Wednesday, February 01, 2006

How Do You See Christ?

How Do You See Christ?
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As a youngster many years ago, somebody now quite unnamed and anonymous gave me this pocket-sized picture of Jesus Christ, with the question:

How do you see Christ? Are his eyes opened to you or are they closed as if in dismay and shame?

Now, many years later, I ask myself:

What say you?


  1. wow! what a nice blog. thanks and God bless.

  2. Thanks, too, Jeff.

    Any more pictures from XU?

  3. i'm not much into eyes. in fact, i don't quite understand what people mean when they say that some people's eyes are very expressive. and i truly wonder about this because i've been told this a few times.

    anyway, the photo that sticks in my mind is that of the laughing christ. it's not an image that's very common, but i'd like to think that christ wasn't always serious. i don't think he would have been too popular during his lifetime if he was always preaching doom and gloom.

    by the way, i have relatives in tracy. how large is the filipino community there?

  4. Hi, VonJobi

    Spoke to one Filipino pastor here in Tracy, named Fr. Musico, and he advanced the info that his estimates are that the Filipino community in this fast growing area should be around 4,500.

    We came from Daly City, situated 70 miles to the west from here, where in a city of over 100,000, about a third are FilAms.

    BTW, I also kept a picture of Christ, published in the papers sometime ago, the way he would have most likely looked having lived during those times.

    Scientists put together a mosaic of how the typical Jew during those times would have looked. Quite different from the pictures we see on calendars, statues, or stampitas.

  5. Amadeo, Amazing that vonjobi mentions the Laughing Christ, which my father loved and is also one of my favorite images of Christ. also saw that write up on the composites made by scientists recently. Reminds me of work which got published in Scientific American once, tending to show that the Mona Lisa a self-portrait by Leonardo da Vinci (they showed that the morphology of the head in ML was the same as that in an acknowledged selfportrait of LDV in old age!

  6. Dean:

    There was a TV special about the ML. X-rays showed that there are at least 3 other paintings underneath and one a self-portrait of LDV. Thus, gave some credence to claims that LDV was gay.

    Anyway, here are two sites explaining all this:

    Technology is making all of these possible.


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