Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Xavier University (Ateneo de Cagayan) - No. 2

A good blending of the old and new structures. Who would think that some of these buildings were built right after the end of the last world war?


  1. The old campus of Ateneo de Naga just got crowded with new buildings popping up like mushrooms. I think the only standing building from since WW2 is the iconic Four Pillars. But I still got to see the other old buildings like the Jesuit Residence and classrooms behind the Pillars when I was still a high school student. Years after my graduation, they were replaced by new ones, and the high school moved to a new and more spacious site at the suburbs.

  2. Hi, Dave:

    I really ought to visit the other Ateneos before they are all completely changed over or made over into something without any traces of how they were during the early years.

    As it stands I have aside from the Alma Mater been to only AdeMU and AdeDU.

    I of course have special sentiments for AdeC because in a big way it represented a landmark for the Jesuit presence in Mindanao, which during Spanish times almost the entire island of Mindanao was assigned to the Jesuits to educate and evangelize.

  3. Uhm, the Lucas Hall was built way before WWII. It was a garrison and was partially destroyed as well.

    I used to hold office in this building as university student government president.

  4. Hi Genius:

    You are right and we lived two blocks away along that side of XU, the Hayes St. (Victoria) side. And the old Bonkia Velez stonehouse across from us was also used by the Japanese during that war.


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