Thursday, June 22, 2006

In The Blogosphere: Heading For A Fall?

How easily we understand that other people resent the man who seeks to raise himself above them, seeking to appear better and more learned.

These days media and the blogosphere are causing observable signs of a falling out for a man and his blog, which man has gained prominence and high regard in the blogosphere like no other, in terms of time and circumstance.

And maybe some, including this humble blogger, may have now consequently revisited some earlier disquieting thoughts on how a kind of unwanted metamorphosis has been wrought on this once unassuming and angelic-looking young immigrant from Central America.

Seeing that a good part of your huge and exponentially-increasing firmament though may not unanimously worship you, but at the very least respect and deferentially regard your newly-earned renown and power, installing you, albeit informally, among those who wield power of notice and credibility, such sudden adulation and renown could be a soothing siren song too heady and too strong to disregard or deal with properly.

Others could be dismissive and aver that it is easy for any person, whether weak or strong of character and will, to succumb to the over-powering allures and wiles of fame and fortune, and “to get drunk” with it.

But the initial statement above, extracted from an earlier blog on humility, appears very prescient and apropros.

Now, Markos of Daily Kos may be commencing to feel the discomfiting heat being pushed in front of him. And one can sense some kind of unraveling revelation in the ensuing cavalcade of words thrown out there, for charges and countercharges exchanged, for arguments and ripostes piled on.

One senses an image slowly forming showing that Markos like everybody else has feet of clay, a person with flaws, shortcomings, and maybe one who allows his concupiscence to at times get the better of him.

Spur of the moment words, sentences, ideas, and attitudes that would tend to reveal that he is after all like many of us. Using a vocabulary that at times may be quite pedestrian. Realizing that writing English prose can be more daunting for one using it as a second language, compared to one who may be a native speaker or has it as his primary language. Discerning that our own personal nascent or formed ideas and attitudes may not be as good, as sophisticated, or as logic-proof as the next blog pundit.

This is where the truth and wisdom of humility ought to have played a major role, to preclude in a very real way courting widespread resentment from the people around your firmament, especially coming from those who may have been blessed with more and better talents and capabilities.

Another scathing riposte from the New Republic dated today, June 22nd.

When will it end? Until the fall from grace and respectability?