Monday, September 22, 2008

Palin Smear: Done By Pros?

Before getting to bed last night, had a quick last look at Memeorandum to try to spot any breaking news.

This fresh item was included on the right sidebar titled New Item Finder and showed that it had been posted 15 minutes ago.

It immediately piqued my curiosity so read this rather long expose way past my bedtime, Pacific Time.

I was completely stunned by the revelations, with videos and pictures, and had wanted at that very second, to start a little blog entry linking to the story.

Inertia got the better of me and decided instead to wait for the morn.

Lo and behold! When I woke up this morning the story had hit the ceiling. Other blogs were linking to the original story and/or adding their own insights. And expectedly like clockwork, sudden deletions of videos, accounts, and comments were noticed and noted, clearly actions of persons guilty as charged.

I recommend your visiting the linked sites to get updates on this developing story. Let us see how the MSM handles, or tries to ignore, this story.

Here's the smear video yanked out from YouTube by the party who originally uploaded it:

Hat tip to Michelle Malkin.