Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Redux: What’s Being Blogged

Have not updated this blog for at least two weeks and paradoxically I have been quite busy doing things. A lot of things other than updating this blog.

I have been reading online news and with more focus, other people’s blogs and at times making appropriate comments in them. And considering the volume of work out there being churned at dizzying velocities, it is no mean understatement to declare that just trying to get a good glimpse of what people are writing about is in itself quite a formidable task.

I consider all the beautiful, astoundingly complicated, intellectually superior, and articulately gifted minds out there sifting through veritable gold mines of ideas and events readily made accessible and available to most everybody in the world with the continually evolving technologies. Then, bringing to bear those blessed minds into dissecting, analyzing, and hypothesizing as quickly as those ideas and events become news or are publicly aired.

And there are many such gems and precious stones of blogs out there, all for everybody with Internet connection to discover, choose from, and hopefully learn from. Names and URLs are unnecessary in my estimation.

Let your own mind track them down and judge for itself where the real gems are. Those that are still diamonds in the rough, and those that outwardly shine but upon closer examination are actually fool’s gold.

And the entire world is your virtual playground. From the standards-setting blogs in the US, to the neophytes in war-torn Iraq, from the fast-learning English speakers in third-world countries like the Philippines, to the old-country sophisticates in Europe, or to any wired corner of the globe where English can be written and uploaded as prose or verse to the Internet.

It is quite a humbling experience for me then to ask myself:

What could I possibly write about that has not already been written, written in a much better and more interesting way?

What fresh angles to any interesting or crucial story could I possibly triangulate that have not already been eloquently dissertated somewhere?

And mold it in such a way that people will take notice?

What novel ideas or notions could I possibly concoct that would turn some heads toward my direction?

What possible gifts of language and tongue could I possibly discover and marshal in creating a story, an essay, a report, or verse that would at least be at par with the standards set by those sites who obviously have hurdled them based on their reach and readership?

These and more are questions/issues that are currently being processed by this humbled and confused blogger.

Throw in some time constraints blocking the way and what we have here is a real-time dilemma that needs some resolving.

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