Friday, June 01, 2007

The little Prince

He wonderfully intrudes in our lives, most times on visits unannounced and barkingly noisy.

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Then upon entry to the house, frenziedly races like crazy through the carpeted areas of the house, liked he owned the house. And worse, like the entire house was one labyrinthine dog track that he can practice on, weaving, zigzagging, and jumping through furniture, corners, and what have you. Fervently hoping that you catch on to his game.

But most times, this all-white hairy fur ball is quiet, still, and stays close to any human in the house, preferring to lie motionless close to the feet. Or if allowed, to sit on laps, always ready and available for the obligatory coddling and fondling. And yes, including tickling his underside. And he is known to jump into one end of your bed when it's time for you, including him, to go night-night.

And his all-whiteness is interrupted only by the dark spots under his eyes, caused by dried tears. He is continually tearing and once dried, it discolors the fur underneath his eyes.

I know I have been told what kind of pedigreed dog he is.

But for us, he is simply the little Prince.

And yes, Prince is his real given name.

Prince is a Bichon Frise (pronounced, BEE-shon Free-ZAY).

This breed is typically colored white, but cream, gray or apricot hairs can sometimes be found.


Prince may actually be a Maltese, which breed is related to the Bichon Frise. But Maltese are also called Bichon Maltaise. So there you go.


  1. Prince reminds me of my brother's lhasa apso dog.

    I had a cocker spaniel with similar tear stain problems. His color was buff. His name was Niko (named him after Nikola Tesla).

    Though not a very smart dog; loved him dearly nonetheless. Had him for 17 years, thanks to a strictly Eukanuba diet.

    There are times I still dream of him as alive; running around and just being a silly dog. However, although I miss him to this day, I am not at this point ready to care for another dog.

    A friend once quipped that the fault was mine for treating Niko more like a beloved child than a mere dog that he was. Never gave his words much thought, though. How would he know such things? He only had cats for pets.

  2. And Prince is my daughter's dog. And I am reminded of another Nicolo, a Machiavelli.

    But a spaniel named after a noted scientist, that is something, too.

    Had to google what Eukanuba diet is. Prince definitely is not on it. When he comes to the house, he eats from my hand from food in my plate, whatever it is. It could be as bland as steamed rice.

    Re emotions invested on pets, like any love in one's life, nobody starts thinking and planning before it happens. It just happens.

  3. The Prince has magnificent fur! Is he a Shitzu? Anyway, small dogs like Prince are for companionship and needs ample attention.

    A dog to live up to 17 years is indeed quite rare.

  4. Sorry, Dave, we may have to wait till my daughter arrives from vacation to learn about the pedigree of Prince.

    He is now with us for a week or so till they return.

    And re his diet, just learned the other day that unlike what I said above as a comment to Eric, Prince is on the Eukanuba diet. We got his packaged foodstuff the other day.


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