Friday, January 09, 2009

Palin Finally Takes on Media

In a very dispassionate way, though at least one time showing some uninvited emotion, erstwhile GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin answers some of media's blistering take-downs of her, her family, her administration, and her entire candidacy.

I say she speaks very eloquently in a very disarmingly simple and unaffected way.

God bless you, Sarah!


  1. I like her theoretically, but there's something about that Minnesota/Michigan/Wisconsin sound to her voice that makes me cringe, probably because I'm from Michigan and I grew to hate the accent from living around it.

    I was disappointed that McCain didn't go for Kate Bailey Hutchinson or Elizabeth Dole. Palin just seemed to me too much like a novelty choice. It was a huge gamble. Ultimately, it was the economic crisis, partly caused by democrats like Barney Frank/Chris Dodd, that sucker punched McCain's chances.

  2. Phil:

    Judge me smitten, but I admire her politics and sincerity, and her steely but subdued nerves to weather through harsh and at times undeserved criticism.

    For me, with Palin you get what you see and hear.


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