Friday, January 30, 2009

Alien Alert

Lately I have been receiving electronically strange pictures with cryptic messages seeming to originate from some alien who appears to be coming from beyond our galaxy, the Milky Way.

He, she, or it appears to be using a very powerful telescope or ultra-magnifying instrument that can cut through all the miasma of interminable space and zero in on details of the earth’s surface or sub-surface, like active ugly fissures underneath our thin crust or smoldering magma flexing to burst out.

And from his lofty perch beyond our little microcosm he appears to be highly evolved and in use of technology that we can only dream about.

This morning though as I was jogging around our little park for my regular constitutional I chanced upon certain portions of the concrete road that defines the park’s boundaries and noticed certain familiarities. Like the typical concrete joints and cracks, signs of an aging roadway traversed by man and his vehicles and showing the deleterious effects of nature’s erosion on a man-made structure.

Quite a role reversal. Instead of obtrusive man trampling upon and violating the pristine offerings of nature, it is now nature acting upon the structures that man has superimposed on its works.

Anyway, it appears our overly solicitous alien with his and his instrument’s overarching capabilities focused too minutely or microscopically as to miss the forest for the trees as they say. And worse, he or his instrument may have been playing tricks on the colors of the pictures taken. Like inverting the colors?


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