Thursday, October 02, 2014

When a tree falls in the forest and there’s no one there, does it create a sound?


An age-old question that regularly comes to the fore during moments of challenges and anxiety.

Typically when confronted by such a query, one’s analytical mind cranks up a stock answer, culled from some physical laws of nature.

Thus it goes like this, such an event creates silent sound waves that travel through the air, and unless they bump into a hearing organ, any hearing organ, no discernible sound ensues.

Well, you know the inferred ramifications.  Simply, that since such events escape notice they can be summarily disregarded and assigned to the dustbin of forgetfulness.

But what if the question has been intended to go beyond the physical, and to delve into the metaphysical, or mystical?

Then there needs a revisiting of the question. 

A believer of a Supreme Being can deduce that this entity being everywhere and anywhere in time and beyond, then yes, He hears and knows everything, and requires an accounting of all those from his subjects.  Should those actions carry negative repercussions or connotations, then yes, the actor ought to pay attention and account for them

Applying to real life.  Indeed there are actions or thoughts done that though limited to one’s mind, or maybe simply an covert issue between two private persons,  one may dismiss such as inconsequential and worthy of forgetting, especially if those actions or thoughts date back to already hazy prior times.  Ostensibly events that create no sound.

But what if these remain stubborn and take up residence in one’s wakefulness for all this time?  Might not that be a telltale sign that they have to be addressed head on and resolution to be sought?  That somehow that is the Supreme Being’s way of insinuating or inferring that yes, those have to be addressed and resolved?

Anyway, one may counter that that is simply an issue that depends on each individual person.  Giving cognizance to the cliché, different strokes for different folks.

Be that as it may, it is my personal resolve that I better start toward this not so beaten path and start accounting for those recalcitrant issues that continue to befuddle and confuse.  And being possessed of abundant shortcomings and thorny faults, this may require a hefty part of whatever life there may be remaining.  In this regard, much patience and understanding is asked of those concerned.  Coming from a very fragile being born into concupiscence.

So begin again, it will be. With a call to the gods that good fortune is sent my way.




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