because of his Neri
    Ed Neri

  112. Ed,

    If your read through the latest update, that would be on the top of this blog entry, you will see some insights into the present whereabouts of the Sampurna family in Lanao.

    As a kid I too witnessed visits to my father's law office in the house, from Samporna Moslems dressed in their traditional garb. I am even recall a trip my father, including me as his assistant carrying his portfolio, made to Dansalan City (now Marawi)to represent a Moslem in a court case.

  113. Hi Amadeo
    Reading some articles on Maranaw culture, one tradition is the oral recital of a family's genealogy through the tarsila. If somebody in the house of Sampurna still follow this tradition and put this on paper or digital record, it would be a tremendous source of reference tracing our family tree. We have to note that our original family name of Sampurna (Samporna or Sampoerna) is a sanskrit work meaning perfect. We could possibly trace our ancestry as far back as India.
    Ed Neri

  114. Interesting info, Ed:

    I suppose if oral history or tradition is still in practice among the current generation of Sampornas in Lanao we might be able to integrate our tree all the way to 1779. Remember we are missing about 30 years for which we cannot account for any names and relationships before reaching 1779.

    My younger sister related to me a coming together of the Christian and Muslim branches of the Samporna family after the escape of the son of the late Maning Pelaez from captivity. The event was hosted by the Muslim Sampornas.

    The attendees to that event could be a good source for more ancient history of the family.

  115. Anonymous9:10 AM

    hello all. i belong to the Neri clan in Camiguin. My great great grandmother is Esperanza Nery y Neri. She is the mother of my Tito Joselito "Seling" Neri the last great governor of Camiguin. Tito Selings sister is Lola Ying Neri Y Navarro. She is my mothers mother. Not to mention my most favorite Consolacion "Mama Ling" Neri may her soul rest in peace. I scanned the family tree but could not locate the Camiguin Neri's - would someone be so kind in guiding me how we are all linked? Thanks and looking forward. My email is

    Teddy Delfin

  116. Hi, Teddy:

    Welcome to the forum, of kins and kindred souls.

    There is part of a graph on this same blog entry that traces the Neri's of Bohol and makes mention of some Neri's originating from Camiguin (such as that of Jesus "Dongdong" Neri and his brother, Rafaelito). See if they can be tied up with your branch of the clan.

    I remember Gov. Joseling Neri.

  117. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Hi Amadeo - Thanks for this blogs.
    How do i connect Mariano/Ambrosia to the main chart? I have also been in contact with Ed Neri who has been kind to share what he knows.


  118. Ted:

    Unfortunately, that is the challenge, how to integrate these loose branches into one tree. But it should help you to know that Mariano/Ambrosia branch was derived from data provided by current SSS Adm. Romulo L. Neri and his siblings.

    Good luck!

    We should be able to take it up from there.

  119. AL Neri11:40 PM

    My branch of the Neri's family comes from the Vicente Neri & Ciriaca Velez Clan..which is shown on the branch trees shown on this website. Some of the names that are being mentioned here I am familiar with. Example: Ambass. Felino Neri..He came to Cagayan & came to visit my father, Virgilio Velez Neri. Our uncle Maning Pelaez used to come to the house too & with Oloy Roa..
    I was in my teens then..It seems so long ago...but still fresh in my memories...

    thanks for putting this site for all the cousins wherever they are can make comments of their family trees.


  120. Hi, AL:

    Thanks for visiting and making your comment.

    So you are one of the sons of the late Virgilio V. Neri of Carmen and Irma N. Siao is your elder sister.

    But note that the ancestry of Maning Pelaez's wife Edith Fabella is that of Agrifino Neri, Sr. and Tranquilina Bautista. And as early as the 1800s that branch has not yet joined with yours or ours.

    Thus as far as the known genealogy goes, we may simply be sharing the same last name, but not necessarily related. Thus, it is imperative we try to learn more so we can know if we really are related or not.

    The mother of Maning Peleaz was also a Neri named Felipa, but she originated from Bohol and was of the same branch as that of SSS head, Romulo L. Neri. And to date we still cannot tie up that branch with any of the Neri branches in Mindanao.

    We do not even have the branch from whence Oloy Neri Roa came from.

    We need a lot more research to complete our genealogy all the way back to 1779.

  121. Hi Al
    I have met your brother Boy and sister Irma. Your sister Irma is married to Bobo Siao who is the younger brother of the husband of my wife's elder sister. My wife's elder sister is Dennie and married to James Siao. How's that for a connection.
    Ed Neri

  122. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Hi Amadeo,
    I may be able to contribute a branch to the tree. Let me have your email so i can attach what i have. Thanks


  123. Anonymous6:30 AM

    hi!!! sir amadeo i'm ande nagac from cagayan de oro. i'm very happy to see the family tree of neri. it's because i'm tracing back my ancestors and i found this website just lust april 2008. my great-great-grandfather was casiano neri married to solita zeverina. and i don't know how they're related with yours..the line is from my father's mother the late manuela mabulay neri, my father is nestor neri nagac, his grandfather was simplicio neri the 1st son of casiano neri and solita zeverina. i knew the story of my great-great-grandfather (casiano) he was a local hero during the philippine-american war in 1899-1900. he died in stubbed wounds...i hope i can connect it in the future...i have my family tree list...

  124. Hi, Ande:

    The names of your ancestors that you provided are quite unfamiliar with me (Casiano, etc.)but since one of them lived thru the Phil-American war then he shared the same generation as that of my great grandfather.

    Look then at the extended graph above and see if you can recognize any of the names mentioned in that generation.

    If not, please ask for names of even older ancestors that may still be known by any of your relatives.

    BTW, I knew a Nagac family who lived in our same neighborhood around the Del Mar-Victoria area in Cagayan de Oro (now renamed, A. Velez and Hayes streets).

    Good luck and hoping to meet up with you one of these days.

    Just to show how plentiful and pervasive our last name is even in Cagayan de Oro, last week I met a young man for the first time named Rosendo Neri, Jr. who started working with one of the tenants of our building here. And again, I did not recognize any of the names he mentioned to try to connect.

  125. Anonymous6:00 AM

    sir amadeo good day!
    my father grew up in kauswagan, cdo and as i know it's where the "nagac" originally lived, until at present.
    casiano neri had a brother named crisanto, who died during the phil-am war, he also had a sister named narcisa. and as i can recall my grandmother(manuela)said that casiano's father, named she could not remember, married twice and she firmly said to me that the branch of Graciano Neri's sons and daughters, where Paz, Ramon, Faustino and others belonged were first degree cousins to her grandfather casiano. i already saw your family tree and i didn't know where casiano belonged to. i hope to visit in your little bakery by next week, i think its along the old chino del igua (chinese building) or on the next street. i want to see in person the family tree you made. i already visited the pelaez-golez museum, at liceo de cagayan university but i didn't know where's the branch for casiano belonged, because they have a family tree upstairs, and i hope to obtain old great-great-grandparents pictures if its possible. i hope to see you in person sir, and thanks for the information you provided for us, and like me a "researcher".

  126. Hi, Ande:

    The original graph is now in the building, though it still hangs in the roof deck for lack of space in the bakery.

    BTW, the late fellow Cagayanon Lyra del Castillo wrote a book, entitled Unfolding of a City, about our city. Many Neri's are mentioned, among them a Casiano Neri who died in action dutring the Battle of Cagayan and is now listed as one of the heroes of that battle. Remember there was a local street named Heroes de Cagayan.

    Those interested can secure it, like I did, in the office of her lawyer son along Pabayo Street before reaching Tomas Saco Street.

    Additionally, if Casiano was also related to my ancestors, then we can flesh out with some more names the branch where we find ourselves.

    Ochie Pelaez Golez has planned for a book about her father and thus the genealogy will be of critical importance to her, too. Did not know though that she keeps a family tree inside that museum which used to their home and where we cousins visited in many occasions in the past when her parents were still with us.

  127. Hi
    The father of Graciano Neri was Salvador Neri married to a Coronado (see chart). Graciano married Dominga San Jose. They had 8 children some of them named Ramon, Paz that you mention. If they were If they were first cousins to the grandfather Casiano, it if possible that the line can be traced to one of the sibling of Salvador Neri. The children of Salvador Neri are Genaro, Graciano, Merced, Pedro and Ramon.
    If you can connect the forefathers to any to this, then you are in the line of Salvador Neri.
    Ed Neri

  128. Ed:

    A little clarification. We have no information that Merced Neri and Genaro Neri were siblings and came from Salvador Neri.

    You will note in the graph that there are no lines connecting them back to Salvador. We know only that they belong in that generation from a simple deduction starting with the later generations.

  129. Anonymous3:12 AM

    sir amadeo good day!!
    casiano neri my great-great granpa is mentioned in the book of the late Fr. Francisco Demetrio, SJ. entitled The Local Historical Sources of Northern Mindanao, edited 1995. it's here that i first found his name. he died in action during the battle of cagayan in april 7, 1900. sir and ed, every may 3, we have our reunion of casiano neri clan held at sta. cruz bayabas, cdo. i also came along the geneaology of lyra del castillo last year, it was about the daomilas. it was because i saw a line of my great-great grandfather, ubaldo abejuela, from my mother's maternal grandfather,where she provided my aunt with a photocopy to farther connect our line with hers. maybe one of these days i can visit to her son's office, maybe it's beside poveda boarding house. the neri tree in pelaez-golez house is located in their old house upstairs, and as i noticed graciano was the son of juan and not of salvador, maybe it was already changed by this time, i saw it last 2003. sir your bakery is at the exact corner or just beside where there's an old house near the bank?
    sir i noticed these names from fr. demetrio's book : maj. ramon neri linan, matias neri, sgt. saturnino neri, anastacio neri, policarpio neri, agripino neri y bautista, lieut. bernardo neri, tomas neri, vicente and ramon neri,and lastly maybe we are related because of abejuela, ramon neri abejuela. maybe you have some information about them.
    thanks sir!

    good day ed!
    thanks for the info, but as of the moment i'm confuse where to locate my great-great-grandpa, maybe sometime as things will get clearer some links will be made.

  130. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Hello , I've read your article few days ago. I certainly like it because you were able to trace the origin of my family's descendants. I am a Samporna . My family name is Samporna . I worked and lived in CDO for 18 years before I came here in the US with my family. I worked at Xavier University Grade School for 18 years.I am very glad that you were able to post it here.

  131. Welcome to the newest visitor to this blog entry, a Samporna. I, too, was connected with XU at some point as a teacher in HS and college. Please keep visiting.

    Ande, keep researching and we may find the missing links that will eventually make our tree a whole.

  132. To Mr. Samporna
    It is good to know a Samporna. We would like to explore with you the connections. Please email me at
    Ed Neri

  133. Anonymous5:30 AM

    sir amadeo good day!!!
    i am finished with my own family tree because the only link to the past was only my late grandmother, manuela and nothing else except for some names i found in the books, at maam ochie's museum house and yours.
    the most complete list that i found yet was this tree that you made. and i hope in the near future i can make any connections with the other neris' and create a whole family tree from the past up to present.
    welcome here our new guest a samporna! maybe we can link to the farthest family ancestors of ours where neri originally come from..

  134. Indeed, Ande:

    Keep your spirits and resolve up. We may still be able to tie all these loose ends into one joined tree.

  135. My mom, Mrs. Jenny Araneta Neri, wife of the late Salvador Fernandez Neri, passed away at the Makati Medical Center, December 12, 2008.
    Funeral mass and internment will be at St James the Great in Alabang on Sunday the 14th at 930am.

    Mon Neri

  136. let's all extend our condolences to Mon's mon, a beloved member of our very extended Neri family.

    May she rest in the peace of our Lord.

  137. hello my lola is from the neri-casiño family in cagayan de u have any information about this? im curious to see what my heritage is..thanks

  138. oh and Fr. Jaime Neri is my grand uncle. my lola's brother :)

  139. (tito) amadeo, perhaps you could create some kind of online group eg. facebook for the neri family..

  140. Hi, Andrea:

    Welcome to the site.

    Yes, your lineage is easy to trace.

    Your grandmother and the late Fr. Jaime Neri were two of ten children of the Sps. Ramon Neri and Esperanza Casino. Ramon in turn was one son among 7 children of Sps. Vicente Neri and Ciriaca Velez. And lastly, Vicente was one among 4 children of Leon Neri.

    These are all listed on the extended graph above this comments section.

  141. ...So may I suggest
    The secret of Christmas
    Is not the things you do at Christmas time
    But the Christmas things you do
    All year through,...(Bing Crosby)

    Merry Christmas to all Neris worlwide!


  142. Hi Ramon
    I have been reading the comments. Would appreciate if we could exchange some notes on the family tree. Email me at
    Ed Neri

  143. Anonymous2:55 AM

    good day and hello
    happy new year to all the neri's worldwide specially here in cagayan de oro and to sir amadeo whom i made 2 visits at their building! may God bless us all this coming new year and beyond...
    i would like to ask if anyone has a book entitled,Neri-Chaves First Grand Reunion Souvenir Program and Genealogy held on October 30-31, 1985, and inside written, The Neri-Chaves family of Cagayan de Oro City Its Origins and Genealogy. this book by Thaddeus A. Bautista and edited by Manuel A. Roa, Jr, Waldo A. Roa and Pureza N. Ramos.
    i would like to photocopy this book if be given a chance because there's more to take notes in this book. if anyone reads this blog and has the kind heart to lend it to me so that i can photocopy it, you can contact me by these numbers :tel.(o8822)737651 or cel.0906-7600558
    thank you very much,

  144. Hi Anonymous
    I have a copy of the First Grand Re-union of the Neri-Chaves clan. Please email me at

    Ed Neri

  145. Hello Mr. Amadeo-
    I am not a Neri but am very interested in Fr. Jaime's book about the war. I would love to know its title and where a copy can be had. You see, I am the grandniece of Fr. Pablo Guzman also formerly of the SJ. If I am right about Fr. Jaime's identity, he was my grand-uncle's companion in their exploits saving imprisoned SJ's and other Americans during the occupation. Aside from Fr. Dela Costa, Fr. Neri and my grand-uncle- Fr. Guzman, were awarded the Truman Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1946- the highest civilian honor in WWII. I have a picture in my family genealogy site: Medal of Freedom
    I believe it is Fr. Neri on the left whose medal is being pointed out. It is my grand-uncle Pablo on the right. They were very close to Fr. Dela Costa.
    I have felt sad that only Fr. Dela Costa's exploits have been lauded while theirs has largely gone unnoticed. I would really like to see their names on the Wall of Heroes(?) a memorial they have at the Ateneo in Loyola heights, QC if they have not been included yet.
    So, do I have the right Fr. Neri? Feel free to copy the photo for your family website if he is the one. Even if not, I would really appreciate reading Fr. Jaime's book just in case Fr. Pablo was mentioned.
    Good luck- you have a great family website!
    Des Alba

  146. Hi, Des:

    Interesting info you provided about your grand-uncle.

    Unfortunately I have neither seen Mr. Jaime's book nor do I know the title. I cannot even say that your old picture shows that of Mr. Jaime. The recollection I can remember of him was that of an old man already.

    Anyway, one possible source for the book is Boy Neri Vamenta who lives in NY. He would be a closer relative of Fr. Jaime than me. And he does visit this blog entry on occasion. Let us hope he visits soon, if not I shall try to communicate with him through one of our egroups.

  147. Hi Amadeo
    I came across a web site made by Jessie Neri of Canada. He mentioned that his father got some documents from Fr. Jaime Neri. His father was named Ramon V. Neri. I have tried to email him using that site but he has not yet replied.

  148. Hi, Ed:
    Have visited that site sometime in the past and may have gotten a couple of names there included in the extended graph.

    Anyway, have written to Cipriano Neri Vamenta III and he promised to send me some info on Fr. Jaime Neri once he gets back to NY.

  149. Anonymous3:41 AM

    hello to everyone,
    i'm the one who wants to ask if somebody has a book of the NERI-CHAVES first grand reunion and souvenir program and genealogy held october 30-31, 1985. aside from my telephone and cellphone numbers you can email me at :
    hope someone will notice this blog.

  150. Fr. Jaime Neri was my mother's cousin. He was a Jesuit preist who helped to rescue many American soldiers in the Japanese occupation of WWII. He was captured and imprisoned by the Japanese as a spy but escaped. He died 10 years ago in Stockton but left my mother (Virginia Neri-Rhoads) all his personal manuscripts. This was turned into a book and independently published.
    If anyone knows how I can track down some WWII American veterans who were helped and saved by Fr. Jaime Neri, please contact me at:

  151. Hi, P. Rhoads:

    Indeed your mother and Fr. Jaime were first cousins, their fathers (Filomeno and Ramon) being siblings.

    If the war memoirs of Fr. Jaime were collated and published into a book, where do we go to secure copies? And the book's title?

    You may note from the above comments that certain parties are interested about the book.

  152. It just entitled: World War II Manuscript of Fr. Jaime S. Neri, SJ
    The address of the publisher is:
    K International Publications
    2746 West Covina, CA 91792
    This is a very recent publication and my mother wrote the forward. I've started reading it and it's incredible with of all his experiences unedited. Again, if anyone out there has any other information or any WWII veterans with personal experiences or grandparents with experiences with Fr. Jaime Neri, please contact me.

  153. Hello again Amadeo-
    Your messages have made some quick responses for me. Thanks you so much!
    I am now in touch with Phillip and will keep you posted on what results from our communications about Fr. Neri.
    Have a good New Year!

  154. Hi, All:

    the email address (corrected) furnished by P. Rhoads above is that of our classmate, Roy C. Gaane, and I just got confirmation from him that indeed copies of the book are available.

    His corrected email add:

  155. I think I met Roy at the All Ateneo Convention in Chicago last July.


  156. Mon:

    You probably met Roy since he is quite active in those conventions.

    BTW, he was also with us here in Cagayan this last December for our HS reunion.

  157. Anonymous4:26 AM

    Sir Amadeo,
    Good day! I email the family tree that I've prepared to Sir Ed. It's a two part one: from my father's side and my mother's side. It's because I email him the initial info that I have in relation to the neris both from my parents and also he said that he's currently creating a software for the whole neri family.
    I also ask him a favor if it's possible that he can extend me a name of a neri who own that NERI-CHAVES book so that I can have it photocopy. For me it's very different to have your own genealogy book, which has created a history of a family, a city and as well as individual accomplishments.

  158. First of all, happy lunar new year to all. And sir Amadeo you got a great blog here. i first browsed upon this great stuff sept of last year but just got some time to post my appreciation of your work right now. Also this imbued me to trace widely both my patrilineal and matrilineal descents, and i have just started this free familytree site and please try to visit (accesscode: tin-ao) my mother is Esperanza Calamayan Neri (fraternal twin bro Ramon C. Neri,III) they are named after their grandparents Ramon Velez Neri and Esperanza Martinez Casiño. my uncle Francis C. Neri had posted a comment here much earlier. My grandpa the late Fidencio C. Neri, Sr. is Fr. Jaime "Samporna" Neri's brother. i will appreciate some help for my site. More power sir Amadeo!

    For Des Alba;
    Hi, my uncle Francis C. Neri said that it was indeed Rev.Fr Jaime Neri SJ in the photo you have shared. i met loloPari as we cousins addressed the late Fr. Jaime Neri some 35 years ago and i cant quite figure out how he look back then. anyhow, muchos gracias!
    my email address;

  159. Hi, Nerioblea:

    Thanks for visiting. When I was still working in Cagayan de Oro, Ramon III was with DBP, Fide, Jr. with the local Central Bank unit, and I was manager of the local Metrobank branch.

    Last I heard Fide Jr. is still somewhere in the West Coast, Washington maybe. And I heard from a cousin that Ramon III is still in CDO but retired.

    Will visit your site.

  160. Anonymous2:38 AM

    elo, im from the estabas-neri. from ozamis my grandfathers name is narciso estabas neri brother of agustin neri, father of colonel ramon roa neri of bulua cagayan de oro. do you think where part of the sampurna clan? can you give me a short list directing us to them? email is (my real name is luke vincent amigo neri, fathers name is eros narciso banluta neri) god bless, more power!

  161. Anonymous2:47 AM

    if this ramon you mentioned is the one in the military then i sadly inform you that he already passed away last year.
    i have several uncles now living in the states they are bobby, sabu junior and joseph all brothers. son s of the late loloy estabas neri brother of genoveva neri pambuena of suAREZ iligan city.

  162. Luke:

    Glad you found this site. What we know so far about the Neri clan is more or less written in this blog entry. Please go over carefully, especially the graphs.

    The additional names you provided will be helpful in opening up more unknown branches of this clan.

    Good luck.

  163. Anon @ 2:47am:

    The name Ramon is quite common in the clan. And I did know of the RamonIII who was in the military. He used to live close to our old house, since he married one of the Lim sisters, neighbors along old Carmen Street.

    I am saddened to hear of his passing.

    So the RamonIII who was with DBP is another Ramon. So is my eldest brother and another close cousin who are also Ramons. And my paternal grandfather was one, too.

    Again, the additional names you provided will be helpful in our work to complete this genealogy.

  164. Anonymous1:35 AM


    my family greatly appreciated your kin search for the "neri's line" anyhow, i will try to link/research names you graphs. my family now is in cebu, but our cousins are still in mindanao who's also are neri's. i will try emailing them and ask to open your site. they might be a big help for you. more power. god bless.

  165. Anonymous1:37 AM


    the blogger anon 2:47 is my father. hehehe

  166. Anonymous2:06 AM


    one more thing, i d would like to deeply thank the samporna's in lanao. 2yrs ago my cousin's family (neri-tapere)in iligan city got into trouble with a muslim clan and alter pledge a war with our clan. things went to horribly wrong when salvaging, cutting off heads etc where all tactics of both family.

    when all hope was lost, a group of armed muslim helped my cousins family escaped. they where a samporna's, hostilities ended when samporna's also pledge alliance. later after my cousins family escaped, our enemy backed off due to the much bigger clan of the samporna's.

    i guess if you are from cagayan you heard of the news there about the neri-tapere's troubles

  167. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Regarding the comments on the Neri Family Coat of Arms; A blue sheild with 3 gold stars is the coat of arms of Francesco Neri the father of St. Philip. It seems that stars of David were used simply because thats how stars were represented at the time. It is one of 2 Neri family coats of arms I have found. The other can be found on wiki commons Coats Of Arms Of Families From Florence. Both representing The Original Italian Branches of the family.

  168. Anon 8:48am:

    Thanks for the info on the coat of arms that was included in the original blog entry.

    As explained, it had no connection with our Neri clan other than that I had found it when I was researching on the Internet.

    But your take on the star of David fits mine since I have also seen its use in old graphics and which was not necessarily related to the Jews or Zionism.

    And the Italian Neri's are not in anyway related to us, since we simply adopted the name when our ancestors got Christianized.

  169. hi!!! can i grab the genealogy of the Neri clan so that i could use it for my project? thanks so much.!!

    I'm from the Marfori line through Eva Marfori who married Cesar Hipona.

  170. Hi AFVH
    Email me at
    I have an outline of your family's family tree.
    Ed Neri

  171. Hi, AFVH:

    You must be a son or daughter of either JunJun or Paking.

    Sorry, have been greatly restricted after a bad accident. Unable to use one of my hands for typing.

    Thanks for visiting. And Ed, thanks for responding.

  172. Hi Tatoy,

    Sorry to hear about your accident. Wishing you a speedy recovery.


  173. Hi amadeo,
    i am Robert Neri from medina,mis grandfather is eustaquio neri brother of josefa neri pelaez in working in saudi arabia.

    bob neri

  174. Hi, Bob:

    Wow, you are in Saudi!

    Anyway, first a correction. It is Felipa Neri Pelaez, mother to the illustrious Maning Pelaez.

    And believe it or not, I was fortunate to have had a one-on-one conversation with your grandfather, Eustaquio, when I was assigned in Gingoog in the 70's. Among other things, he related how the Neri's of Bohol got to the island of Mindanao, landing in different parts of the big island.

    You may use this email address:

  175. Hi mads,
    You know my grandfather?nice to hear that,yes im working here in saudi aramco vendor inspection division,i was in my vacation last dec, 2008,im living now in johndorf subd.,barra,opol.Hope i can visit you personally this year during my vacation.god bless gaw.


  176. hello everyone

    Its me joanna father is SALVADOR BOY A. NERI and i would like to said love everyone who those our relative mwahug.. my email is and yahoo messenger (chat online) keep touch each other mwahug...

    Joanna Virginia Neri

  177. Anonymous9:46 PM

    Hello everyone Neri clan,

    Very interestings! I read this blogs about this genealogy part of the Neri Family whose came from the root families I believe that all of them are genealogy could be 7th. I cant image that is really long far distance in the families.

    for example one of 6th genealogy which related of John McCain and Laura Bush (George Bush'wife) they are cousins. Barack Obama and Brad Pitt are cousins,too. Hillary Clinton (Bill Clinton's wife) and Angelina Jolie are cousins,too...They are look like seem small than one of the world famous roots!. Check out on

    Enjoy your blogs and feedback on forums anytimes! Always, Francis R. Ramos

  178. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Hello, I am Michele Andrea Neri. My father is Felino "Boy" Neri, Jr. (one of Ambassador Felino Neri, Sr. six children. My mother is Leilani Angeles Neri. I have two brothers, Marcelino Philiip Neri and Felino Angeles Neri IV, and a sister Marya Theresa Neri. I have two half sisters, Nerissa and Lyza, daughters of Tita Emily, I have another set of half sisters, Carmen and Tina. I have a half brother and half sister, Bojee and Joanne from, Tita Leila, I have another half brother, JR. from Tita Daling.

    I wish my Neri relatives and all my siblings (half or full, legal or illegitimate).

    Thank you so much for tracing our heritage. It means so much to me. It will be so helpful for my son for his school project.

  179. Welcome, Francis.

    And Michele, welcome to our extended family. It is getting larger and larger as we get introduced to each other. Spread throughout the entire globe, from as far as temperate Scandinavia to the desert sands of Saudi Arabia, and as close to the original sources as the narrow confines of the old poblacion of Cagayan de Oro.

  180. H. Aguirre5:55 PM

    Hi, This is Hiram Aguirre. Son of Ben and Soledad Aguirre. Soledad is the daughter of Vicente/Vicenta. Frmr Gov. Cagayan de Oro. If you need help to put this into a web based database, let me know I'll do it for you. My sisters are Pamela Yao and Maria Kaltner.

  181. Hi Hiram
    This is your cousin Boy son of the late Totoy Neri. Could you email me at
    I'll send some of my files on the family tree.
    Ed Neri aka Boy

  182. H. Aguirre8:50 PM

    Hi Cousin,
    I'll e-mail you right now.

  183. Anthony Domingo12:40 PM

    Hi from Toronto, Canada. Great Blog Amadeo. Love the photo of the genealogy branch. My name is Anthony Domingo and I am the great grandson of Agripino Jr. and Amparo Roa. My grandmother is Amparo Roa Neri who married Enrique Ongsiako Domingo. They had 7 children, Enrique Jr., Rafael, Maria Anna, Maria Elena, Frederico, my father, Antonio and Maria Theresa. I have two beautiful sons, Antonio Enrique and Enrique Francisco. The Neri lineage continues. Great work.

  184. Welcome, Anthony.

    The descendants of Agripino Neri, Jr. are quite organized in Northern California. Wendy Neri Ramos organized a recent reunion in Las Vegas.

  185. Anonymous6:07 AM

    is there much spanish/chinese etc blood in the neri famiy?

  186. Hi Anonymous
    I guess you can no longer find a pure blood Neri. Most of us probably have spanish or chinese or other bloodline.
    Ed Neri

  187. Indeed, the racial admixture of the Neri's must run the entire gamut, from the lumads, to the Chinese and Spanish, or American, and everything else in between.

    For me personally, on my mother side, I know that she descended from a noted family name in Cebu (Osmena)known for being mestizo Sangley.

    And my kids and grandkids are even more diverse.

  188. Dear amadeo,
    Is there any plan for a grand reunion of neri clan this year?Please let me know.


  189. Sorry, Bob:

    But I do not know of any plans. But we can always meet in small groups if we find ourselves together in any one place.

    BTW, I always put updates of this same blog entry on top, so make sure to scroll up when you visit.

  190. Mads,
    According to my indian co office mate here in saudi,sampurna is also known in india as hindu,is there any related story that our great great grandfather is came from india?


  191. Bob:

    The word, Sampurna, with origins in Sanskrit means "perfect".

    This accounts for the Indian connection.

  192. Mads,

    Do you know liliano neri?because i was remember he was visited in medina when my grandfather still alive.


  193. Bob:

    I know only of him. they come from Ozamiz. And he is quite well known having been a president of IBP, the lawyers' guild.

  194. Mads,
    Can i ask you a favor?do you have any idea about cooperative?any mechanics?if possible send to my email add presently im the president of foundation of filipino workers worldwide here in KSA one of my feasibility study is to create a cooperative for OFW.

  195. sir,

    im came from the neri's of tagoloan where there is a quite number of neri's, beside cagayan de oro which i think is the center. could you trace the migration pls...

    more power!!

  196. Hi, Henry:

    Welcome to the family. Yes, there are many Neri's in Tagoloan, and Baloy and Umalag, too. But still from the same clan.

  197. to all my tito's here,

    i have noticed that the neri clan is so much divided now than before, and there is this feeling of not related anymore amongst us..

    such division made us a minority in cagayan de oro and our presence are not felt anymore but merely a name of a street. the minority families or the "dayo" are the ones governing the City nowadays. so, what will our clan going to do about this? are we just going to the sidelines and slowly be forgotten? Romulo Neri of SSS are making the headlines but despise by many because of his silence. Boxing champ Manny pacquiao's nutritionist and asst trainer Raides "nonoy" Neri is slowly coming into the limelights (i hope).

    how i wish we will let the city be aware of our great numbers here and abroad by joining the political arena once again.

    my cozin is a city council member but he is not bringing a neri last name with him. Aaron Neri, chairperson of the league of barangays, is making a mark in local politics. i hope this is a new beginning for our clan to rise up again and be heard.

    more power!!!

  198. Anonymous8:40 PM

    My mom also hails from CDO, Cecilia Neri Fernandez Luna, Daughter of Atty. Manolo Fernandez and Remedios Neri Fernandez. Cousins to the Chavez's, Roa's, Fortich's and Pimentel's. Can Someone confirm this for me please.
    God Bless !
    Ren F. Luna

  199. Hi, Ren:

    And if you click on Home below, it brings you to the main page of this blog, where I write about the old homes around our old neighborhood here in CDO.

    Your grandparents lived in the old Fernandez house beside the Velez residence along old Carmen Street. Yes, your family has Neri roots.

    Welcome and keep visiting.

  200. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Hi uncle,
    Yes, that pic reminds me of the old family home at the corner of Gaerlan, unfortunaletly, my tiya Letty sez its now owned by the chinese hardware store. My cousins used to own Kamayan restaurant on that very corner in the days when i was attending XU. Are the Nery"s also indirectly related to us ? Also remember my lolo manolo owned a law office at the very block, same office were Aquilino Pimentel was a law apprentice. Well, this is a great revelation for me, hoping I would get to meet all the relatives in the Nor Cal area.


Welcome. Your comments are appreciated.