Monday, April 01, 2019

Action Beyond Words

The freedom and ability to criticize is the lifeblood of the kind of idealistic relationship existing between those who govern and those we are governed.  It provides the necessary contravening process via which those who govern are checked and regulated so that they govern wisely and effectively.

 Many would say that this task could be the be-all and end-all for those so engaged and many would tend to agree.

But in the realm of godliness and even just plain-speaking moral good, we ought to be convinced that speaking truth to power should not be all there is to it,  so that after our protestations we can then lay back self-satisfied in the contentment that we have done everything and all our level best.

We forget words is but a segment.  The other more critical part is action.

How do we all and individually measure up to this?

Forget the grander scale of grandiose oratory and grandiloquent treatises.

What have we done personally to justify both to ourselves and sundry that we have done our level best to contribute to make a difference?  However insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

For this is the strict criterion upon which our individual lives will be judged – not by mere mortals but by our all-knowing Judge. 

So not by the number of pleasure-inducing actions we have engaged in, not by the number of glowing treatises or critiques we have thrusted into the limelight, not  by the number  of electrifying  political rallies we have participated, not by the  number of political campaigns waged, etc.