Friday, January 06, 2006


spidering through 20 million blogs in under a minute. Running linguistic algorithms takes another few minutes

The company's next frontier: algorithms that will classify bloggers by ethnicity, location, income, social class and level of education

What is this?

An extension of the NSA’s super-secret surveillance activities that stretch globally?

Big Brother’s footprints getting into bloggers’ thought processes and writings?

It is common knowledge that keeping private and personal information private is already a daunting task nowadays.

SS Numbers, credit card numbers, gender, educational attainment, viewing and spending habits, and other personal information. These are now easy ores to mine.

But this newest development takes all the spying efforts a step beyond.

But breathe easy, though. Because right now this new development is deployed primarily as a survey tool made available to business.

As this article painstakingly explains, this software called a spider is used to gather information on bloggers – essentially their age, gender, and of course, their educational attainment, for use of businesses in their marketing strategies.

Do you use sarcasm in your blog writings?

What about elongated spellings (such as soooo good)?

Do you use hip-hop terminologies?

What about multiple exclamation marks (such as !!!!)?

Do you use such adjectives as sordid and hilarious, or some elaborately emotive turns of phrase?

If you do, then know at least that you have been tagged.

This is abominable!