Thursday, December 28, 2006

Community Blogs In Tracy

Just learned today that our local community paper, Tracy Press, has on its website initiated a listing of community blogs in the City of Tracy. And this humble blog (including my spin-off blog, Hobbies and Pastimes) were included on the list, clearly because I include Tracy as my location in my Blogger’s profile.

Clearly also, this move is a good first step. To acquaint ourselves with members of the local blogosphere. Apart from the staff bloggers of Tracy Press, two other bloggers listed are quite familiar with me, Tracy Today and Tracy Real Estate, both having been in my blogroll for quite a while.

However, I do feel a tinge of guilt being listed as a member of the Tracy community blogs because I have not really blogged anything about Tracy, whether social or political in nature or otherwise.

A big part of the problem has been because we are new residents of Tracy, having really not completely severed ties with our old neighborhood and city in San Mateo County. With the old residence already on escrow, hopefully the New Year will allow me and the wife to settle permanently at our digs in Tracy, and allow us to get to know our new environs a little better. A married daughter lives with her family also in Tracy.

Let it be said that Tracy Press, which we find in our driveway most days of the week, has been a valuable tool in our introduction to the local scene.

It is an earnest resolve then to start blogging about Tracy when the New Year rolls in.

To everybody on the list, glad to know your acquaintance and may the coming year bring in more opportunities to learn more about each other.

More power!


  1. Happy new year Amadeo and welcome to Tracy,

    That was nice to be listed in the press, My hits went up from it. There are a few defunked blogs on the list that are not being utilized anymore though. Us local bloggers should get together one afternoon for coffe shop and to talk shop.

    And remember most everyone in town comes from somewhere else, it make us who we are.


  2. A prosperous New Year to you and yours, too, Brian.

    Let's hope this move leads to more interaction between Tracy bloggers.

  3. BTW, do you happen to drive a CR-V with a sticker "Filipino Pride" and plates "FISA2004"? I wonder just what happened in 2004. Sounds almost like a Soccer championship win... Only that one happens in alternate 4 years, so that's not it.

  4. Sorry, it's not my car.

    When I first went to St. Bernard's church and loitered outside, one of the pastors, a Fr. Musico, approached me and asked about my ethnicity. He was himself Filipino and thus, thought he had a found a kindred soul.

    Anyway, we talked a bit and when the discussion of how many ethnic Filipinos were in Tracy, he had extrapolated at about 4,500. I supposed extrapolated from church records since Filipinos are predominantly Catholic.

    Thus, I would not think it unusual to see them driving around with their cars in Tracy. Though the FISA2004 plate stumped me, too.


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