Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Who Are You?

Was confronted by this rather innocent question when I was trying to update the personal information required or asked for for this blog.

Thus, spent the last 10-15 minutes or so trying to compress into a few words the things that taken as a whole define all the years I've spent on this earth as my life. Or the answer to the question posed above. Funny, how I feel quite inadequate and quite unfinished re-reading the things that I have listed down. And funny, too, that instinctively I appear to try to cast myself in a most liberal, hospitable and charitable light, almost instinctively attempting to project an image larger than life, thankfully with no dash of self-delusion or tinge of any illusion of grandeur.

Thus, resolved to try even harder at life and hopefully, do more interesting and meaningful things before it all ends for me.

Amen to that.

Time Rides Me Out Again

This inactive blog was revisited by its creator with a lot of hopes and plans in mind. Spend time learning and improving the site. This was a first priority. Being a networking guy leaves one with a lot of deficiencies in in-depth knowledge of software and applications. But the desire to learn and spend time learning are still all there.

Time appears as the greatest hindrance and impediment this time around. For such was not the case when the issue was how to gain knowledge and expertise in networking and its intricacies. It was after all one of the primary demands of employment. Even coursework in a classroom environment was no problem.

Resolved to make a serious effort to mark time and progress for this current effort. But in the meantime, time has again played the upper hand.

Till next time.