Friday, March 30, 2007

What This Blog Is All About

Quoting from a much appreciated invite received from Editor Cheri of the Tracy Press, the main community paper of the City of Tracy, of which I am glad to be a resident:

“If you send me something like that (the name of the blog and your name and town) along with a 50-word-or-less description of your blog, I’ll add it to the page.”

Somehow, my initial attempts at complying have been stymied by a stubborn inability to reduce to 50 words or less what this blog is all about.

In starting the blog, I had initially declared that I suffered from a deep-seated urge to cram and savor as much of life as I could in a short lifetime, dipping my puny fingers in much anything that caught my fancy, and in matters that I could decently understand, and that in turn I could tolerably gather together and maybe imaginatively write about.

And true to form, my harried attempts at writing have been all over the place, at times defying any logic at archive classification.

And I say that much like real life, the disparate parts go beyond being capable of any neat and easily understood categorizing. And that much like real life, it will always appear as messy and much clutter.

But attempt I should, based on the parameters laid down.

Finally, I came up with this:

The Ignatian Perspective

While its title may betray the impression of writings adhering strictly to the admirable tenets of the Jesuits founder, the reality has been one of free-wheeling musings on varied subjects that hopefully people value and want to read about – family life, immigrant perspectives, spirituality, and some politics and economics.

And the spin-off blog, Hobbies and Pastimes
A little menagerie of revealing and at times, amusing, bits and pieces of activities that litter and lend a bit of color and interest to any typical life. And along the way, a little bit of self-discovery.


  1. Yours is good. I had a hard time with mine too. I did not want to make it like an advertisment for real estate because I think of my blog as more personal. I just submitted mine today, what do you think?

    "Blogging with Brian. This blog is about my life, local interests, history, internet, real estate(local and international), and anything else. Basically if its interesting to me I blog it. Its like a open diary or a brief glimpse into my mind. I always try to write something interesting. In fact every time I make a new blog post that post is my new favorite."

    I wrote like three and all of them dont sound right to me.


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