Monday, November 13, 2006

Songs Tag

Got tagged in a musical way over at Tubby’s Comments. And am honestly quite clueless about this business of tagging, so am taking the safe route and just playing it by ear by copying the format.

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  1. Your fast. I thought I would check back in a couple of days and see if anyone wanted to play the game. And to my surprise I find that you posted the same day I tagged you.

    I was clueless about tagging also and I'm afraid I embarrassed myself when I found myself tagged at other people's blogs and didn't know what it meant. But for some reason my mind finally clicked in when I found myself tagged at Megan's blog and it donned on me that tagging basically meant "copying the format."

    I see that your personality as revealed by your songs demonstrates a strong preference for Elvis, Marty Robbins
    and Johnny Horton (good choices). And that your main wish in life is to be "all dressed up for the dance" (wink).

  2. Tubby:

    I am not sure if you are aware that many of these old songs are also available in karaoke format.

    Thus allows one to sing these same songs, rendering them in the same original accompaniment that they were recorded.

    I find this very neat. I have a unit, a karaoke machine, that allows selections from one DVD disk with about 14,000 songs, ranging from old standards to new artists.

  3. Amadeo,

    Your description sounds like a way has been developed to strip the original vocals from recordings and leave just the instrumental accompaniments.

  4. Tubby:

    Somewhat like that for many versions, but the point really is that it tries to copy the original arrangement of the original singers.

    After all, we are quite fond and attached to the musical score and arrangement of our favorite songs.

    At times, vocals can also be called for as an option if one is so predisposed, and thus, one is allowed to sing along with the artist. Or maybe, another singer is used to sing the song.

    In fine, variety is an option.

  5. Amadeo,

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  6. Belated thanks, Tubby.

    As usual spent Thanksgiving day with extended family, which is getting larger in size and number.


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