Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Who's Your Choice For VP?

Let' start with this one: the current Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, who is Republican.

There are now voices coming out from the blogosphere for drafting her as VP to Sen. McCain.

Is she any good, aside from the very pretty face?

Listen to an interview with the Washington Post:

Very refreshing views on public service, coming from a former beauty queen. She was Miss Wasilla in 1984.

And was a hoopster, too, according to this news item:

And she was a local girl: daughter of a popular local teacher and coach, she was a one-time Miss Wasilla and, in a basketball-mad town, was practically canonized as the point guard for Wasilla's 1982 girls' state championship team.


  1. I could not care less about vice presidents; although I hope McCain picks well. He's pretty old. Good chance his VP will be the P.

  2. So, Phil, we do care who gets to sit as VP if only to provide for any eventuality that McCain will not be able to finish his term.

    But beyond that I also see things this way, in a very pragmatic way. I figure however it finally gets together, Obama will figure prominently in the general election, either as presidential or VP candidate. And if he continues to ride the crest of his popularity based largely on the freshness of his looks and oratory but on a clean but empty political slate, then why not counter it similarly. A VP candidate who is physically attractive but in the minority (a woman)and does not come out as a shrinking violet (Palin is reported to also be politically astute and aggressive), and also has executive experience as governor and mayor.

    A beauty contest? HeHeHe. BTW, Obama also played ball in college (or was it HS?). So a beauty and an athletic competition. HeHeHe.


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