Saturday, February 23, 2008

Of Hats And Caps

In this sainted land of overarching consumerism and an unrelenting era of abundance, it is not difficult to understand why people unwittingly become collectors of stuff. Thus, even if bereft of any crazed proclivities an Imelda Marcos would find casual and natural, items fall into one’s lap in great heap-full quantifies especially consumer items that come in differing styles, colors, designs, shapes, etc. And reaching sufficient critical mass, they rightly then could be adjudged as collections. Whether they are shoes, cars, hats, cosmetics, accessories, toys, sports items, matchbooks, etc.

Since a lot of ladies, and I suppose men, too, are fond of personal accessories, we hear how good fortunes are spent on them not only for daily usage but also as prized “collections”. Thus collections of expensive and exquisite perfumes, exorbitantly prized hand-made designer handbags, different shades of lipsticks, etc. do not anymore raise many eyebrows. And imagine what good-sized fortunes are spent to collect either antique or just plain expensive cars? We read that the initial design of Bill Gates’ mansion had a garage that could accommodate 89-100 cars and that was just the initial design in a now completed house that had to undergo so many changes and additions that if they were cosmetic facelifts you would not recognize the finished product.

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  1. So your the Imelda of caps? ...grin...

  2. In a way, but definitely without the expense and the intent.

    The other day the missus asked to purchase a balikbayan box to use for her next trip. What? - I said. Don't you know I also collect carton boxes? Just give me time to take them out. HeHeHe.

    Give a guess. What many pens and pencils do you think I have in the house?

  3. Yeah. But beyond the kidding, today I gave myself time to re-assemble four boxes - one for the Missus, another for the daughter and the rest for a son who needed some for his move. So he gets two and more that are still flattened for easier storage.

    Now, let me see what's next. My Elvis collections of CDs, MP3s, songs, pictures, books, and trinkets? See, there is no rest for the wicked.

  4. After one divorce and one separation I've decided to no longer collect anything. Its just too hard to take stuff with you. I'll just collect memories instead.


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