Friday, June 27, 2008

More From The Ancient Department

Ronson lighters were the Roll Royce of their times, when smoking of cigarettes was considered "cool" for both men and women. Well-crafted, dependable, and a bit pricey, especially compared to matches.

And to extend one's "coolness" to the bathroom, Ronson also made electric shaver products, fit for the coolest of smokers and a gift fitting for the gentleman who had everything.

This yeoman's facial hair remover was in the hands of most adult males in the mornings. Sturdy, convenient, and durable. Replacement for replaceable blades was easy to secure.

Another sturdy product of youth. A heavy cast-iron hulk of a two-hole puncher, weighing at least three pounds. Could double up as weapon against pesky officemates.

For the consummate devotee of orderly and neat office paper files, a small paper cutter able to fit easily on any table top.