Monday, September 01, 2008

Sarah Palin Look-alikes

Now that this good-looking mother of five and governor of her state has been projected into the national scene because of her selection as the running mate of Sen. John McCain, all of a sudden it seems like the entire country is interested in getting to know her. The busybody partisans are doing so for their purely ulterior motives, but for many the curiosity is borne by a desire to know more about this physically attractive woman, over everything else that she represents whether politically or socially.

And one of the obvious questions we want answered is who does she look like or who does she remind us of, from the ones who are already known to most us?

When her selection was publicly made known, reflexively many said that she looks like Ms. Tina Fey, the noted comedian of Saturday Night Live. Now, who does not watch SNL? Anyway, here’s why they thought so, juxtaposed:

And Ms. Tina Fey with glasses and hair down.

Then one source said that she looks a lot like the Overstock.Com spokesmodel (Ms.Sabine Ehrenfeld ) who we have seen in those commercials on TV, all dressed in white. The resemblance is uncanny:

For me personally, when I first caught sight of her pictures way back in February, she reminded me of a then quite unknown movie star of the 60’s named Christina Ferrare. She was at one point married to disgraced carmaker John DeLorean. She was a fashion model first before trying the movies. Then moved to TV. We understand she now designs jewelry. They both look like they are natural brunettes? Judge for yourself:

Miss Ferrare in one of her 60's movies


Forget about Tina Fey as a Palin impersonator. Here's a much better one - one who actually starred in a TV series filmed most likely in Alaska - Northern Exposure:

Janine Turner


But the hands-down winner is Cindy Michaels, a WVII ABC-7 and WFVX Fox 22 television anchor, in Bangor, Maine.

The next question to ask given the very uncanny similarities is which one is the original?


  1. The fact that she's attractive is a bonus. She kicked some serious butt with that acceptance speech at the convention. No teleprompter, strictly from her notes, old school... Against killing the unborn, for drilling, has gone after corruption in her state, already bucked the established system and her own party to boot, she's a hunter, an athlete, her boy is about to go to Iraq as a private in the army... I LOVE this gal.

  2. Hi, Phil:

    It appears that my first impressions of her way back in February had bases in fact.

    I spent a part of the afternoon yesterday searching YouTube for some videos of her delivering speeches.

    When I finally sat down in front of the TV for her acceptance speech I was not to be surprised by how she would deliver.

    It felt like it was a movie set - except that there were no prompters, it was real time and live, and there was supposed to be only one take for the entire performance.

    And indeed she delivered.

  3. I had high hopes for Sarah Palin but after watching the Katie Couric interview, I got turned off. She could not give Katie direct answer to what was otherwise a "fluff" question. I can't vote republican now knowing quite well that if John McCain gets elected into office and drops dead - you know who will succeed the president. I am disappointed by this. I think that incident validated in my mind who should be the next president of the US.

  4. Hi, Alvin:

    Thanks for visiting.

    I suppose you do not harbor the same doubts with regard to the other candidate who is on top of the ticket and could thus be president on day one? Yet he shares almost the same, or better yet, less experience than Gov. Palin? Except of course, he is more glib and loquacious, and no doubt a better orator?

    BTW, Gov. Palin did reveal at another "more hospitable" interview why she acted the way she did with the previous 2 interviews - she felt "annoyed" at the "fluff" questions that were directed to her. Though she did not say it, but she felt they were condescending?

  5. Anonymous5:39 PM

    christina ferrare, one of the most beautiful models of all time. sarah palin??, really!! how could you even mention that name in the same artical. christina is a goddess, ugh, same hair color, comparsions stop there, yuck---


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