Sunday, September 07, 2008

Dr. Laura Takes Exception

Dr. Laura expresses disappointment with the selection of Sarah Palin as VP, but..:

I am extremely disappointed in the choice of Sarah Palin as the Vice Presidential candidate of the Republican Party. I will still vote for Senator McCain, because I am very concerned about having a fundamental leftist, especially one who is a marvelous orator, as President.
As usual, Dr. Laura does not mince words and will not compromise principles the she has admirably shown and supported in her show that has been on air forever, in order to please her audience and fans.

However, I too take exception. And I find my justification from the very quote above from Dr. Laura.

Real solution to the real world. Because in a perfect world, Dr. Laura is undeniably spot on – critical motherhood comes first for a mother who has freely chosen to be one!

Before one can be a soldier or a martyr for a cause, a just and noble cause like for love of country, for honor, etc., one has to take care of one’s personal commitments and responsibilities. Though Christ did exult that he who looks back before following me is not fit to be my disciple. Or that if one has to take care of family business before following me better just stay home. Or words to that effect.

But for the same reason that Dr. Laura will still vote for McCain (which she does not particularly prefer, as implied) primarily because the gravity and urgency of the problem of the presidency – the possibility of “having a fundamental leftist, especially one who is a marvelous orator” urges and demands that extreme measures must be taken to preclude our fears becoming a reality.

And what would that extreme measure to assure election be? - Picking Romney? Lieberman? Pawlenty? Me? Prevailing wisdom would most probably shake its head.

But as we know now from the unexpectedly loud and overwhelming responses around the country, Palin was that extreme measure needed to give McCain can even, or maybe just a yeoman’s, chance to overhauling the considerable advances that Obama’s charismatic but substance-free candidacy have garnered.

So Dr. Laura, real solutions for the real world – for once.

Are we shunting aside the role model aspect inherent in this selection?

Personally, I believe her own compelling life experiences are more than sufficient to uphold and promote that idea of being our role model – because in many ways she is also like one of us! One who has outstandingly shown remarkable fortitude and balance in meeting and resolving her many challenges. Maybe challenges more daunting and numerous than the typical person. She has shown she can do it, honorably and responsibly.

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