Monday, February 18, 2008

What Would Christ Say Or Do?

In sticky and confusing situations when it appears that many possible paths are judged to be meritorious, it is not unusual for people to raise the question:
What would Christ say or do in this situation if he were alive today?

Thus, in real life situations you find such quandaries being framed this particular way. I can even recall the hot-button issue of what vehicle to drive given the present predicament of exorbitant gas prices and calamitous problems with the environment. Thus the question came out in media. Would Christ purchase an SUV? It may sound silly but still that does not prevent people from expressing it anyway and soliciting feedbacks.

But truly, some real life situations deserve to be framed in that familiar and profound frame. What would Christ do?

And going around the blogosphere and observing both hosts and commenters act and react one senses that Christ and his unique philosophy definitely have many grave concerns to address, by way of advising and admonishing these 21st century Christians frenetically engaged in this technological phenomenon.

Let me then irreverently, arrogantly and undeservedly allocate and assume the persona of Christ and look around the vast firmament of the blogosphere for possible scenarios to comment on.

Without much ado, my readings of Christ through his many erudite disciples immediately bring one archaic but still high-strung word to the fore. The word is pertinacity (borrowed from T. Aquinas, though he much preferred the word, effeminacy) Anyway, it is a vice that makes a man cling to his opinion and judgment long after facts have shown that he is wrong. The pertinacious hombre perseveres doggedly in his wrong course of action even after right reason shows that he is wrong, not letting facts stand in his way. The “soft” man/woman cannot countenance perseverance, since he/she has no desire in the attainment of good which usually delays in coming. Examples in the current political discussions would be the still loud claims that a million Iraqis have been killed in the current war, or even that Bush or Blair “lied” about the waging of the war. Well-worn talking points that should have lost their bite and sting a long time ago, amidst the preponderance of evidence to the contrary.

But I digress from my main purpose. Therefore, here is modern-day Christ, street-smart man of letters and revolutionary ideas, addressing our beloved bloggers and commenters, steeped and serious in their pursuits for punditry and Pyrrhic victory in the war on words or ideas:

Ola, denizens of the blogosphere, that means you there, blog hosts and regular commenters (BTW, if you are just a commenter without a blog, please refrain from assuming the handle of blogger. Remember a blog from its infancy on forward is a personal journal of an author. If you do not maintain one, you are not a blogger. Capisci?). Please perk those ears up and listen.

Sons and daughters, hey you still are those since I am the God-sent by Him who breathed life to all of you), please do not waste too much attention and sympathy, and eyeballs, on the witty and catchy language of men. They may sound beautiful and endearing. My time-tested standards as before are still not based on words. I want and need actions, man.

Those enduring gems of wisdom that I with heart-rending difficulty in my short life here inculcated in my followers, remember those are still meant to influence and guide your actions in the daily living of your lives. They have not faded or burnished.

If you abide and live by them, it will be cool because then you get to prove your love and loyalty for me. So remember only pure-gold genuine actions can satisfy this granite heart of mine. Anything else, no puede. No cigars.

The best eloquent prose you can create can probably qualify you as being loquacious and renowned by your peers, but hey, nothing beats the one who speaks less and does more.

And one bit of advice for those locked in the same journey. Never read, learn, and spend precious time on anything for the sake of appearing wise and sagacious before your peers. Do these things singularly for the purpose of improving yourself first, not your flighty neighbors or your countrymen.

Those who do otherwise are those I call vain and seek only vain-glory, because in so doing, they do not become better in action. As a good tree is known by its good fruit, so too a good man known by the goodness of his thoughts, words, and deeds.

Hey, I am not saying that I am not pleased with good desires and aspirations; it’s just that you can only convince me with your actions. How hard do you pursue your good desires? That counts because that measures your fealty to me. Remember my old saying, “If you want to be my buddy, hang on and follow those precepts of mine”.

And remember those who are in the habit of warbling sonorously in my presence, “Lord, Lord” they do not necessarily get to party in my cool domain. Only those who follow the words of my Father get backstage passes.

So keep focused and learn of me and I guarantee you will acquire the best knowledge that will be useful in your daily lives. Though I do not guarantee that people will look too kindly on you or make you buddies. But string up your needs for praise and admiration from those of my domain, not from man.

Many things on earth are unimportant. They are diversionary distractions that muddle your focus toward me and my teachings. Therefore, keep things simple and uncluttered, and do away with the extras.

And I end with this little summary. Words are meant to point out truth, and good desires help me reach out for it, but action is still by far the most convincing proof for a life well-lived.

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