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Genealogy: The Neri Family of Mindanao

UPDATE: From Rogelio Roa Neri re Neri-Estavas line:

From Rogelio Roa Neri re Estavas-Neri Line

Regarding attached FB Post,Subj:NERI GENEALOGY,I have additional details to its paragraph 4 as regards the Neri-Estavas Clan.
Yes,my brother Ramon Roa Neri III and I belong to the Neri-Estavas Clan of Ozamiz City and Oroquieta City,Misamis Occidental. We have another brother,Renato Roa Neri. Our father,Agustin Estavas Neri,married to Adela Daaca Roa of Cagayan de Oro,has two brothers,namely:

1.Narciso Sr-married to Socorro Centino
b.Fortunato II
2.Nemesio Sr-married to Herminigilda Acot
Sons:a.Fortunato III

Narciso Sr,Agustin,and Nemesio Sr are all sons of Fortunato Sarigumba Neri who was married to Praxedes Lumacang Estavas. Thus,the Neri-Estavas Clan.

To go further,my grandfather's father was Lucas Dumanjug Neri of Ozamiz City who was married to Pastora Sarigumba. My great grandfather had five other sons aside from my grandfather,Fortunato,namely:


I think accounts on my lineage will not be complete if I do not mention as well who my great grandfather Lucas' siblings are and their father's(my great great grandfather)name too. Well,my great grandfather has three other brothers,namely:


In our clan,considered as our patriarch or progenitor was Juan Neri,father of my great grandfather Lucas,who in turn as discussed earlier was the father of my grandfather,Fortunato. He was said to be from Cagayan de Oro.
As chronicled,Juan lived for some time in Lanao having married the daughter of a royalty and bore her three sons named Datu Samporna,Datu Buaya,and Datu Barandaya. Not long after his wife died,he went to Ozamiz to help the inhabitants there fight marauding pirates from the deep South. It was there that he met a lady(her name skips my mind) surnamed Dumanjug. They soon got married and thereafter Lucas and his three brothers were born.
Our grandfather Fortunato used to regale his older grandchildren with stories about the intrepidity of our great great grandfather Juan as a warrior that saw action in the Lanao Provinces. Well,this is a subject of another story.

Postscript: The details herein are culled from the personal files of our older cousin,late Daylinda Centino Neri-Saren. It appeared that she religiously chronicled all the stories told to us by our grandfather Fortunato during his leisure time then. I hope my other cousins can share their own stories of our genealogy too.

Latest update in August 15, 2018, originally posted on Facebook:


After having posted the initial blog entry so many years ago, followed by several related entries, it is time to take a review of what has transpired and what unfinished business needs to be attended to
Serendipitously got the free time, so I went through not only all the entries made, but importantly reviewed all the comments entered, which in toto numbered over 400.

So as informal review these are the points I came up which in my personal belief were not only highlights but issues that could assist the completion of the overall genealogy charting and tracing.

1. This first point is more of a spotlight on the following Neri descendants who because of the blogs were able to find resolution and maybe closure to the issues of their parentage, or maybe simply for allowing them a medium to express their sentiments:
Maria Angelica Neri – daughter of Ramon M. Neri
Maria Christina Neri – daughter of Ramon M. Neri
Denver Estopil Neri – son of Luis Neri
Michele Andrea Neri – daughter of Felino M. Neri, Jr.

2. This came from Teddy Delfin. Esperanza Nery y Neri who descended from Mariano and Ambrosia Fortich Neri, was the mother of former Camiguin Gov. Joselito “Joseling” Neri. Esperanza had a brother named Eustaquio, while Joseling had a sister named Ying Neri y Navarro. It looks like these data will have to be matched and verified with what we already had written and established.

3. Ande Nagac gave us the name of Casiano Neri, who is related to the Neri-San Jose. He had a brother named Crisanto Neri. What we can establish is that Casiano Neri is listed as one of the heroes of the Battle of Cagayan.

4. Luke Neri introduced us to the Estabas Neri line.
His grandfather was Narciso Estabas Neri, whose son was Eros Narciso Neri. Narciso’s siblings were: Agustin Neri, whose sons were Ramon Roa Neri and Rogelio Roa Neri; Loloy Estabas Neri; and Genoveva Neri Pambuena (Iligan).

5. A descendant gave us the name of Isaac Neri Chaves, Sr. who was born June 3, 1905, and he came from Camiguin and Cagayan de Oro.

6. Beltran Neri gave us the name of his father which was Angel Neri and his grandfather, Marcelino Neri

7. Lastly, Mary of Australia who is writing her own version of her genealogy gave us the following:

 Her grandfather was born in 1877, and his wife was Desideria Balboa Neri. We are in the dark as to whether it was the grandfather or the grandmother who was a Neri.
Those reading through and finding names familiar may leave comments, whether for clarification, correction, or whatever. Any input will be appreciated.


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