Sunday, August 22, 2010

Equality At Any Cost

This collage of images of man and woman slowly unravels in a nutshell the distinct anatomical differences between the two genders, our current attitudes on gender equality notwithstanding.

The image on the left to a degree represents our politically correct perception that man and woman are essentially similar differing only in some superficial externalities and in manner of dress. Then the middle image shows two very attractive creatures with almost identical physical features making them look like twins. The last image however shows in stark contrast the obvious differences in the anatomy of the two figures.

Over the years we have been conditioned to think and believe that women are just like men, and as such should be able to do most everything a man has traditionally been consigned to do – construction work, athletics, firefighting, soldiery, and most everything else. Ardent feminists constantly hammer out this fact and insist equality should be applied most everywhere. Not surprisingly, we now have women soldiers in combat zones, women firefighters fighting conflagrations, and yes, women boxers and extreme sports combatants engaged in those brutal sports not seen since the departed era of the Roman gladiators. I saw recently a segment on TV delving positively into the viability of females in the navy serving on very cramped quarters in submarines. Why not?

So, all’s well with the world?

I do not know why but suddenly some people are starting to talk about sexual dimorphism. Don’t worry, it is simply the study of the differences in the anatomy and physiology of the two sexes.

I hope we can discuss this dispassionately in the interest of science.

Anyway, how many of us know about these facts that differentiate man and woman purely from the standpoint of anatomy and physiology.

A good doctor on the subject has taken the task of showing these differences. Now honestly how many of the facts did you know already?

Anyway, let me count the ways.

Muscle Mass
Men carry as much as 50% more muscle mass in their bodies than women. The latter carry more fat for the difference or instead. Obviously, differences in strength between the sexes occur.

“Men have bigger hearts, airways with large diameters, higher hematocrit, and increased lung volume.” Thus by nature, men have better endurance.

By the way, a Hematocrit is a blood test that measures the percentage of the volume of whole blood that is made up of red blood cells. This measurement depends on the number of red blood cells and the size of red blood cells.
The hematocrit is almost always ordered as part of a complete blood count.

Other Organs
“Female skin is thinner, and women are endowed with lower levels of blood clotting factors; they are more likely to cut and more likely to bleed. Female bones are less dense, thus more susceptible to fracture. Women’s ligaments and tendons are thinner, a crucial factor in surviving joint locks without injury. Less upper body musculature means less resistance to the head accelerations that cause brain injury.”

On The Other Hand

“Women have greater flexibility and a wider pelvis -- particularly advantageous in MMA. Female skin heals more rapidly and women recover more quickly from exertion and injury. Women have superior immune systems, protecting them from infection. Fascinatingly, women also have a greater density of neurons in many parts of their brain. This may give female fighters a precious advantage in enduring repeated brain injury.”

But who yearns for brain injury?


  1. Just four years in the army ruined my daughter's feet and ankles. There is great pressure to make the daily unit runs, even when you have pain. I did 27 years in the marines and air force and my feet and ankles are in better shape than hers. Of course, about the only time I ever ran in a formation was in bootcamp. The rest of my career I trained on my own, resting when I needed to, and training intensely ONLY when a timed event was coming up. It isn't just women that can suffer from congenitally weak joints, yet the army refuses to acknowledge that people can get injured and need to rest those owies. (Go to the clinic and get branded a "sick call ranger.") Before we had our final blow up I argued this point with a retired army first sgt. His answer is that everyone must be ready ALL the time. With that kind of idiocy ruling the roost its no wonder that I saw so many really screwed up retired army veterans. One of the worst I saw was an admin troop for crying out loud. So, a guy who never had to carry a weapon and pack into conflict is now going to cost the taxpayer about $29K a year for as long as he lives. Does that sound smart to you? Then again, we ARE talking army!

  2. Phil:

    Sorry to learn about your daughter's predicaments. I do believe this happens when man disregards the core differences between the 2 sexes and expects everybody to perform similarly. But I did not believe that in reality the military would take this equality thing to the extremes. But as you related, this may be the case.


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