Friday, November 07, 2008

Et tu, Brute?

Feisty Michelle Malkin pens a stern denunciation against certain unknown McCain campaign staffers who unceremoniously unleashed personal criticism to media against their ward Sarah Palin.

Relentless in her campaign activities but quite gracious in defeat, it appears that Sarah Palin is not even allowed to “slip into the night” and go back quietly and undisturbed to the warm embrace of her beloved family and Alaska, without the door hitting her badly as she leaves. Michelle defines as the “unkindest cut” what these unnamed staffers did to her, worse than the “The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” thrown at her from all quarters during her very abbreviated stint as a VP candidate.

While she continues to be unmindful and gracious about these continued attacks, we cannot allow these to happen without comment in her defense.

What has become of us?

I implore Sen. John McCain to put all this to rest by having those unnamed sources to first come out into the open and take account for their bad behavior.

A Promise To Keep

Here is one promise we should all keep with regard to our newly-elected president, as valuable lesson learned from the last 8 years of the administration of G W Bush. A promise for both those who are grossly disappointed with the results and even for those who adored and voted for Barack Obama.

That we will not hate our president enough, regardless of what he will have done as perceived by us, as to wish that he fails as a president. Because it would be no different from cutting our collective noses to spite our faces.

We have clearly seen how hate poisons the entire lake. How it gnaws at people’s hearts and minds to make them only see evil in what even a good-meaning president does. We have seen how the eight years of Bush exemplifies the very vile and negative ramifications of this kind of attitude not only within the country but spilling well across the entire globe.

Let’s leave to history how the presidency of G W Bush will be viewed and judged, but at the onset he can’t possibly be half as bad as many had projected him during his incumbency. After the end of the year, he will have been past history and hopefully the self-fueling hate that many people in many sectors of society engender and harbor for him will have been dimmed.

Maybe we should take the example of very partisan Chris Matthews vowing this early on that in the discharge of his duties as an opinion-maker/host in an adjudged liberally-biased cable station like MSNBC, he will do his best to make sure this president succeeds. Now this is coming from a pundit who spent a good part of his TV career wasting no opportunity castigating the opposition – both in media and in politics.

Was this coming out a good thing? You be the judge. At least, Matthews has become quite open and upfront about his politics, while a number of his colleagues have continued to front their agenda stealthily and vehemently denying any slant at any and all occasions that arise.

Because it is the good and proper thing to do.

Let the loyal opposition take the lead and show the nation their graciousness, their ability to transcend petty politics, and to show truly their greater love for the nation over partisan politics to the detriment of the greater good.

And to GW, happy voyage and blessings, because you did not have to, but you did. Give up eight years of your life in service to your country. You have earned your sleep.