Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More Quick Takes From This Slow Long Journey: A Potpourri

More rummaging through old stuff left behind brought on another discovery, tucked among old medical films was this sketch done by yours truly prior to marriage with the subject.

Now compare with this one done for my late mother by a more professional artist.

A world of difference making me grudgingly more humbled, but, you got it right, I still prefer the first one because it came from my own inexperienced hands.

Walked to a location in town to purchase some paint materials and had to walk through the premier park of the city, segmented and girded like city blocks into several sections. Took these pictures on the easternmost section of Divisoria Park, called Magsaysay Park, primarily because the huge, imposing, and bronzed statue of the late president stands elevated a few meters for all to see and crane their necks.

At mid-eight o’clock in the morning, it was quite revealing to witness that the nocturnal residents of the plaza have not really been done with their night’s rest, many still stretched out in and close to the statue, oblivious or literally dead to the scurry of activities of people waiting for their rides or other friends, of noisy public vehicles with diesel engines screeching and clunking while negotiating the labyrinthine perimeter of the entire plaza impatiently honking and weaving as they mindlessly head toward their separate destinations with their human cargoes. Of course, those denizens were even dead to the ubiquitous white-heat sunlight that was beginning to heat up and induce sweat in the many passersby, and with a stern warning not to be disregarded or taken for granted.

Though as shown in one picture, a close cluster of them had already done with night sleep and were now bantering around, thinking most probably about things they intend to do today, whatever it is they do on a daily basis.

Since I could not very well take their pictures at close range, I had to move away and shoot from a distance unobtrusively and unnoticed.


  1. Anonymous5:09 PM

    I read your comments on Phil's blog and thought I would stop by. I like how much you pay attention to things.

  2. Thanks for visiting and the kind words, Hope. Since I also did a quick visit to your sites, now I know we have some things in common. My three sons also went through the US Marines Reserve, one having been activated during the current war.


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