Saturday, July 04, 2009

Sarah Palin Stuns US Politics

Fresh from a revealing interview with Runner’s World which is accompanied by an impressive pictorial(many dainty desk-bound lady pundits and politicians would die for), Sarah stuns anew the political world and the kibitzing blogosphere with the unexpected announcement not only not to seek reelection as governor of Alaska, but to resign from her current term – effective within a few weeks.

Point guard Sarah Barracuda passes the ball to her trusty Lt. Governor.

Not one used to taking the beaten path this surprise move by Sarah, shrouded in a bit of mystery and vague in the actual reason(s) for its abruptness, has thrown the political “establishment” (from all sides) into a writing uproar. Memeorandum is hard at work cataloguing the items devoted to scrutinizing and analyzing this sudden turn of events.

Expectedly, the pointed pens of grossly obsessive detractors have been blindly thrusting at anything that moves – ranging from a rehashed rumor that an indictment is forthcoming against Sarah, to parsing and diagramming the written text of the rushed announcement.

But to date nobody can point a finger to what exactly is the reason(s) that prompted Sarah to make such a pivotal announcement on the eve of July 4th and the start of a slow-news weekend.

But wherever the chips may finally fall, as a supporter of Sarah we stand by her, because of what she stands for us.

More power to Sarah Palin.


  1. tried to post this comment but your site wouldn't let me ... the problem is when you have to verify the letters it doesn't provide access to allow it...

    She did it for one reason only: to make money. She knows she can never run for president successfully, too divisive. She's certainly not my preference. Fame is a fleeting thing in that country; she knows that. Therefore, its time to make her fortune now while she can. I think its a good move, especially to fill her family coffers. Smart. She is that.


  2. She did it for one reason only: to make money. She knows she can never run for president successfully, too divisive

    I wouldn't be to sure about the first statement. And we'll have to wait for the future if she does run. But personally, I have not experienced local politics this personal and brutal since I have resided in the US - especially with regard to conservatives.

  3. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Sarah Palin is intelligent and physical stunning. However, she is now a quiter and will pay the same price Ross Perot paid in 1992 - never being taken seriously again. Super Sarah should have rode out her complete term in office as Alaska's Governor.

    Danny L. McDaniel
    Lafayette, Indiana

  4. Thanks for visiting, Danny.

    Sarah continues to be important and relevant to the issues now confronting our nation.

    Whether negatively or positively, media continues to write and pontificate about Sarah's actions and sayings.

    Signs that people continue to listen to her, even though she is now a private citizen.

  5. 4 years later, Sarah is still quite visible publicly. Those who wrote her off that early should try to learn how she has withstood the test of time. Of course, those who just hated her would still hate her today and could not care less about her.


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