Friday, June 01, 2007

If Walls Could Speak

It is often queried, what if walls could speak what would they reveal?

And yes, they do speak, and most oft-times most eloquently. Because as a species we are wont to profusely flesh out the many walls of our homes, and those of our lives. We adorn them with a myriad of disparate things, limited only by our boundless imagination and the abysmal depths of our interests and idiosyncrasies.

So what do your walls speak to you, and those who chance upon them?

I looked around and some of my walls appear to speak of the following:

It speaks of a longed-for quiet brook, which with its entire landscape is mono-colored by the fading orangish light of twilight or dusk.

It also harkens of the majestic outdoors splashed into our consciousness by the blunt light of our day sun.

It tutors that even in the clutter of city life, solitude and serenity can be had under the fading shadows cast by a dying sun.

And it also forcefully shouts and cautions of the unleashed forces of nature, here expressed in the white-heat color of a cascading waterfalls.

Look around and tell us what yours speak of.

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