Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Getting Back Access

After being in some kind of netherworld darkness, we finally got our on-line access back. It took the local phone company almost a month to bring us back to virtual reality. Now we have DSL Broadband connection at home, much improved with a wireless router attached to it. The company promises 1.3 Mbps speed for their connection, with landline upgraded to fiber all the way to the house.

This is a very welcomed development. And glad to be back and on top of things.


  1. I love my linksys router. Powerful sucker. I keep it password secure to keep the neighbors from sucking my BW, the leeches. I have three laptops going at the same time, the furthest one in the kids room at the other end of the house and they get a great signal through at least 4 concrete walls. I can also take one up to my tower almost 50 feet above the house and also get a super strong signal. Good stuff... Welcome back brudah.

  2. Thanks, Phil. But since I installed the router myself, I am giving myself a little time before I configure its security features. I need to study more its features. In the meantime, the barn door is open.


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