Thursday, January 08, 2009

Pastry Bliss

Enjoy a bit of local pastry bliss, albeit deceptively fattening and cholesterol-laden.

For for a pittance ranging from three pesos to ten pesos a piece/slice, one can savor the guilty pleasures of snacking with delicious pastries.


  1. PIE!!! I MISS a good ol American style pie. When I went back to the states last year for those two months I ate as much pie, of all kinds, that I could. I wanted to make it last since I can NOT find pie worth a try here in Angeles City. EVen the very best restaurants don't bake eatable pies. I don't get it, coz you can go into any Meyer's or Super Walmart and get a perfect pie, at least to me, and my mom makes em by the dozen. Sigh..... I miss my pie...

  2. Phil:

    True, pies are not a standard fare here. The only one worth mentioning here is that of egg pie, which I like.

    So which one is your favorite? Apple pie? Pecan pie?

    The wife did learn to make different pies and would regularly make one for our consumption over there. She always had a ready supply of pie crusts in the fridge for use at a moment's fancy.

  3. Egg pie is bland, but ok I guess. NOthing to get excited about.

    Any kind of American style pie would be great to have over here. I just can't find one. Divine bought a cherry, apple and blueberry, one each at the Swagman HOtel REstaurant and they were absolutely horrible. No one knows how to make a light flaky crust and evidently, it must also be tough finding decent fillings. I don't get it. Whats the big deal? You can go to almost any franchise grocery store back home and get an eatable, if not delicious pie. As you can see, I'm passionate about pie. I never realized it till I came to a place where they are unavailable. God bless the USA cos of its PIES!!! This place has its weather and wonderful women, but we GOT PIE!

  4. Phil:

    I suppose pies have never been part of local popular cuisine. In caferias we used to have servings of egg and pineapple pie slices, but they never were considered seriously as a must have.

    In its place and this we got from Spain, we have our delicious and scrumptious leche flan popularly referred to by outsiders as custard cake.

  5. Hello we are looking for a recipe for the half moon cookie. I miss them from Mindanao and would love to make some. Do you think you can send it to us? or post it or both. Our email is:
    salamat kaayo,


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