Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Harmonize With A Harmonica

Ever been asked: Do you play any musical instrument?

Bet you, many of us have been and sadly, many of us will reply in the negative.

Of course, many of us can belt tunes, using our excitingly unique vocal chords as our musical instrument.

Okay, aside from that, which else?

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  1. Toots Thielemans is my favorite harmonica player. First heard his playing in the soundtrack music for the 1969 film, "Midnight Cowboy." He has also played with many popular artists from Billy Joel to Diana Krall.

    Darn ... lately, I've been dreaming to learn to play the marimba.

    Off topic: I've just posted a series of photos featuring MLQ University and Hidalgo Street.

  2. Eric:

    Have no idea who Toots is but I continue to like the soundtrack of Midnight Cowboy, especially "Everybody's Talkin". But I do always associate harmonica sounds with cowboy movies.

    Was an early fan of Jon Voight and this was his auspicious start in movies.

    So, can one play marimba if one knows piano?

  3. A girlfriend from many years ago, attended UP Conservator of Music. She plays the piano and marimba. However, not sure if knowing how to play the piano would assure one to immediately learn to play the marimba.

    Other than western, the blues is another genre in which a harmonica is often associated with. If ever you feel like buying a CD one day, please consider the CD by Toots in which features classic Brazilian and Bossa Nova tunes.

    "Midnight Cowboy" surprised many when it won the Oscar for Best Movie. After that movie, it was "Coming Home" with Jane Fonda where I think I saw Jon Vight next in. I might be wrong, though.

  4. Yes, Coming Home and The Champ were the next memorable movies of his.

    Okay, once I get better with my harmonica playing, I will look him up. But I surmise it may be a while for a slow learner like me.


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