Friday, February 29, 2008

Of Pens, Pencils, and Markers

Writing has been with man most probably as early as when he learned to walk on two feet. It may have simply started as clumsy etchings on the sand or any soft surface using sticks or fingers, but we know how thoroughly inclined man is now with regard to scribbling. So engrossed or dedicated as to find time and resource for it even when doing something very personal. Maybe like relieving oneself? Many cannot help playing with their hands clasping whatever is available writing on walls and wherever pen, pencil, paint, or marker can reach and take hold. The many public bathrooms are wordy and graphic testimonies to this proclivity.

And writing implements have gone through a lot of evolution even with just our modern times, from the ink-dipped quills, to the more lasting and convenient fountain pens, to cheaper graphite pencils, and now, the explosion of the utilitarian ballpoint pens made famous and popular initially by the popular French brand BIC. Ball pens are now so cheap and common, they can be found literally everywhere. On the moon, too? Oh, Yeah! “Neil Armstrong and crew would have been trapped there had Buzz not improvised by jamming a ball point pen into the switch's hole to activate liftoff.”

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  1. I'm more comfortable with a keyboard now. I wish they'd put one in every stall.

  2. My musing is a little different from yours. Mine addresses an incongruity in those graffiti artists who are forever defacing our otherwise decent public places. If the tagger is driven by his/her narcissistic desires to be known to all those who behold his work, why then don’t most of them learn to spell and write letters properly. At least, people beholders can then exclaim that “oh, they write or print such nice alphabets or such poetic sentences.


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