Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Conchita and Eve

Conchita and Eve
Originally uploaded by avnerijr.
Am testing a new service called Flickr. It allows graphics to be incorporated in one's blogs. HTML illiterates can still try it, simply by knowing how to "cut and paste".

Since this blog is definitely a work in progress, more features will be added as soon as one catches up with the learning process.


  1. wow new look... hope to see more updates soon.

    nangungumusta lang po!

    happy weekend!

  2. Salamat, Ayeza:

    I am essentially just a networking guy, so it may take a while to navigate through the maze of applications and services proper to blogs.

    I may need to sit with somebody into web design, or one specifically into blogging, if I want to shorten the learning curve.

    BTW, you are doing a commendable job both on the bisdak blog and the email group. More power.


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