Thursday, December 25, 2008

Princess – A Full-grown Lady?

Though not quite one year old yet in our best estimation, our resident mutt (a ShihTzu-Terrier mix) appears to be full grown in physical appearance. A truly mature bitch (proper in dog language) appearing ready to take on maternal responsibilities. Since she has not been neutered, there is nothing that can prevent her from exercising those – except with our firm and solicitous intervention.

She has been kept apart from the other noisy dogs in the neighborhood, getting only as close to them from our side of our grille gate, no more no less. No outside walks to fraternize with the neighborhood heavies. Her travels so far have been done as a passenger in our pickup truck.

We may have to learn more about the proper caring of mature bitches.

We will take it for now one day at a time.

Suffice it to say that all this time she has been a good dog – a good stay-inside guard dog and quite animated in her treatment of house residents. A high jumper and a definite enemy of neighborhood cats who stay outside our reach by roaming around rooftops. Some may even be stray or feral cats, but sight or smell of them turns Princess into a ferocious protector of hearth and home. At times jumping toward our perimeter fence to elevate herself even higher. Quite a neat move or trick for a dog quite challenged in size.


  1. How about that? I never realized that's how ShihTzu is spelled. Learned something...

  2. Phil:

    I myself had to look up its correct spelling since I dog lover I was not until I got this mutt.

    But the sudden interest of the locals to dogs and breeds just got me into it. Now the subdivision has lots of dog owners for pets, mostly foreign-bred.

  3. I bought my daughter a ShihTzu last year, a female, and was immediately impressed with her intelligence and sweetness.

  4. Phil:

    Why not post a pic of your ShihTzu in your blog?

    Am curious to find out how she looks.

  5. I haven't seen it in months. My girls and the dog with their mom.


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